The complete Resident Evil 4 solution

Please note:

The solution is based on the US version of the game, so there may be differences in the Spanish version.

1. Chapter I - First part

Starting the game, observe the introductory scene. As soon as you have gained control of Leon, proceed up the path and enter the shed after taking the grenade from the side hut. From this moment on, beware of traps, you will find them everywhere: you can eliminate them with a gunshot or sometimes by hitting them with the knife up close.

Inside, observe another scene and kill the villager. Continue to the second floor of the building, take the objects that you will find scattered around and jump out of the window.

Even if you wanted to, you cannot go back to the bridge: the path is blocked. Then proceed down the track checking the buildings for objects and kill the enemies you encounter.

Go through the door at the bottom of the path. In the new area, run forward to activate the next scene. After the scene take the path to the left, kill the woman with her back to you and escape from the villagers who are chasing you, run towards a house where you will barricade yourself. Pay attention to the window ...

Go to the second floor, get the shotgun and several other items. Kill the first wave of villagers, when you have killed enough there will be a cutscene and the villagers will flee. Explore the area for items, then go to the western door to enter the farm area.

Kill all the villagers you meet, take note of the door that you cannot open by yourself, take all the objects you find, such as eggs. Then go to the northeast door.

Follow the path, a boulder will be thrown at you, and you will have to be able to avoid it when it is on your heels. Once you have overcome the problem, you will have to go through the sewer tunnel to the bottom, you will come to a small field with a house in the distance. Kill all the villagers in the area, watch out for the ones with dynamite, you can shoot in the legs so they don't reach you and explode on their own. Once finished, proceed to the house. Break the lock that blocks the door, enter, save your game and take all the objects you find. Continue to the back of the house and push the bookcase shelf to clear the hidden compartment. Free Luis, and you are at the end of the first part.

2. Chapter I - Second part

Observe the scene and when invited to do so, press the action button to be able to escape and avoid the killer villager. After Luis escapes, grab each item in the area then exit the same door the villager came from. Follow the merchant, buy a rifle with precision optics to use against the villagers. Shoot through the crack in the wall, kill most of them. Go through the door when finished.

Continue after killing the villagers and find the piece of a metal plate on the path. At the bottom, go up to the roof of a building and you will find the other piece. Combine them, then go to the north door and open it. In the new area, proceed by eliminating the enemies. Enter the door on the right and jump through the opening at the end.

You are in the mine. Hide behind the cart, kill the villagers in this area and avoid the bear traps, or take them out. Go through the door, on the other side break the boards on the left and grab the mask. Go through the door, kill the villager, look for the ladder. Go down and find some fish to heal yourself and some items. Climb up the ladder on the opposite side.

Continue on the path until you reach a large house, enter it. Inside you will find only one door. You will have to solve a simple puzzle to be able to open it. In the room you will find there will be numerous objects and a key in a box, take it and exit. Once you leave, observe the scene, and you have finished this part.

3. Chapter I - Third part

Go back to the boss room to see a special secret scene. Find other items on the lower level. Go back outside the house and kill the enemies, take care of the guy with the chainsaw first to make things easier for you. Once the villagers are gone, go through the door on the other side after taking all the items you find around.

Enter the village again, eliminating the scattered enemies. Enter the door with the red signs with the key you just found. Here you should save your game, then proceed to the underground passage. Arrive at the end of the passage, find the merchant, trade with him, then take the door behind him and proceed up the ladder. You will eventually reach the outside of the cemetery.

Go to the church door, which at the moment you will find closed. Solve the optional puzzle found here to get a special item. Proceed to the back of the church and go through the hole in the bridge after killing anyone who complicates your life.

Proceed into the new area, collecting items in the buildings scattered around the area and take the door below the stairs at the bottom of the path. In this room you will find a merchant to trade with if you feel like it. Then exit, this time take the double doors.

Follow the path into the mountains and avoid the boulder when appropriate. Enter the swamp area, go through the abandoned buildings looking for useful items, then reach the large door at the end of the path. You will reach the lake, go left to find out what happened to one of the policemen. Enter the building, once inside you can save.

Jump into the boat at the end of the docks. Control the boat and when you are attacked by a large fish, prepare yourself for confrontation with Del Lago, who will try to make your boat crash so that you fall into the water, if you happen to try to get back on board quickly or you will end up eaten. The bad news is that you only have harpoons to fight him. The good news is you have plenty of them. Aim carefully as it takes some time to recharge.

At the end of the boss fight, be ready to quickly press to save yourself. Then enjoy the sequence of scenes that takes place, as you have just reached the end of the first chapter.

The complete Resident Evil 4 solution

4. Chapter II - First part

Wake up from the nightmare, observe the scenes, take the note you find here and any other objects, then go outside. Go through the door to the north; go straight until you find a villager, who will change into something else not exactly pleasant.

Fight the new enemy, proceed forward until you reach a rope ladder. Make a note of the check. Shoot the crate chains to create a bridge to the other side. Shoot all the crates to create a complete passage. Cross the bridge, climb the ladder to access the tower. Use the switch.

The passage will now be clear, but new enemies will emerge. Look after them as they leap through the openings. Go through the door once you're done. Proceed to the end of this street, follow the passage. At the bottom take the plate on the altar. Go through the secret passage that opens up. Follow the entire passage and go through the door at the bottom.

Go ahead and take the boat back to mainland. Here you will find a merchant, should you happen to shop. Then go back through the swamp to return to the previous area, here you will observe a scene related to the next boss you will have to deal with.

El Gigante is a "tough" boss, but relatively easy to defeat: just keep shooting him, and again, and again (it is better to use fast weapons) ... until you knock him down. At that point it will be necessary to deal with the los plagas, reachable by climbing on the back of the boss just killed and then working with a knife. You may have to repeat the process a couple of times.

Collect the money the boss drops after defeating him, then head back to the village. Cross the bridge and fight against the new enemies you will find here, the infected wolves. Head to the main door of the church and use the item to open it. Come in. Inside the church, go up the stairs on the left to get to the second floor.

Take note of the closed door you find, here you will have to go back. Jump on top of the candlestick from the balcony and go to the opposite side. Solve the simple puzzle to open the door. Go back and proceed through the newly opened door.

Look at the scene, Ashley is now with you for quite a long time. At the end of the scene, head back outside and down to the main area. Look at the scene with Saddler, and you're done with this part.

5. Chapter II - Second part

Learn Ashley's commands from the controls menu. And learn them well, because they will be useful to you. Then take every item you find, and continue outside. Return to the original road towards the village. Go to the merchant along the way if necessary, then proceed to the cave in the main village.

Kill all the enemies you find in this area, then proceed to the one on the side of the farm and repeat, exterminate everything. At this point, if you remember correctly, there is a door around here that you couldn't open. Go to that door.

Thanks to Ashley's presence, you can now open it. Once you cross it you will find a merchant, in case you need it. Cross the bridge to see some scenes.

Devote yourself to the massacre until Luis tells you to join him on the second floor, do it. Once there, continue the slaughter until it's over ... like this part.

6. Chapter II - Third part

Check both floors for any items you might find left by the enemies. Go out and trade with the merchant if it suits you. Save your game in the building behind the merchant and proceed. Once you pass the merchant, you will find two large gates. If you follow the ganode path, enter the door and kill everything in front of you, then proceed to the inner area after obtaining the key kill the ganode team here. Go to the door at the end of the path and go through it.

If you follow the path of giants then proceed a little further before the giant arrives. Fight it as you did in the previous battle. Shoot the boulder and stun the giant if you want to escape. Grab the old key and use it to open the door at the end of the path. You will find yourself in the outside area, just like on the other door.

Proceed, trade with the merchant if you wish, look for a note and a typewriter in the structure, save. Proceed further noting the locked door, make your way to the gondola station, board the ship, deal with the enemies on the way and reach your destination alive.

Grab the items in the adjacent control room and the stairs to go down, go through the cave going straight to find an item of value. Go to the area behind the stairs to continue, trade with the merchant you find here and save your game. Continue your way until a scene begins, and it's time to fight Bitores Mendez, another boss.

The first part of the fight is easy, the beast is slow, big, and you will hardly find it difficult to avoid the shots while shooting. The second part of the fight is a different kettle of fish: at some point the monster will literally tear itself apart, and you will find yourself fighting with its upper body, jumping around using your arms to move. Seems easy? It is not, it is much faster than when it had legs. So run a lot, shoot, run, shoot, and so on until you get him out. After defeating him, take the money and the googly eye.

Find the exit and rejoin Ashley. Go back to the merchant, save. Take the gondola to the starting point, go to the door that was closed, and with the googly eye you should open it. Go inside and eliminate the enemies, disable the transport before it reaches its destination, proceed past the scene you deserved as the end of this part and this chapter.

The complete Resident Evil 4 solution

7. Chapter III - First part

Find the merchant, do business and buy new weapons. Then proceed to the castle door and enter it. Meet new enemies to face. Deal with the first group you meet. Make your way up the spiral staircase while avoiding the fire. Proceed further and use the barrel to destroy the first catapult. Proceed further until you reach a room with an enemy with their head covered. Put Ashley here for now. Shoot the other barrel to destroy the next catapult. Proceed until you can use the cannon, use it to make your way, at the end you will find a merchant and another door, go through it.

Grab the various items here, then the Platinum Sword. Go to the second floor, deal with the enemies, shoot the red monk from the second floor. Put the golden sword in the place that the platinum one occupied. Your next path will be revealed, proceed, observe the scene and move on.

Kill the various enemies, proceed to the next door. Kill other enemies, eventually retrieve the items and the key to the castle gate, then exit. Kill the new enemies arriving, head towards the direction Luis was coming from. Use the castle gate key to continue until a cutscene begins.

At the end of the scene, go forward to where the wall blocks you, grab the items, save to the typewriter, then go through the nearby door. Go right, then straight until you find the road blocked by flames. Get the prison key from the picture, and other miscellaneous items. Go in the opposite direction, and finally use the key on the blue door. Leave Ashley here for the moment, get out and face the new enemy. It is the garrador.

He is not a real boss, you will meet a lot more later, but at the moment with your equipment it is quite tiring. The first thing to consider is that the garrador is blind, but he feels great - so stop running for this fight. Walk. Then shoot the plagas in the little guy's back with powerful weapons. You can deceive him and have him plant his pikes inside a wall, wasting time freeing them and allowing yourself to go behind him to do target practice. Or you can go quiet behind him, shoot, move quickly, and repeat. Or use the bell to distract him. Either way, that's why you didn't bring Ashley with you around here.

Once you're done with the garrador, lower the lever and retrieve Ashley. Go through the first area of ​​fire after defeating the enemies. Kill all the monks you find, proceed down the stairs to the door at the bottom. Have Ashley stand on the plate, you stand on another one and then go out, ready to fight. When the stairs come, grab them and help Ashley up. Protect her and take her when she's done. Go to the new platform for the next area. Go ahead, save your game if you wish, and trade with the merchant. If you want you can also play target practice. Finally, go to the room near the typewriter, and observe the scene at the end, to conclude this part as well.

8. Chapter III - Second part

Go through the brown door. Proceed forward, jump down into the new area and face the new enemy. Continue after killing him, there are two more of the same type, go up the stairs and find a door. Kill the enemies, then find various items in the cells. Open the final cell, take the stairs to go up and the door to the right. Dodge the swinging obstacles and cross it, another ladder, other objects, another door. Fight the monks for valuables, then use the candlestick to get to the next area.

There are a merchant and a door. Take the note you find, then continue. Kill everyone and go up to the door, armored monks will be waiting for you and another door. Other monks. Chase the red monk, keep following him killing whoever gets in the way until you fight him. Beware of his weapon. Kill him and get the key to the gallery. Go back two rooms, where the monk was initially, enter the gallery to solve the simple puzzle and go through the door.

Kill the monks, where the one with the rocket launcher comes out, turn right and flip the switch. Go left onto the balcony and through the door. Find a switch under some pots, then go back to the previous room. Find the ornament in the extended area. Go to the door near the first switch and enter. Save your game in this room if you like, then proceed through the door. Keep going straight, the door on the right is closed, go into the door beyond the fountains. After the scene, enter the main garden.

Find the two pieces of the moonstone in the garden and combine them. Find the door on which to use them and enter, to admire the scene that marks the end of this part.

9. Chapter III - Third part

Proceed to the area and meet a merchant. Further on is the dining room, you will find some beginnings on a painting. From the locked door, go right and enter the door at the end. Find several items and return to the dining room. Ring the bell and then shoot the bottle. Proceed through the path that has just opened to the chest, then kill the enemies and collect what they will gently drop. Go through the door on the north wall, then take the north-west door to exit.

Keep going and start killing the monks. Go down and pull the lever, then continue across the bridge, go down the other side and grab what you find. Go back up, shoot the lock, go back across the bridge and enter the door where the enemies were coming from.

Save the game if you want, trade with the merchant, then go through the door to get to the end of this part.

The complete Resident Evil 4 solution

10. Chapter III - Fourth part

In the new area, make a note of where Ashley is captured, then collect the tons of items you can find in this area. Take the stairs to go down and be ready to kill the enemies you find. Protect Ashley from incoming enemies, kill the red monk as soon as she shows up with the others. Ashley will manage to escape, it's time to take control.

Save your game and proceed to the next area. Avoid the enemies, crawl under the table near the door on the left. Clear your way using the tool and proceed. Ignore the door on the wall. Go to the bottom of the area and enter the door here. In the new room, pry up on the bookcase, find the switch but don't activate it for now. Crawl under the table and activate the switch found here. Grab the stone tablet from the fireplace, flip the next switch, then the bookshelf switch, and proceed to the other side of the room. Go through the door, run forward and continue to the pedestal and another puzzle. Fix it, then place the stone tablet on the pedestal.

Take the Salazar family insignia and ornament. Go back to the previous area, dodging the new enemies, make your way for a few rooms to the door you ignored at the beginning. In the new room take the items and the note, then use the Salazar insignia on the pedestal and proceed through the exit, move forward to meet Leon again and move on to the next chapter.

11. Chapter IV - First part

Go back to the outside area to find an interesting weapon. Get Ashley into the previously inaccessible area. Return to the place where you started. Go through the small area beyond the door. Proceed in the area until you reach the typewriter. Use the nearby platform to move to the next area. Kill all the monks with the flamethrowers and get the ornament, then return to the previous area. Use the rail after saving.

Proceed to the next area, where you will have to use the three ornaments obtained so far, once used will free a passage. Go ahead and use the next rail, then forward a few rooms and take the door on the right to find a merchant and trade. There is also another target shooting range here.

Exit the previous room, go ahead and take the door leading to the king's shrine, dodge the armor, enter the door at the end after telling Ashley to wait for you outside. Grab the item in the center of the room, kill the new incoming armor and head back outside. Retrieve Ashley and go back one room. Take the door on the opposite side now. You will find a simple puzzle, push the two statues of the knights on two pressure plates, Ashley on another and Leon on the last, proceed. Shoot the four objects to stop the trap, go forward; when Ashley gets trapped, shoot the two monks driving the oncoming car, then save Ashley. Take the item left here by the queen.

Shoot the bolt on the door and move on. Once back in the room with the knight statue, proceed back one room. Kill in newly arrived enemies, use the king and queen items on their statues and proceed through the passage that opens. In the new area go forward, jump out the window, go up, go forward and jump down at the end. Observe the scene, fight with the incoming novistadors and then use the lever on the opposite side, finally shoot the chains of the bridge. Go ahead, find a merchant, save your game and enter the next area.

Kill all the enemies and enter the clock tower. Here, shoot the two objects blocking the clock gears, then climb up, go to the top and shoot the third object. Use the lever once done. Go back to the lower level, proceed over the bridge killing anyone who tries to block your path, enter the door at the end. Kill the enemies present, including two garradors, go further. Observe the scene, be ready to dodge as soon as you are invited to do so.

Collect items from the dead, save, shop from the merchant, then climb up. Go to the end of the tunnel, enter the door you will find. Run to the other side, and dodge when prompted. Use the switch located here, and get ready to meet a nice boss.

The boss will carry out various attacks, some you can dodge by following the instructions on the screen; after you've avoided several, go to the liquid nitrogen containers and use it to slow down the boss; eventually the passage will free and you can return to the previous area, where there will be some other containers of liquid nitrogen to use to freeze the malnato and continue to fire. If you have the rocket launcher, you should find it pretty quick. When the boss dies he will leave you something of value. Take the elevator when you are done to move on to the next part.

12. Chapter IV - Second part

Save the game at the typewriter, find the merchant, take the door on the right to find the shooting range or go left if you prefer. Kill the villagers and proceed to the mine area. Activate the lever that activates the trolley, kill the incoming enemies and go and check the circuit breaker on the other side, use it. Go back to the first lever, kill the guy with the chainsaw, use the lever again, when the cart is down take the dynamite.

Use it on the nearby boulder, proceed to the next area until two giants appear. Use the furnace to kill one and take out the other as normal. Keep going until you start finding novistadors. Use the map to reach two dead-end zones where you will eventually find switches (the areas are east and west). Fight the incoming enemies after flipping each switch.

Proceed through the corridor that has opened once you finish, dodge the rolling stones and move on. Grab the royal insignia from the pedestal, and you are done with this part.

The complete Resident Evil 4 solution

13. Chapter IV - Third part

Enter the structure to find the merchant and save, then proceed once finished. Kill all the villagers and head in the direction they came from. From here go ahead and keep killing. Search the area near the bonfire until you find the right tool to open the way to the next area. Go through the newly opened pit. Get off taking note of the sign. Proceed carefully avoiding the traps, go further and try to find the staff of majesty if you can. Head to the closed door.

Go to the building to the left of this door. Kill the two villagers with the chainsaw and take the ladder to go up. Take the key, kill the new villagers arriving. Go to the new area. Another ceiling trap, kill any plagas around here, search the coffin for items. Proceed. Finally reach the red door. Enter and move forward, enter the miner cart and shoot the lever to start. Kill the approaching enemies. When the trolley stops temporarily, shoot the bum with the chainsaw then continue enjoying the sightseeing. Shoot the planks you find on the road. Be prepared to dodge when you come to the end of the journey.

Enter the door next to you and take the stone of sacrifice. Proceed further and up the ladder - now you are in an area that should be familiar to you, use the stone of sacrifice on the lion's door. Then go through it, and use the elevator to finish this part.

14. Chapter IV - Fourth part

Keep going until you reach the statue of Salazar; when the enemy activates a lever, go back a little to where there are some pans, and take the ladder that goes up from there. Kill any enemies you find, then head to the central platform. Use the left switch to operate the left arm. Use the lever behind the statue to change arm movements. Keep to the right, and go forward, take the downhill ladder on the other side and use the lever there.

Kill all the incoming enemies, head to the third lever and use it. The platform beyond should now appear, take it. Start running as soon as the statue wakes up. Dodge left or right, press the keys as needed. Shoot the lock on the door as you approach, and keep running until you reach the end. In this new area, go up the spiral staircase until the enemies start throwing barrels at you. Shoot the barrels and proceed up the stairs. Kill all the enemies, push the crates aside and use the elevator. Take the other elevator to reach the top of the tower, from there proceed until you meet the merchant, save your game, get ammo from the surrounding area, and go further. Here you will meet Salazar, your next boss.

He has three tentacles, the main one is the central one, although he doesn't hit you as often as the other two, he has the most powerful attacks. First he will hit the platform you are on, then he will try to swallow you in one gulp, so it is perhaps superfluous to tell you to try to stay away from him. If you shoot the eye above the main tentacle, you should be able to drop its carapace and see its true shape, at this point shoot until the eye returns and you have to repeat the process.

Once killed go ahead, take the rope to go down to the new area and use the elevator. Meet the merchant again, save, proceed. Ask for a ride on the boat with a person you should know to reach the end of the chapter.

15. Chapter V - First part

Go ahead, get off and keep going. When you reach the buildings, jump over the empty space and find your new enemies. Proceed towards the central area until the enemy arrives with the machine gun. Go to the closed door, try the mechanism to activate the laser. Go to the tower indicated by the laser. Keep going up, and turn the reflector left so it hits the other reflector on another tower. Go to the next tower.

Turn the reflector to the right, and a door should open. Cross it and enter the new area, avoid the boulder as before when invited to do so. Go ahead, kill each opponent and go up the ladder. Jump the gap from there, proceed through the window you are close to, kill everyone, go to the place where the lights are coming from. Use the trolley to your advantage to cover yourself as much as possible. After killing everyone go to the bottom and use the switch to continue.

Find a merchant, buy a treasure map, save if necessary. Enter the kitchen, ignore the first door on the left, go past the enemy on fire. Enter the next area. You'll hear Ashley. Kill all the enemies in the area, proceed to the briefcase and find the red stone in it. Go on, find the merchant in the armory, you can go and shoot at the target if you want.

In the area with the shutter that opens and closes, kill all the enemies on the other side, kill the second group as well and retrieve everything they will leave you so kindly. Go through the opening and go forward. In the new area, go left and enter the door to find a typewriter. Go back to the previous area and enter the blue doors now. In the autopsy room, look for the door with the security panel. Solve the simple puzzle to gain access. Grab several items including a key and exit.

The monster will wake up, you cannot kill it with your current weapon so go back to the previous corridor. Dodge the other creature, use your new card on the white door. Come in. Inside, use the cryogenic device, then your key on it to change it. Then take the infrared viewfinder from the freezer. Mount it on the rifle and shoot each plagas inside the creature. Go back outside, kill the enemies and use the new key on the appropriate door. Come in.

Proceed, go through the next door, kill the enemies, go near Ashley's door, it's closed at the moment: then go to the door further north. Kill all the enemies, go ahead, go down the stairs and through the door. You will find a typewriter to save, and once ready go ahead. Kill the Iron Maiden here, take the key from her body, go back to Ashley. Kill all the enemies along the way, then use the key to open the previously locked door, find Ashley, end of this section.

The complete Resident Evil 4 solution

16. Chapter V - Second part

Take all the items you find, go back outside. Kill all the enemies, go to the garbage disposal room. Kill everyone, flip the switch here, kill the new enemies, go to the next area. Leon and Ashley will jump. Take note of the Iron Maiden and flip the switch, then the lever on the other side, the gate will drop between you and the Iron Maiden. Do the same thing with the second gate and take it out quietly. Move the container into the water to create a bridge. Kill the second incoming Iron Maiden. Push the next container to clear the way and enter the green door. Kill everyone, go through the gate and get to the first floor.

Take Ashley to the wrecking ball controls, protect her while she works, continue until the path is clear. Proceed to the next area, flip the switch and fight the new regenerator. Finally go to the opening, kill the regenerator you find here, ignore the lever for now and enter the door on the left. Press the red button and head back outside. Have Ashley crawl under the shutter, and open the door on the other side. Go through the opening and through the red door. Here you find a merchant, and you can save before leaving.

While Ashley is on the left lever, you activate the second one, when the light is on the central area, proceed. Go ahead while Ashley drives the bulldozer, remove any obstacles. If a transport is on the way, destroy its engine to slow it down. Eventually the transport will stop. Go to the lever, take out the enemies attacking Ashley and use the lever. When the journey begins again, take out each enemy as before until you come to a stop. Go through the door, save from the merchant you find here, do business and take the green stone of judgment. Proceed through the door to go to the next part.

17. Chapter V - Third part

Go up the stairs, then take the door on the left. Kill all the enemies, then take the stairs and go down to the door. Go forward, then right and enter the door you find here, kill the enemy. Run to the opposite side, go up the stairs, kill everyone and go down the other side, enter the door at the end, go right and go through the door. Go up the elevator, and go forward to meet Jack Krauser.

Quickly press the keys indicated on the screen or you will die in the middle of the scene. Once the scene is over, go down and take the door you find there. Go through the corridor with the lasers and dodge when necessary. Use the switch at the end. Dodge the last laser and go through the unlocked door. Take the elevator to the area behind the throne. Go ahead until you find the merchant. Save as an annoying section is coming up. Go through the double doors. Go straight until you meet "IT". Avoid it by dodging as required, and shooting the buttons to open the switches that will allow you to access the next container. Exit the area. Keep going until IT returns, and it's time to fight at this point.

If you don't have the magnum, shoot the explosive barrels when you get close, or trap him behind the gates and shoot like crazy until you're sure he's really dead. Once the fight is over, go through the door, go up the stairs, go up again and go through another door. Now take the stairs down, kill all the enemies in the area and jump through the hole. Find a merchant, a typewriter, another shooting range; take the stairs when you are ready to proceed. Go through the door, go ahead and there is Krauser again. Keep going until you reach a closed door. Dodge and fight Krauser until he throws the grenade and escapes.

Go through the gates now open, go ahead, dodge Krauser and proceed, cross the bridge. Enter the building to find items, avoid the robotic things, jump off the roof after recovering everything. Keep going. Go up the stairs, take the sacred beast piece, fight Krauser again. Then go on, push the statue where indicated, uncover the lever. Activate it, go back to the bridge but this time instead go right towards the gate. Proceed until you meet Krauser again.

Go through the door as soon as you can, go up the stairs, go forward and get another piece of sacred beast. It's time to fight Krauser one last time. The best results are achieved by taking out any plagas and shooting Krauser's knees with a heavy weapon to knock him down and finish him off by hitting his head and chest when appropriate. Be careful not to get thrown off the platform. Once eliminated take the piece of sacred beast, go down the ladder, through the open door. Go ahead, use the three sacred beast pieces as required, go through the exit, and move on to the next section.

The complete Resident Evil 4 solution

18. Chapter V - Fourth part

Go ahead, save to the typewriter. Go on further. Meet the support helicopter. Cross the area fighting with hordes of enemies occasionally aided by the helicopter. Shoot the lock on the door to enter, go up the stairs. Enter the tower, kill all the enemies then climb to the top. Kill the one with the machine gun, use the lever and move on. Use the two levers to unlock the next area, let the helicopter take care of the turrets. Go through the door once you're done, go forward, go through a single door. Go down, observe the scene and follow the path chosen by Ada.

Look in the garbage can, kill the incoming regenerator then go on, go down the stairs, go on. In the new area fight with the enemies, check the machine in the control room to the southwest, watch the commando take the card. Fight with the enemies until you get the card back. Climb the ladder on the opposite side, then go to the next tower. Go inside and make a note of the car you can't use at the moment. Climb the ladder nearby. Go ahead until you find the reader, use the new key on this one. Go back down the ladder, flip both switches in the tower, go back down to the ground floor.

Go through the top left side, take the stairs and the door at the end. Go left, kill all the enemies you find in this area, go through the first door once you're done. Take all the objects that will come in handy in this familiar looking room, proceed to the operating room. Check out a delightful parasite extraction skit before proceeding to the next section.

19. Chapter VI - Final

Go through the door and up the stairs. At the top, go through the door. Shop at the latest merchant however you like. Save for the last time. Head down the stairs. Observe the scenes. It is the beginning of the final confrontation with Lord Saddler.

Try not to stay too far in the open area where the fight begins, here the enemy has an easy game. On the bridges connecting the platforms be careful not to fall, if they move while you are on them jump to the other side and pull up quickly. You will first have to hit one of the various eyes that dot the monster's body, and when the eye falls to the ground you can hit the larger eye. Try to use powerful weapons against the latter. At some point, after causing enough damage, you'll see a short cutscene, and Ada will drop a rocket launcher on one of the platforms. You know what to do, she assumes.

Once finished, observe the scenes, and go back. Drive the jet-powered trabiccolo avoiding obstacles, and hope to make it out alive. Enjoy the well deserved final cutscene, because you have just completed the game.

Video of the solution - First part

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