The complete Silent Hill solution

Please note:

The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences for the Spanish version.

The awakening

The game begins with your awakening inside a crashed car; hence your search for Cheryl ... and your nightmares begin.
Go to the end of the driveway and go through the gate marked "beware of dog"; then go down the adjacent path to another gate. Continue down the other driveway: here you should see a broken wheelchair; after this go to the dead end street where you will witness the birth of a horrible creature, which will jump on you. After waking up, witnessing the scene with Cybil and taking the gun, you will be free to wander around the club; on the corner near the bar there are some interesting things, including the map.
So, head to the other side and grab the kitchen knife; after taking everything, take out the gun and go to the door, kill the flying monster and take the portable radio that will signal the approach of the enemies, then exit. On the street, look at the map and head to the store across Bachman Street (there is ammo on a bench on the right hand side near the club); on the side of the building there is a door ajar: enter and you will find various bonuses.
Got everything you need, go up the Bachman staying on the left side and run to the car you destroyed (inside which is another health drink). At this point, resume the path you have already made at the beginning, retracing the same road go down the path, collect the bullets and look at the sheet on the ground. Once this is done, go back to the main road.

On the way to school

Go west, down Finney Street, until you reach the intersection with Levin Street: take it up to Matheson Street and here go left, until you reach a deep chasm, on the edge of which there are some papers to be collected.
Go up Levin Street, on the left, to the fifth house with a porch; look for the dog house, inside which is the key. Then go to the door of the nearest house and open it; enter, you will find an aid kit on the table, then go down the corridor.
The door on the right is closed, so continue to the end; in this room there is a save point and ammo. Enter the kitchen and take the bonus on the stove, go left towards the door which will be closed with three padlocks! Before exiting, however, examine the map on the left on the wall and copy the information onto yours. Then go out the front door onto Levin Street.
Go up Levin, then right onto Finney Street, until you reach the slope, marked in red on the map. Head down until you see a chain-link fence and gate to your right. Cross it and you will find yourself in a basketball court; in the basket there is a bonus. Then look at the white spot near the basket: it is the Woodsman Key; take it and return to Finney Street.
Here go to the right and cross the bridge heading towards the carcass of a police car, near which there are some bullets to be taken; in the trunk you will find the "Key of Lion".
Now go south on Ellroy Street to another hole in the street; here go right until you reach a building;
the shot changes and you can see a board and a mailbox, with a white stain, stained with blood. Examine the stain, which turns out to be the "Key of Scarecrow": take it and go up the steps to the door (near which you will find a bonus).
At this point you have the three keys to open the locks of the locked door in the previous house. Go left, on Matheson Street, until you see an alley (which is between Levin and Bachman), which, when you go all the way, will find you an aid kit. Then continue until you reach Levin Street and go south; in the last house on the left, on this street, there is a bonus near the door. From here, go back to the house with the dog bed, which should now be marked with a red dot on your map.
Enter and go directly to the padlocked door, open it and exit, witness the small scene, then go to the table and chair and take the health drinks; then go out the door of the enclosure and you will find yourself in an alley. Walk north to Finney Street, and from there to Midvich, where you will find a hole in the road (as well as some bonuses).
Now head to Matheson Street and take the alley between Midvich and Levin; halfway you will find some bullets on the right, collect them and continue to Bloch Street. From here go west until you cross Midwich, then south past the school to the bus. Enter and you can save your progress, then head inside the school, through the main door.

The complete Silent Hill solution

In the school

Once inside, continue keeping to the right, until the view changes, leaving you to see some stalls, with something interesting above. Enter through the door in the main part of the school, then go west to the reception; on the counter and on the opposite side of the room are a note and a book, written in blood. These indications will be very useful to understand what to do inside the institute.
On the other side of the counter, in another book, is a list with the names of the teachers; enter the reception door, take the ammunition on the table and look at the photo on the wall; then go back to the corridor.
Go east, through the corridor in front of you, to the door of the infirmary and enter it; inside you will find an aid kit, on a bed, and a health drink in the locker, marked with a red cross.
Exit the infirmary and go into the courtyard, passing through the door which is diametrically opposite the entrance to the school. Here, kill the monster and open the door, which will lead you into another corridor, infested with two other creatures.
Then open the door located in front of the one you entered through; on the left bench there are bullets and another harmless monster. Exit and head left, through the side door which will lead you to another corridor. Here all the doors are locked: so go up the stairs to find yourself on the second floor of the school.
The door on the right, near the stairs, is open and inside there is a bonus, on the desk near the window; from here, head to the girls' bathroom where, after killing a couple of nice creatures, you will find some ammo. Exit and go back into the corridor and then head towards the door to the east, which will turn out to be a laboratory; on the right shelf there is a bottle: take it.
Exit and enter the chemistry laboratory, next to it: on a table there is a hand holding a large piece of gold; pour the contents of the bottle over it to be able to take possession of the jewel. In the closet, on the left, there are some ammunition, take it and go out. Go west through the double doors to the bookcase where there is an aid kit on the table. Go back to the stairs, go down and cross the courtyard, to go and put the medallion in the hole on the left of the door.
Go back to the second floor and head to the music room to play the piano (the sequence of notes is D, A, A sharp, G and C sharp). You will thus obtain the silver medallion; take it and go back down, where you can place it in his housing.
Then take the door in front of the clock tower and go up the stairs to the second floor; take a look at the map: two directions of stairs are marked, one on the top left, the other on the right. It doesn't matter which one you take, they will both lead you to the first floor;
go down again and you will enter the boiler room, where you will have to flip the red switch. Retrace your steps, up to the courtyard; the door of the tower is now open and you can enter.
Follow the path until you find yourself in the courtyard; watch the movie and then go to the door in front of the tower and then to the other opposite the tower. Here are some bonuses: take them, then go out and go to the warehouse where you will find a ball on the counter. Exit the door on the left side, then take the door that will lead you to a new area.
Enter the first classroom and take the "picture card" on the table in the middle of the room; then pass into the other classroom, through the connecting doors between the two. Exit the door in the lower left corner of the room, and run into the corridor where you will find a health drink; take the door that is indicated on the map at the top left, and you will find yourself in another corridor.
Go into the infirmary to save the position, then into the anteroom to get what is in the wheelchair. Go to the reception where, on the sofa, there is some ammunition, and the photo of a picturesque door has become a real door. Use the "picture card" to open it, and you will find yourself in the last corridor on the first floor; go to the boys' quarters and approach the area behind the mutilated body. You will notice something very bright: you have found the rifle!
Go back to the corridor and go to the teachers room, which is near the stairs, where you will find ammo and a table with many phones.
As you attempt to leave the room, one of these will ring; finally exit and go up to the second floor, using the stairs. Here, go to the room under the stairs to get the ammo, on a chair; after that, go out and go up to the second floor.
Then enter the first classroom and approach the door connecting with the other classroom; on a chair is a purple box (shotgun ammo). Exit the second class door and you will find yourself in a new corridor; go to the locker, past the "music room", and open it ...: on the floor, after a short interlude, you will see a golden key fall. Take it and go back to the corridor; go up the stairs to go to the roof.
Once on the roof, go past the cistern and look at the valve; from here follow the blood trails above the eaves and you will notice a hole where you will see a key, too far to reach. Plug the hole with the rubber ball, go back to the cistern and open the water; this way the key will drop down.
Go back to the first floor courtyard and grab it (in the eaves in the corner on your left). Go up to the second floor and, with the key, open the "reserve" library, next to the chemistry lab, where you will find a bonus. From here go to the library where, in addition to ammunition, you will find an open book, read it.
Exit and open the door of the first class, next to the library, and then go through the connecting doors to the second, where there is a bonus on a chair. Exit the classroom and grab the health drink on the counter in the hallway, then go down the stairs at the bottom right of the map to access the basement. Go to the warehouse to get the various bonuses, then to the boiler room.
Once inside, you will see two wheels and a door (locked): to unlock it you will have to guess the right combination of wheels; the one on the left must be turned once to the right, the one on the right twice to the left.
Once this is done, the passage will open and you will have the pleasure of meeting the first boss of the game, Largemouth. Shoot him with any weapon, until a small pool of a strange substance appears on the floor; then arm your rifle and wait for the monster to open its mouth to shoot as hard as it can. At this point, enjoy the video following his death.
You will find yourself in the boiler but, on the ground, there will be a silver key (K. Gordon Key); take it and go out. You will thus be returned to the "normal School"; go up the stairs, watch the cutscene, then exit the school.

The complete Silent Hill solution

Towards the center

On the road, go south on Midwich, then east on Bradbury, to an alley far north of the road; take it and, in the middle, you will see a door; enter it. Enter the house using the Gordon Key, and head to the kitchen: grab the ammo and save in the dining room.
Exit and go down Bradbury Street, take the next alley, where there is more ammo, and continue to Bloch Street.
Then go east, towards the church, and enter it; head to the altar, where there are many items: a key (called Drawbridge) and some Flauros, whose function is unknown. Once you have everything, go to the niche to the left of the altar and take the health drink; then, go back to the entrance where there is a save point on the desk.
Exit the church and go west on Bloch Street; enter the door, ajar, of the gas station where there are ammunition.
Then go south on Ellroy Street to the truck, next to which there is more ammo. Head towards the bridge to reach the Bridge Control Room, on the second floor of which, on a chair, there is a very interesting map and a save point. Then, cross the room and you will come to a small area where there is a control panel: operate it with the Drawbridge Key and you will have access to the central area of Silent Hill.


Keeping to the right of the bridge you will find some broken stairs, at the top of which there are ammo; then get off in Crichton Street, until the "Alchemilla" hospital. On Koontz Street there is one of the entrances; Inside you will find a save point, on the reception desk, and in the next room a new rifle. Go to the hall and enter the first door on the left, where you will meet Doctor Kaufmann; Following the cutscene, you will find yourself in front of the door you entered through: turn right and enter the other door.
There is nothing of interest in this room, so go through the upper door: you will find yourself behind the hospital registration area and, in a box near the door, you will find an aid kit. Examine the wall for the hospital map, then return to the study where you met Kaufmann. Go to the other door of this room, through the "medicine room", to reach a corridor which leads to various entrances.
You will have free access to the "Doctor's Office" and from there to the "Conference Room", where you will find a map of the dungeons and, on the table, a green key. Take everything and go back to the corridor; in the kitchen (always refer to the map), in addition to the bonus you will also have to take a plastic bottle. Then go to the adjacent director's office and collect the liquid on the floor with the bottle.
Continue towards the stairs and go down to the basement; head into the generator room and flip the switch on the right, then go to the elevator. Go up to the first floor and examine the vending machine which will provide you with 3 health drinks; go back to the elevator and go to the second floor. Try to open the door (which will be closed) and repeat the same process on the third floor as well.
Returning to the elevator, you will now notice the appearance of a fourth floor! Go up and you will enter the Alternate Hospital.
Exit the elevator and go all the way down the corridor (no doors will be open), until you reach a door that opens onto another corridor. Go down the stairs to the third floor (of which you should have the map) and enter room n ° 302, where there is a save point and an old TV, a little shabby but still functional; then move on to n ° 304 where, between two beds, there is a health drink. There is a bright area on the wall, examine it.
Then go out into the corridor and go to the Storage Room, where you will find useful bonuses, including the "Blood Pack"; exit and enter room # 306 to examine the wall furthest from the entrance: you will find the "Plate of Cat".
Exit and go to the men's room, where you will find the "Plate of Turtle" on the shelf; take this too and go down the stairs to the second floor. Enter room n ° 201 and take the lighter, then in n ° 204, where you will find the "Plate of Hatter" and a monster that will block your way: use the "Blood Pack" against him and exit (without forgetting the "Plate" ...).
Then go to the "Nurse Center" where you will find, on the wall, a white sheet with writing, which will be the key to correctly position the various "Plates". If you try to go out the door of the "Nurse Center" you will find yourself in a new corridor where there will be 4 bays ... but for the moment you have only three "Plates".
Then reach the stairs to be able to go down to the first floor; go right, up to the kitchen, where there is a bonus, then in the office, next to the "Store Room", where there are ammo instead. Then go to the director's office where, on the desk, you will find the "Plate of Queen", as well as a save point. Now you can go back to the "Nurse Center" and insert the 4 "Plates" following this sequence: Red at the top left, Yellow at the bottom left, Blue at the top right and, finally, Green at the bottom right. At this point a door will open, but before going through it it will be better to arm yourself with the rifle.
Take out all the zombies and enter the "Operating Prep Room" and then the "Operating Room" where, on the table, you will find a key to the dungeon warehouse. Exit and go to the adjacent ICU (Intensive Care Unit) where, on the table, there are various bottles:
take that of disinfectant. Then go to room 206 to get the aid kit on the chair.
Get on the elevator to go down to the basement and enter the "Morgue Room", or the morgue, where, on the table with the corpses, there are bonuses. Then go to the generator room and take the hammer; Now go to the warehouse door, which you can open with the key you collected earlier, and enter. On the shelves you will find ammunition, both for the pistol and for the rifle; in a corner of the room, near a shelf, you will see something; it will turn out to be a locker, which you can move. Go around it and push it, then enter the door that just revealed itself.
On the floor, near the end of the room, there is a grate with vines sprouting: use the disinfectant and then set the fire with the lighter, in order to get rid of the weeds and to be able to open the grate. Go down and you will find yourself in a place not marked on your map.
Go down the corridor to the end (there is a door, but it is blocked), then take a few steps back until you see a well camouflaged door. Open it and enter the next one, on the right side, where you will find a videotape; exit and enter the last room on the left, where you will take the key next to Alessa's photo.
Take the elevator and go back to the third floor, in room # 302, to see the content of the video. The quality of the reproduction will be far from excellent, preventing you from listening to the sound ... but try not to get distracted (in this game it is important never to do this), because you will be suddenly attacked by one of the horrible creatures that haunt the area .
Then go to the first floor to go to the "Examination Room" (whose key you found); after a long cutscene, you will wake up in the "normal" hospital and witness another cutscene. At the end of this go to take the green key, left by Dahlia, save and exit the hospital.

The complete Silent Hill solution

Video of the solution - First part

Where The Worm Lives

Go down Koontz Street, then take the Simmons and enter the "Antique Green Lion", marked by an orange square on the map; The door of the shop is open: enter, go up the stairs and open the door with the green key, then save.
Head towards the locker, against the wall, and as in the hospital you can push it, until a hole appears, in which you can enter. Continue in the tunnel, until you reach a room with a sort of altar; take the ax on the wall and try to get out of the hole: a new movie will start, Cybil will be the protagonist. At the end of the scene, you will go through the tunnel until you reach another room: take the ax on the wall and examine the altar (the door nearby is blocked however).
Trying to get out of the hole, the altar will catch fire ... You will find yourself in the hospital, together with Lisa, who will tell you that you had a nightmare and will tell you some interesting things. At this point you will wake up (... again?) In a room with another altar, with a sign of Samael on the ground. Save and exit the old shop to go down Simmons Street, on the Town Center side, until you find a passage in the enclosure that you need to enter.
Go up the escalator, and at the end go to the right until you find a door; enter it and you will find new bullets and an aid kit. Go back, then, in the corridor and continuing a little you will see something on the ground ... Run across it and you will see the floor collapse, below you, until you find yourself face to face with a nice final boss, named GrubWorm. After unloading a few clips at it, the monster will curl up; stop shooting, it is so harmless.
At this point, an opening will be created by breaking a wall; enter it too and you will find yourself outside the center of Silent Hill; go down the street until you reach Sagan Street, then go west and then south on Crichton Street to the hospital gate. Enter and go to the "Examination Room" where you can save and watch a cutscene in which Lisa tells you to go to the aqueduct near the old elementary school.
Once you leave the school, you will find that both roads are blocked: go straight on, on the stairs that will lead you to the roof, where you will collide with the mutation of GrubWorm, which has become "adult". Moth / Adult Grub, this is his name, will not skimp on throwing you at poisonous bullets, and if you get too close you will be an easy target of his tail.
Once eliminated, you will return to "normal" Silent Hill; go to the hospital to save the day, then go past the intersection of Koontz and Simmons and grab the health drink on the bar table. Go back to Crichton Street and enter the Police Station; once inside take the ammo and enter the door on the left, the one without drawings, for another reload and a save point.
Exit the station and continue west, down Sagan Street, across the bridge and the old one Silent Hill (if you go into the black rectangle indicated by the map, near the bridge, you will find a bonus on a barrel, near a building), so that you are (almost magically) outside the "Midwich" Elementary School.
Go through the gate and break the lock with the hammer; go down the tunnel until you reach a room. On the desk you will find a map and a key; then, turn left and go down until you reach the third metal walkway on the water. Cross it and continue, until you reach a closed road that will guarantee you some bonuses. Go back to the catwalk and continue on the dead end street on the opposite side to collect the bullets; then go back to the large room you came from.
Take the other direction, this time, keeping to the left of the water, and go through the first runner to enter the door marked "Keep Out". Here you will find a save point, the map of the sewers and the key which is hidden on the shelf next to the books. Once this is done, continue to the other door with the same writing, arm the rifle and open it with the key you just found. Once this is done, follow the map to the locked door in the southern area of ​​the tunnels; use the key again, and then go up the ladder to access the new area.
Climb on the blue platform to the right to get an aid kit, then continue south of the map and east into the first hole. Follow the tunnel until you reach a room, where, near the wall, there are bonuses; once everything is taken, continue south to the end of the adjacent tunnel, then west to a point with no exit. Search in the water, near the blood, and you will find another key, but also three monsters that won't wait even a second to attack you. Escape, backtracking, east of the map, until you come to another door that says "Keep Out". Use the key and run up the ladder; on the nearby barrel there is a save point, use it and rise to the surface.

Video of the solution - Second part

The end is approaching

NB From this moment, in correspondence with the meetings with Dr. Kaufmann and with Cybil, you will be able, or not, to obtain a good, or a + good ending. Otherwise, but it is no small feat, you will have to settle for a bad ending.

Once you "go up" to the mainland, cross the screen, then turn left and enter the building, where you will find some bullets and an aid kit. Exit the street and keep right, until you see a sign with a map; then go down Bachman Street and enter Annie's bar.
After watching a movie starring Dr. Kaufmann, approach the point where the monster attacked him and examine the yellow spot, which will provide you with the "Indian Runner" hotel key and a recipe; in the right corner of the bar there is a save point, in the left one a health drink.
Go out and go towards the "Indian Runner Hotel": by reading the description of the key you will know that it belongs to room n ° 3, while the recipe will let you know a combination: "0473". When you reach the hotel, open the door using the combination; Once inside, get hold of the ammo on the counter and the health drink and diary near the cash register. On the wall, next to the locked safe, is a piece of paper marked the motel combination, "Norman Young's Place", which turns out to be "0886". By opening the drawer, behind the counter, you will find the Safe Key to open the safe, in which you will find a bag containing drugs. Then looking at the photo on the right, you will notice that "Norman's Place" is a motel; the only one in town is the "Haerbey Inn", so that's where you'll have to go.
Exit the hotel and go down Weaver Street, where you will find the inn; look for the side with the door with the combination, insert it and enter. Take the magnet on the sofa and enter the door next to the one you entered through; you will find yourself in a garage where you can get bonuses. Examine the motorcycle before returning to the previous room; from here go to the door that has opened in the meantime, where you can save the day and access another door that will lead you into the hotel courtyard. At this point there will be a short loading and, after, you will find the room n ° 3 that you can open with the key collected previously. There is a health drink on the sink, and you can slide the chest, to highlight a new area where you can see something you can't reach. Then use the magnet and you will get the keys to the motorcycle.
Back in the garage, use the key with the bike to receive a small glass vial; but, at this point, a cutscene will start in which Kaufmann will take her away from you.
Then go out onto the street and go west towards Sandford Street on the lake side. At the intersection with Bechman Street there is a small niche, and if you go back from here, you will see some broken stairs, at the top of which there are bullets. Now cross the bridge, and you will witness a new FMV, with yet another transformation of Silent Hill.
You are, therefore, back in the alternate world! Then look on your map and run up the driveway to the north, between the Stanford and West Stanford signs, where you will find some bonuses. Once this is done, run down through the lighthouse area, and you will reach a dead end street where, however, there will be stairs on the left. Get off, pass over the plank and enter the door of the boat; Once inside, go down the hall and then into the nearby door.
At this point you will witness a loooong cutscene about Cybil and Dahlia; then grab the bonuses, on the table and chair, and save, thanks to the save point near the door you entered through. Then, enter the door that Dahlia came out of and go to the lighthouse. You will have to climb a few flights of stairs and descend others, the latter on the right side of the passage.
Then cross the boards and go to the lighthouse; you will have the possibility to go up another ramp, but it will be better to stay on the lower level and run towards the closed road, where you can find an aid kit. Now go up the stairs, and go through this area to reach another ramp; run down the passage and go up the last set of stairs. Turn right and you will finally be in the lighthouse.
Once inside, you will find a save point, to the right of the door, then go up another flight of stairs to finally get to the roof, where there is a large sign of Samael. You will see a "ghost" image of Alessa, but she will vanish and you will not be able to do anything about it; go back, and the game will automatically bring you back to the boat.
Then go west on West Stanford Street until you reach an open door; enter the hole in the ground here and you will return to the sewers. First take the map attached to the wall, then continue to the lower left of the map to find the ammo and health drink; then go up the ladder and you will find yourself in the amusement park.
Go down the only driveway, then on the right take the red alley to end up in the ice cream parlor where you will find a save point. Then deviate until you find "horse ride"; go up the stairs and you will be attacked by Cybil, who appears to be possessed. The battle against this boss determines the outcome of the game's ending, which will change depending on your use of the bottle of liquid that you should have collected in the hospital. By killing her only with gunshots you will get, in the end, a "bad ending"; using the bottle, pressing the "select" key at the moment of the first attack of the monster you will have the possibility to complete with a "good ending". Victory will allow you to enjoy a long FMV, and you will wake up in the hospital, along with Lisa.
Exit the elevator and head into the room with the aviary; Grab the ammo, go into the equipment room, save your game and grab the id kit on the chair, plus more bullets in one of the corners.
Now go down the stairs to find yourself in a classroom; look on the desk, read the text and go out through the other door into a room with a table. Examine the objects on the table and take the screwdriver and pliers; then go back up the stairs to go to the room with the sink. Use the pliers on the sink to get the key of "Ophiel", with which to open the door of the same name and gain access to a new area. Refer to the map and go to the door marked with the "Constellation Puzzle".

Solution Video - Part Three

Enigma Finale

Once inside, you will find plaques on each side of the wall, each of which depicts a zodiac sign. To continue you will have to press the key of your pad a certain number of times, corresponding to each of the signs depicted:

Pisces: 0 times;
Libra: 2 times;
Cancer: 10 times;
Aries: 4 times;
Sagittarius: 6 times;
Taurus - 4 times;
Gemini: 8 times.

As you perform the sequence correctly, the greenish stone will flow slowly, giving you free access to the "Stone of Time". Obtained this object, go, again with the help of the map, to the "Wall Puzzle" room, where you will be presented with another riddle. This other puzzle will require the compilation of a list of names, which will also be sorted by age, from the youngest to the oldest. The correct sequence is, therefore, the following:

18 Albert Lords;
35Lydia Findley;
38 Edward C.Briggs;
45 Roberta T. Morgan;
60 Trevor F.White.

The riddle, however, requires you to enter only a 5-letter code, a code that can be obtained from the first name of the members of the list, and precisely from their initials. Ultimately, the password to enter will be ALERT.
At this point, the door will finally open, and you will be able to pass; continue down the corridors until you reach a morgue, with a blue object embedded in the wall. Take it, and you will have obtained Solomon's amulet!
Head back through Ophiel's salon and you can see another cutscene about Lisa. Return to the equipment room and use the "Stone of Time" on the clock. You will see her dial shatter. Take the key of "Hagith" and go, with the help of your faithful map, to the door of the same name, open it and use the elevator to go up to the second floor.
Enter the third door on the left (called the Jewelry Room, on the map), and get the Mercury Crest on the pillow, the bullets in the corner and the Covenant Ring on another pillow. Go back to the second floor corridor and enter the last door; once opened, you will find yourself in another corridor ... Go to the "Nurse Center" and take the bullets on the table; then go to the "key room" and use the screwdriver on the metal plate to remove Aratron's key from the wall.
The "Warp Door 1" will lead you to the first corridor since you are in this area; get it now or it may no longer be accessible later. Then go to the elevator and press the button to access the third floor, which will appear to you as a church, which you should have already seen in one of the videos, during the adventure. There are closed doors, with a push button next to each, and images on either side of the altar.
Approach the images and read their writings, which will give you the key to solving this new enigma: the symbols, which by observing the images will appear, correspond to the section of doors on the right and on the left.

- Left doors: 000; 00; 0; 0 0 0; 0 00; 000 000.
- Right doors: 000; 0 0; 0 0; 0 0; 000; 00; 0; 000.
Each "0" symbol corresponds to a button to be pressed.

Once you have opened the doors, use the one on the left and take the aviary key on the chair; so go to the right one, grab the health drink in the corner and take a look at the book nearby (it's a text about hallucinogens). Then go down to the first floor, again with the elevator, and enter the room with the aviary using the key you just found. You will thus obtain yet another key, that of "Phaleg"; save in the equipment room and head straight to the door of "Phaleg".
First, head to the dagger room, and examine the large locker in the center of the room; use the "Ring of the Covenant" (don't take the dagger first, unless you want to die at this point), and only after using it get hold of the "Melchior" dagger. Now, go to the warehouse and get ammo and bonuses; then examine the strange gelatinous form to get the "Bethor" key. Go to the other door of the room to be able to examine the video, without the disturbances of the previous vision.
Then cross the corridor to the graffiti room to watch a short film; then take the Ankh and open the door of "Bethor", with the homonymous key. The room resembles that of the generator in the basement; use "Aratron's" key to open the door and get ready to watch another cutscene. Finally, look at the red object next to Alessa's photo and take the "Ouroboros" record; Once this is done, enter the "Child's Room", save your game and place the objects you have collected so far on the door:

- Ankh
- Amulet of Solomon
- Crest of Mercury
- Melchior's dagger
- Disco in Ouroboros

Once this is done, the door will open and you can pass through; you will witness an FMV and, once you have regained control, you will have to go down the stairs. Prepare yourself spiritually to face the final bosses !!!
Defeating Child Goddess and Winged Monsters will be easier than it would be logical to expect, and at this point you can enjoy the final cutscenes and uncork the sparkling wine to celebrate, because you have completed Silent Hill !!!

4 Finals

Once the game is over, you will be able to play a version called "Next Fear Mode", in which you will find some more weapons, and above all a new ending. There are four possible ways to end the game:

Gas Tank, Chainsaw and Rock Drill.
The tank, which is located in the petrol station, is used to operate the other two weapons, which however cannot be obtained at the same time. The Rock Drill, which is nothing exceptional, will be found in the room below that of "Drawbridge Control"; the Chainsaw is found, instead, in the broken window of the "CUT-RITE CHAINSAW" (?).

This weapon is located in the first closed door of the "Dog House", in Levin Street, and allows a series of attacks, which vary according to the number of presses of the pad button.

It is an exceptional weapon, very powerful and with infinite ammo!

Channeling Stone
It is found in the "Convenience Store", and has mysterious powers ...
If you use it in some locations, you will be able to see "UFO ENDING"; these places are:
- the roof of the "Alternate School" in the Old Silent Hill;
- outside the hospital, on the right, before fighting with Moth / Adult Grub;
- in front of the "Norman's" motel apartment;
- on the deck of the boat;
- on the roof of the lighthouse.

Video of the solution - Fourth part

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