Sports frustration even on vacation? Here's how to triumph over your opponents!

Sports frustration even on vacation? Here's how to triumph over your opponents!

Flight over the Island

The game consists of simply fluttering along the Wuhu Island, perhaps combining business with pleasure: if you manage to take the i-Points, you can unlock new areas of the island, new skills and fly at different times of the day. It is a mode in some ways comparable to the "story" of the game, since it is the most enjoyable and long-lived in single player. Often, Miguel will help you locate the i-Points; launching a flame, Miguel will indicate his position: follow him along his paths to reach the i-Points. Here are the places where you can make your i-Points:

1) From the start of the game, turn around, finding the i-Point on the islet immediately south.
2) From the islet above, continue to Wedge Island (marked by a crab-shaped rock). At its center you will find the i-Point.
3) On the same island as 2), always in the center, in front of the hotel.
4) Head to the Wedge Island Harbor (east) to find the fourth i-Point.
5) In the small golf course, the southernmost part of the island.
6) On top of the crab-shaped rock in the center of the island.
7) Inside the group of planes flying from Wedge to the main island.
8) Between WuHu and Wedge, inside the circle of ships.
9) On the golf course, north of Wedge.
10) From the starting point of the game, locate the boats just before the south island.
11) In the grass field, on the easternmost part of the map.
12) In the same peninsula where you found 11), on top of the natural bridge of rocks.
13) Near 12), above the group of ships near the beach
14) Fly to the north of Wuhu, locating a rock arch; below you will find the i-Point.
15) Above the vessel that shuttles between the starting point of the game and the southeast section of Wuhu.
16) Under the Wuhu lighthouse (south), in a small cave on the ravine.
17) On top of the lighthouse above.
18) Move west from the lighthouse, you will notice a rock arch: under it there will be the i-Point.
19) On one of the islets right next to the lighthouse.
20) Slightly west of the islets of 19), you will find the Desert Island: there the 20th i-Point.
21) Move slightly east of 20) to locate the i-Point above some boats.
22) Immediately at the beginning of the "evening" section, at the port immediately below the place of departure.
23) Follow the hikers along the path immediately beyond point 22).
24) Launch a flare, Miguel's plane will reply; head to its queue for the i-Point.
25) In the middle of the cabins between the windmills and the village, south of the island.
26) Southwest of WuHu, near the cluster of palm trees on grassy ground.
27) Behind Private Island, next to the group of boats.
28) South-west of the lighthouse, in the center of a group of sailing ships.
29) Behind the crab-shaped rock, you will notice an island-golf course, on it the i-Point.
30) Above the "evening" starting point, in the center of the circle of cars.
31) Inside the truck on the north side of the volcano.
32) Above the tallest tree on the north side of the volcano.
33) On top of the volcano.
34) Enter the mouth of the volcano, the i-Point is right above the lava.
35) Between the two stones, plateau on the southern side of the volcano.
36) Still on the south side, you will notice a road with a traveling car. Above the car, the i-Point.
37) Inside the tunnel below the volcano, start from above the hotel to reach Silk Sands.
38) Above the sandy plain, near the tunnel entrance to point 37).
39) In the tunnel along the road leading to the Mountain Monument, just behind the castle overlooking the lake.
40) Above the lake mentioned in point 39).
41) Immediately below the castle of point 39).
42) On the facade of the castle of point 39).
43) Near the entrance to the tunnel that starts from the ruins, next to the lake.
44) Follow the tunnel of point 43), the i-Point is next to a huge rock column.
45) Head to the north-east section of the island; you will see a tip emerge from the water, at the top of the i-Point.
46) Near the hearth next to Camel Rock.
47) Head south from Camel Rock, locating a beach where a Frisbee competition is taking place; above the place where the competition is held is the i-Point.
48) From point 47), continue south, you will come to a deserted beach where you can take the i-Point.
49) Go to the waterfall; locate the bridge below; under the bridge, the i-Point.
50) On the rope bridge immediately below the castle adjacent to the waterfall, referred to in point 49).
51) Next to the rope bridge, you will notice a protruding rock; the i-Point is right up there.
52) Above the square fountain, in the southernmost village of Wuhu.
53) Climb the town clock tower.
54) Above the bowling green, still in the village.
55) Just outside the village you will find a basketball court, the i-Point is right there.
56) In the only English grass yard on the edge of town.
57) You will notice an arena built over the water, at the edge of the city. The iPoint is located on a platform along one of its walls.
58) Above the pile of rocks next to the rope bridge of point 50).
59) Between the cables of the red bridge next to the village.
60) On the beach on the edge of the peninsula (easternmost section of the island).
61) Above the vessel moored at the village harbor.
62) Above the small port to the east of the village.
63) Above the BLIMP that moves around the usual country.
64) Next to the Hotel on the south-east side of the volcano, there is a kind of plateau with two rocks on the ground, between them the i-Point.
65) At the tennis court next to the Hotel in point 64).
66) In front of the hotel door.
67) Above the hotel swimming pool.
68) Take the road that enters the mountain from the hotel. You will find the i-Point along the way.
69) Next to the tunnel entrance, in the northernmost section of the road that runs through the entire island.
70) Near the Cocoba Hotel, along the road that enters the palm forest.
71) In the middle of the tunnel that leads to the center of the island; the entrance is near the waterfall.
72) Under the castle, next to the waterfall, there is a cave: go through it in its entirety to reach a pool with the iPoint.
73) Head to the ruins immediately north of the "evening" starting point. The iPoint is just before them.
74) On top of the ruins of point 73).
75) In the middle of the group of wind generators that surround the lighthouse.
76) Inside the tunnel in the northwest part of the road that circumnavigates the whole island.
77) In the middle of the forest next to the wind generator control center.
78) Between the generators and the village, you can locate a small passage; fly through it to get to the i-Point.
79) Above the pile of rocks inside the forest of point 77).
80) Inside the small group of pines, at the foot of the mountain that begins immediately north of the hotel.

Air Combat

The goal of the fight is to shoot (or hit directly) the balloons behind the planes of your opponents, so that you can recover some balloons (to improve your "life points") by heading towards the flames that will appear periodically along the Island. In case you collide with either the enemy or the landscape, you will lose half of the balloons. In the event that both participants in the race finish, whoever has the most balls will win.


Race of the 3 points
To maximize your chances of winning, you will need to "divide" the shooting procedure into 3 parts. The first will see you point the wiimote towards the ground, pressing B quickly. The second will see you pull up the wiimote, and then move it slightly towards a horizontal position.
When your character reaches the apex of the jump, you will have to rotate the wiimote in a fast and controlled way, turning it towards the TV. The strategy remains the same for all positions.

Offensive part
To shoot with maximum effectiveness (from 3), use the same tactic experienced in the 3-point competition. A valuable precaution concerns the positioning of your teammates: after passing the ball to you, they will head towards the immediate outside of the 3-point line; if you find yourself in trouble, go in that direction. Another positioning is also possible: after an opponent tries to steal the ball from you, failing, one of your players will immediately go under the basket: press B to automatically execute a dunk.
Defensive part
The best time to catch the ball from an opponent is when it is immediately in front of his body; especially right after he gets a ride. To steal the ball, you have to move the wiimote as if you were punching.
For the block, you will have to raise the wiimote at exactly the same moment as the opponent will rise in the air to shoot.


First of all, it will be necessary to change one of the game settings to facilitate your success in the bowling game: before the event, change the ball release option from "automatic" to "manual". Automatically, your Wii will try to figure out when you are going to release the ball and will do it for you - needless to say, as long as the consoles can't read minds, this method will be inaccurate.
Before throwing the ball, try to move back and forth with the D-Pad to choose a positioning at an angle that allows you to throw the ball in the most natural way possible. To add rotation to the ball, simply move your hand to the right or left, depending on the direction you prefer.
In case the ball continues to go into the exit lane, it is recommended that you reposition yourself (with the D-Pad) in the center, and place yourself exactly in the middle of the TV screen. In the event that the ball goes backwards instead of moving forward, you will have to hold B for longer, i.e. release it later.


Archery is, together with flying, the game that reaches the highest level of detail within Wii Sports Resort, especially as regards hidden objectives. The game simulates the force of gravity in a very realistic way, so you must always keep in mind that your shots will follow a parabolic trajectory. You will therefore have to forcibly aim slightly higher than the target (exactly how much higher will be suggested by personal experience). There is a general rule (but not always applicable) which consists in making the target go up by one ring for every 5 units of distance.
In the event that the wind speed is greater than 1 mile per hour, you will know that the arrow's behavior will change, the greater the distance between you and the target. Fortunately, neutralizing the action of the wind is not particularly complex: you will simply have to aim in the opposite direction to that of the wind. In the case of mobile targets, much of your success will also be due to luck.

Hidden goals


1) Orange sphere: far to the right of the target, below, under the waterfall. You will have to aim much higher to hit it, take the rocky cliff as a reference point.
2) Green sphere: far to the left of the target, on the edge of a precipice. Aim for the tree.
3) Beige sphere: located behind the rightmost target holder. You will need to aim slightly higher, trying to line up with the visible tree in the distance.
4) Dessert: At the bottom right of the target, you will notice a small field of grass. Aim for the sandbar immediately behind.


1) Orange sphere: to the right of the target, there is a palm tree; further to the right, the sphere, on a tennis court; before you can see it, you will have to "waste" a shot, aiming it right in this direction. It is recommended to aim for the corner of the red roof, immediately above the sphere.
2) Green sphere: above, on a rope bridge. To find it, first move up, then to the left. Try to neutralize the wind by moving widely in the opposite direction.
3) Beige sphere: to the right of the target, a tree of considerable size. Immediately below, you will notice the sphere. It is advisable to align using the two spiers just above the watermelon, trying to make sure that the left edge of the circle overlaps the top spire, while the lower spire should be right in the middle of the circle.
4) Brownish object: at the top right, you will notice a tree on a ravine. To his left, a kind of candy. Your crosshair will need to be aligned with its bottom to maximize your chances of hitting it.


1) Orange sphere: on the right, along the beach. Aim at the constellation just above the palm trees with the flashing part of the crosshair. Make the lower stars coincide with the bottom of the viewfinder. Beware of the wind (the distance is considerable).
2) Green sphere: on the right, you will notice the sphere partially covered by a hill. Make sure that the bottom of the viewfinder just touches the sphere.
3) Beige sphere: on the corner of the time wall, top left of the main target. Make sure that the distance between the bottom of the viewfinder and the fruit is 1/4 of the viewfinder itself.
4) Clock: it is red, in the middle of the lava: therefore difficult to identify. Try to locate it far to the right, beyond the ascending rock formation. Make sure that the bottom of the viewfinder is below the top of the watch.


Playing with the dog
Again, as in bowling, it is recommended to change an option to greatly improve the controls. As in bowling, you will need to set the release from "Automatic" to "Manual".
The Frisbee Dog mode sets you the goal of hitting the target on the ground (well marked by a large red arrow). Since your dog can also catch it by jumping (and that if he does so you will get a bonus), it is convenient to try to aim for a slightly higher point than the target. To do this, it is recommended to move the aim slightly upwards just at the moment of the launch. The curve of the Frisbee is controlled by the launch angle, the sharper the angle the more the Frisbee will tend to curve.
After 5 rounds, the balloon challenge will be added: hitting one, you will get 50 additional points (as well as a bonus of 200 if you hit them all in one round). You may have trouble throwing in the opposite direction to your favorite hand; remember, in those cases, to decrease (ie make more acute) the launch angle, partially obviating the technical problem.

First, you'll need to learn how to throw the Frisbee straight. To do this, place yourself in the middle of the TV, trying to throw the Frisbee as if it were a stick, from behind you and then move towards the screen. The faster you move, the faster the Frisbee will fly towards the target. Note: There are different types of Frisbee, each of which has a specific range of distance within which it tends to stay. We recommend using Frisbee whose upper throw limit is slightly higher than necessary, as the strength of an average human will generally tend to transform via Wii into a fairly strong throw. Also remember that the more wind there is, the more light Frisbees will be deflected.
To be able to cast long distance, you must absolutely avoid creating an angle between your hand and the floor; the less angle you can create, the farther the Frisbee will be able to go. The only time the angle can come in handy is when you have to overcome a sandbar: in that case, it may be advisable to curve the trajectory slightly in a parabola, so as to be sure not to crash the Frisbee into the sand. In case you hit a tree, there is a way to get around it for sure: face the opposite direction, then throw the Frisbee at the maximum angle possible. In this way, it will literally "curve" around the tree. Finally, remember that it is not necessary to hit the "hole" on the ground: reaching it while the Frisbee is in the air will also be counted as success, so it is always advisable to abound in throwing strength.


The match consists of 3 sessions, you will have to win at least two, making sure that the opponent falls into the water. It is possible to equalize; in this case, the game platform will gradually reduce, until one of the two is able to throw the other into the water, earning the victory.
The key to success in the duel is definitely the block; it must be done by making sure that your sword (ie, the wiimote) is perfectly perpendicular to that of your opponent. Since he too will move constantly, learning this technique will not be easy at all, it requires quick reflexes and great precision.
The offensive will be carried out only after blocking an opponent's shot, thus having gained the confidence to score the shot. You will have to attack alternating sides, since persisting to the right or left will also put you in danger (as with each shot you will move in the opposite direction to that of the opponent hit, even if in a less than proportional way). You will be able to move the opponent much more when your blow is strong (ie, fast).
An offensive tactic that can be very effective consists in waiting for the enemy attack animation, and then very quickly deliver a blow, taking advantage of the short moment of exposure of the opponent (the blow must be very fast, do not mind the strength). As the experience of the enemies increases, the block + counterattack is undoubtedly the technique of choice; the counterattack must be aimed at the legs (to minimize the risk of being blocked), and be launched with as much force as possible.

Fast cut
Objects will fall in front of you; an arrow will show you the direction along which to cut them; you will have to be able to break them up with more precision than your opponent. We recommend the use of one hand, since you will not have to perform particularly strong blows, it will be sufficient to move the wiimote slightly but suddenly in the direction indicated on the screen. It is also advisable to observe the upper section of the screen, thus anticipating the direction in which you will be prompted to cut.

This is a one-on-one series. The score obtained will increase in relation to the number of life points used and the length of the combos. The enemies you will encounter will be divided into four genres:
Pion: slow, with only one waist, they have only two configurations for their sword: horizontal or vertical. It will therefore be very easy to hit them and / or counterattack.
Red Samurai: two lives, blocking ability. Since they are so good at blocking, you will have to kill them with their own weapons - never attack directly, but wait for them to do so, then block and respond with a quick and powerful counterattack.
Purple Samurai: similar to reds, but much faster in their response to counterattacks; it is advisable to focus the response towards the legs, so that parrying is more complicated for them.
Final Boss: structurally, they are very similar to reds, with the addition of a life; the tactic will therefore simply consist in waiting for their blow, parrying and responding with a counterattack; by repeating this process three times, you will reset their life points.


First of all, avoid mimicking the real rowing, it is not necessary: ​​small circular movements are enough to impart sufficient strength to go forward.
Try to alternate left and right strokes so you can go straight. In case you want to bend, you simply need to increase the frequency of one of the two sides, without changing the other. You will not have to fight any opponent, simply reach a final line further and further away.
We were talking about changes in direction; you will need them when you begin to cross objects along your path. Otherwise, the game is basic, easy and in many ways rather boring.


The main goal is to get points by performing tricks. First of all, you will have to try to gain speed in order to launch yourself into the air, trying to "cross" the central part of the waves, thus naturally increasing your height from the ground. By turning your wiimote you will be able to move in the middle of the wave; if you want to increase your speed, just increase the angle (ie make it more obtuse). It is advisable to hold the wiimote with two hands when "surfing" along the waves, preferring instead only one limb for the execution of jumps and tricks; returning to both hands for landing.
The trick score will be "multiplied" by the altitude, so try to get as high as possible before starting. To perform the most basic tricks, you will need to start with a kind of punch with the wiimote, and then make sure that the wiimote is positioned at the same corner of the water, at the moment of your landing, so that you can complete the trick without falling.
As for obstacles, unfortunately there is only one method to avoid them safely: memorize where they are and do not repeat the mistake once you try to cross the level again.


The rules of table tennis are simple: whoever reaches 6 points wins, one point is deducted if you hit the ball before or after it has rebounded. The net does not count as a rebound: if it hits and passes it, the game proceeds. To win, it is necessary to have 2 points on the opponent, so in case there is a tie at 5, it will be necessary to reach 7 and so on. The first move to learn is the serve. To do this, you will first have to quickly move the wiimote upwards and then sideways, as if to hit the imaginary ball that you have thrown upwards; remember that the chances of scoring directly increase the faster the serve will be and grazing the surface of the tennis table. It is advisable to choose between using the "palm" and "neck" stroke (of the hand) on the basis of the side where the ball will arrive: let's suppose you are right-handed; in the event that the ball lands in the left section of the table, you will have to perform a neck strike; in case you get to the right, a flick of the palm. To give effect to the ball you will have to hit it lightly "cutting", thus tilting your wiimote up or down at the moment of the shot. It is recommended to almost always tilt it upwards, especially if you are playing against the computer (in the case of human opponents, it is preferable to vary the strategy to avoid becoming overly predictable). Always try to hit the ball with the maximum angle that your skill allows you, as it will make the effect more unpredictable for your opponent. The computerized opponent that could give you the most trouble is The Champion, the final boss. The tactics that you will need to keep in mind to be able to beat her are the following: first, try to always aim for the right side of her court, as her neck strike is much weaker than that of the palm. Second, maximize the verticality of the effect. It is advisable to throw the ball to the far left "quietly"; when she answers you, you strike back with a very fast blow and with the maximum possible effect towards the right corner: you should be able to cheat her almost always.

Power Cruise

The goal is to reach the next ring as fast as possible, within the time indicated on the timer. To be able to always respect the time limit, you will have to try to dose the turbo (using the wiimote as a crank). The perfect moment is right after going through a ring. When you meet the waves, it will be sufficient to remember that if the wave is behind you, you will not have to use the turbo, otherwise you will reach an ungovernable excessive speed; if the wave comes towards you, you will have to use the turbo forcibly, otherwise you will slow down too much.


It is one of the games that requires less interaction. You will basically just have to check how much energy you "waste". The only times when it is really necessary to steer is at the tightest turns. Try not to "overload yourself", as in that case you will have to stop completely. Try to always stay in the wake to lose as little energy as possible. The best way to stay at high speeds is to pedal very fast until you see a "circle" of wind behind you, stop for 2 seconds, then resume. Try to keep the turbo for the finale.


It is one of the most realistic events. The real problem is hitting the ball straight. You will have to try to learn the right movement by pointing the Wiimote directly at the TV. Move it from right to left, very quickly (the faster you are, the more difficult it will be for your mistakes to be perceived), always trying to stay straight. However, try not to overdo the speed, as beyond a certain level the probability of missing the ball will increase exponentially. You will notice how "straight" your shot is from the tilt of the bottom left speed bar (clearly, it will tilt more the more crooked it will be).
In the event that the result of a hit is "Out of Bounds", you will lose two hits from par. If you already have experience with golf games and / or golf in real life, you will know that it is always better to stay in the area called the "fairway", as it will change your strokes less than any other. When you reach the green, press button 1 to understand its real inclination. Clearly, you will have to hit harder in case of positive tilt and vice versa.
The wind will not substantially change the direction of the blow if below 10 mph. When it passes them, change the direction with your D-pad, left or right.

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