The complete walkthrough of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so it is possible to find differences for the Spanish version.

Part 1

The first thing to do as soon as you have the command of your character is to go out the door and have a chat with the priest, after the necessary explanations follow him until he enters the confessional, then leave him alone and go into the door to left, do not use the ladder and take the door on the right to be inside the church and then go to the confessional.
After confessing, the priest will go away and will be kidnapped without you being able to do anything, regain control of your character, go back the same way as you went and you will find a package waiting for you, approach and examine it to start a movie.
Now go to the ruins to enjoy the tutorial of the commands, it is a bit boring but it is essential that you learn well the various mechanics of the game and the movements of your character, when you feel ready, exit the ruins and go back to the house where you have the game started. A phone call will start with your agency and the girl on the phone will ask you for a proof of your skills, hit the bucket in the garden with your gun to pass this phase.
Now examine the map and familiarize yourself with the legend and the various symbols and then go to the armory by picking it to have access to every good thing in terms of weapons. Once this is done you are ready to go back to the shed and use the laptop to continue with the next mission. This was just a taste, soon to be serious killers!

Part 2

When you take possession of your character you will be on a hill, wait for the postman to do his business and go after him choking him with the steel cable, take him to a place not seen by the guards and then change your clothes with the uniform and put away. the gun (important). Get the flowers and then go to the main entrance, get searched and then go through the gate and look at the map to find out where your man is. Go to the big door and deliver the flowers to the maid, then go around the house (to the left) and come to the back.
You will find a door that leads you to the basement, enter eo = then go up the stairs to find yourself in the kitchen, now take a good look at the map and the movements of the people, first go to the study and then quickly go up the stairs, here you go quickly to the bedroom where you can find a golf club, use it immediately on the guard next to you and then take the gun from him, now you can easily eliminate the other guards who are bothering you.
It's time for movement, burst into the study of the head gun in hand and kill everyone in the room (be careful because they are armed, take care of the guy with the gun first) including the boss. Examine the corpse of the boss and take the keys to the cell and then around the table you will find those of the car (you will need them in a while). Open the cell and after the unpleasant surprise you will have to use the car outside to escape from the situation which is getting pretty hot!

Part 3

As soon as you get out of the subway, take a right and break locker 137 to get the supplies you will need for the mission. Go upstairs and then go left to take the escalator, watch out because in the end there will be a guard who will not hesitate to shoot at you since you will have a shotgun too visible (you can't really do anything about it).
Kill her and then use the stairs on the left to go down the stairs and take out another guard who wants to skin you. Enter the door on the right and then the next door will be blocked and you will have to force it to go further, be in the subway tunnel, continue keeping the road to the right and then take one of the two directions (it does not matter which) until you reach a bridge and then to a ladder.
Climb upstairs and you will be very close to your target (as well as in the open air). Go to the truck and you will find some clothes, change your clothes and jump into the building marked on the map. Be careful while going to the building not to give too much attention or the guards of the square will try to take you out.
Enter the building from the main door go up to the third floor, go through the locked door and enter the next door, now go to the big door on the left, go through it and you will find windows that give to the square which will serve your purpose perfectly.
Take the sniper rifle and frame the spot by zooming in until you can miss the shot. Wait asking for information on the target and when they give you the OK, shoot the guy on the left who is from behind (you can't go wrong). It's time to run down and exit the building, go back along the same route as the outward journey and you will have finished the mission.

Part 4

Take control of the killer and collect what you need for the mission from the dumpsters in front of you, hide and wait for the patrol guard to give you his back to shoot him with a gunshot and then take his clothes. Hide the body in the bins so it won't be discovered.
Go into the sewers and walk along the left wall, you will soon come to a manhole near which General Makarov's car is parked. Drop the bomb and quickly exit the manhole. Now you will have to go to the Cathedral marked on the map, walk along the river keeping well away from the guards who will not hesitate to shoot you and then run to the back of the Cathedral and kill the guard man there and then hide him from the view of other guards.
Break open the door and enter the Cathedral, go up the stairs remembering to leave your rifle for a moment to have your hands free to strangle the guard with the cable a little further on, take the rifle back and go forward until you find the right place to hit your target, shoot Kubaski (kill him with one shot) and then return to the back quickly, the explosives will blow up the General.
Now escape to the hull avoiding the guards who will surely try to kill you, do not return the fire but run away as fast as lightning to finish this mission.

Part 5

Quick and lively start in this part, as soon as you have control of the character sprint out of the sewers and you will see the first guard from behind to be eliminated (if you are not fast you will find yourself in front of it and there will be trouble). Near the manhole where you came out there is an open door, take the corpse in there and change your clothes, also taking weapon and ammunition. Exit the door and very quietly kill the other two guards patrolling the area, throw the corpses in the usual room and then take the things you need to complete the mission calmly.
Go back into the sewers and go forward to the next manhole, exit and then enter the HQ, go up the stairs and get a Deagle upstairs. Go right and take the elevator, watch out for the guards that you can eliminate as you like (just remember that you have to be slow). Go to basement 1 and as soon as you arrive kill everyone with your silenced pistol (it will be a good slaughter).
Continue eliminating any possible threat and then go to the room that on the map has the name of Sewer Station. Look at the walls and you will see one that is weaker than the others, place your minibomb there and then, standing far away, use the remote control to make it slip and open a breach in the wall. In the Control Room you will have to kill other bad guys and then you can change your clothes with that of the officer (you will have less problems later) while in the Server Room you turn off the computer to deactivate the electrical surveillance.
Back in the elevator and now you can go down to floor -2, go to the Observation Room and you will find your enemy, be careful not to mess in this area or the guard will kill the hostage, break the door and quickly hit the guard avoiding obviously to take out the hostage! Go to the window until the phrase escape the window appears, now you have saved the agent, go back to floor -1 and escape from the wall you blew up earlier and run to the extraction point marked on the map.

Part 6

There are various ways to start this mission, the one I will use will make you first take your tools of the trade and then you will wait for the guest who will arrive from the North, stun him and exchange clothes and steal the invitation to be able to pass undisturbed inside the villa.
You can safely keep your gun as they will not search you (maybe you don't want to enter weapons in hand), show the invitation to the guard and then enter, with the help of the map find out what your target is up to, he will always do the same things which are: ground floor, main hall, room near the safe. It is in this last room that you will have to hit him quickly and if the maid interferes, eliminate her too to be sure that no one will raise the alarm.
Now act quickly, hide the bodies and then look for the ambassador who should be in the safe room, neutralize him and steal the note with the combination, take the briefcase and if you have not triggered any alarm you can safely go out whistling and go to the point of exit to go to the next level (if something has gone wrong do not whistle and give it to you!).

Part 7

Quick and lethal in this very fast (and simple) mission, start by silently eliminating the two guards who will come towards you and then go straight to the main entrance, kill any characters who try to block your path and then enter the sliding door to your left, inside you will find your man to kill, do it and then exit as if nothing had happened to the next mission.
There are many other more complex methods to finish the mission but this is the simplest of all and the risks are very few.

Part 8

First Part 8a:

Start by going left and don't move from the wall if you don't want the sniper to blow your head, collect the material left by the agency and then silently take out the guard, then change clothes with the victim.
Now go to the house you see on the map and from there you can go down into the basement, continue until you reach the main road and being very careful not to let one of the many passing trucks get under you, wait for one of these beasts to stop at the place control and then sneak inside, chances are you will be discovered (go to the bottom of the truck and drop your guns) but usually everything goes well, the truck will continue its run and you will only have to get out when it starts the snow and leave the exit on the left.

Second Part 8b:

Advance and avoid or eliminate the guards that you will find in your path, the important thing is to go unnoticed and not to trigger the alarm, after a while you will receive the information that the alarm system has been found, observe the map to know the exact points.
Go right while staying covered and approach the generator on the right, block it and then go to the area that was previously observed by the alarm, enter the left door. Advance into the next door and take out the guards you find here, search this area to find another generator that the map didn't have. Then, looking at the map, deactivate the last generator (it is essential to deactivate the unmarked one first, otherwise snipers will blow your head off!).
Now that you have disabled all three generators you can safely go to the exit (watch out for some foreign guards).

Third Part 8c:

Immediately go to the door on your left, see through the keyhole that the guard is turned and enter slowly killing the enemy with the pistol (with the silencer of course). Now avoid the wooden floor because it is noisy and the casino will attract the guards and approach the staircase, let yourself fall and then go down the stairs, go to the door on the right, go through the corridor until you find a card that will be indispensable for the laser.
Go back upstairs and this time you will have to kill the two enemies that will come against you, then deactivate the laser and take the corpses of the guards in the basement (first change your clothes with one of the two). Go to the first floor and go all the way around to be able to take the enemy from behind, then go up a floor but do not trust the area marked by the map, go directly to the third where you will have to kill the Boss, use the card to deactivate the laser and then look for your enemy.
Be careful because as soon as you have killed him all the ninja in the building will be ready to shed your skin, quickly go down to the basement and collect the missile system and then run out to the helicopter and escape to the next level!

Part 9

First Part 9a:

Enter the room on the right and take all the things you need, wait behind the door until the guard arrives, then silently eliminate as you like and place the body behind the shower to hide it from the view of prying eyes ( and dangerous). Change your clothes and then with the gun in your pocket go to the opposite side of the corridor, the laundry.
Here, approach the slides and put the smoke bomb, then without running and trying to skirt the walls to remain as anonymous as possible, go to the fire department and turn right to find some clothes that you will have to wear. Now go by running the lasers and then go down the fire escape stairs, so tanned no one will stop you and you can continue undisturbed.
Wait in the basement for the alarm to stop and then go to the control room and kill your target (don't make any noise because if it warns someone it's trouble). After the cutscene, go back upstairs and destroy one of the two elevators, then take the other one to continue to the second part of the level.

Second Part 9b:

First, kill a guard by hiding the body in the bathrooms so that you can walk around undisturbed in the uniform. Then go, with the utmost calm, to the room opposite that of the kitchen (photo 1), marked as an important place, break open the door, enter and take the card on the table. Then go to the room opposite the server room and fire a silenced shot at the air conditioning system. After a while the network administrator will rush to repair his baby, kill him or stun him and take the decoder and place him in the server, then escape, arrived at the window shoot on the glass to break it, go down the stairs, do the gymkana between the groups generators and get rid of the last two guards, continue and you will arrive at the next mission.

Third Part 9c:

There are no particular indications here: first kill the target, then go to the three important points on the map to retrieve the night vision device, the statue and the money, then escape with the elevator.
As soon as you steal the statue or open the safe (located behind the classic painting) the alarm will sound and the guards will arrive with the elevator. You should avoid meeting them at the exit and immediately take the newly free elevator.

Part 10

This is the first mission where you will have to make a lot of noise: as soon as they see you armed with a rifle, the guards will persecute you and must be eliminated.
First go get the weapon from the Taliban merchant, then post on the mosque and shoot the target with the sniper rifle before it reaches the gate, then run away from the opening in the wall right next to the mosque being careful not to hit the blue helmets.

Part 11

Start in the ruins area, proceed down to the basement (look at the map) Kill the sentry guarding the entrance. Break open the door, enter by pulling the body behind you and drag it to about halfway up the stairs so that it is not discovered, then grab your clothes and go. Arrived in the basement, the map will highlight three important points: the closest to you indicates a night vision device, the central one the generator (possibly to be disconnected to operate in the dark) and the one on the top left the goods you need to retrieve.
At this point there are several possibilities to shoot wildly or, calmly, take out the guards one by one.
In any case you will have to rescue a victim who is being tortured and who is in the indicated location. To kill only the torturers use the sniper rifle or crossbow!
Once you have saved the victim, the attacker will be revealed on the map: kill him without taking care of the victim anymore and then go to the elevator call him, and go up to the ground floor, then go out and make sure that the heliport is clear otherwise evacuate him and you will have finished the mission!

Part 12

Go to your contact and open the door, then go to the next contact and enter the front door. It should be noted that looking on the map, you will immediately locate both contacts (they will be marked as VIP), but while the first will always be in the same place, the SMITH agent will vary in position, however the unfolding of the plot will be exactly the same.
It is important to emphasize that there is no point in dressing up because the killers will recognize you anyway.
For this mission you will only need the pistol with the silencer, however you can recover the weapons from the corpses.
Then go to the market square and locate the hitman who is the only person with the blue hat.
Take him out, (possibly from a distance and when no one sees you), approach and take the picture, then go to the other square and explore all the shops where you can go upstairs to find the second killer. Then go to the location indicated on the map, where you will have to kill two other assassins but you will not need them for the photographs. Here you can enter either from the main door or up the ladder, in any case you will have to resort to weapons because you cannot take both from behind! (With the Cheat Bomb activated, only one hit will be enough!).
Keep in mind that the hardest killer to kill is the one lurking on the upper floors who should be around in the location indicated on the map.
When you bring the photos back to SMITH, the exit (photo 7) will appear on the map, there may be other killers in the city, however it is essential to kill only the two you have to photograph. Be careful because the followers of the sect (those dressed in orange) will shoot at you sometimes even for no reason if only they have some doubts about you, for example if you approach to photograph a corpse.
Followers of the sect can be safely exterminated, so you won't be bothered again!
At the exit, open the door of the shop and search the perimeter of the room until 47 finds a carpet that he will independently tear to go to the next level!

Part 13

Wait for a guard to approach, hiding behind the boat, then take him from behind and hide the body by taking the clothes. Head to the main entrance and take out the two guards with the silenced pistol by transporting the body into the driveway of the road you went up. Enter through the secondary or main entrance of your choice and go to a room indicated as important where you will find the hospital's clothes, essential for passing into the rooms of the other patients unnoticed! (If you are dressed as a bodyguard they will become suspicious. Go to the room where the agency material is reported, take the key and possibly the poison. To poison the chocolates. Go upstairs Take out the target and drag him into the room. marked on the map as a place of concealment. Then go to the speedboat without attacking anyone, otherwise the mission will fail! It is also essential not to kill any civilians, otherwise the mission will end immediately.
The guards at the entrance can be easily taken out with the sniper rifle: if you shoot from far enough no one will raise the alarm!
Once you have concealed the body of the Doctor, you can escape where you came from or go to the indication marked on the map, where you will find a manhole to drop into the sewers, follow the flow of the current and you will find yourself outside the villa, near the heliport .

Part 14

hiding behind the boat, then take it from behind and hide the body by taking the clothes. Head to the main entrance and take out the two guards with the silenced pistol by transporting the body into the driveway of the road you went up. Enter through the secondary or main entrance of your choice and go to a room indicated as important where you will find the hospital's clothes, essential for passing into the rooms of the other patients unnoticed! (if you are dressed as a bodyguard they will get suspicious.
Go to the room where the agency's material is indicated, take the key and, if necessary. the poison. To poison the chocolates. Go upstairs. Take out the target and drag him to the room marked on the map as a place of concealment. So go to the speedboat without attacking anyone anymore, otherwise the mission will fail! It is also essential not to kill any civilians, under penalty of the immediate termination of the mission.
The guards at the entrance can be easily taken out with the sniper rifle: if you shoot from far enough no one will raise the alarm!
Once you have concealed the body of the Doctor, you can escape where you came from or go to the indication marked on the map, where you will find a manhole to drop into the sewers, follow the flow of the current and you will find yourself outside the villa, near the heliport .

Part 15

This is the exact replica of Mission 2: But there is a trick!
There is no point in breaking into locker 137 to retrieve the rifle and go to the secondary collection point, you won't need them! Your target will have put a template in his place!
Enter the main building and go to the office where the target should be, sneak up and try to strangle him: you will find that he is a silhouette, turn around him so as not to have doubts and go to the opposite room on the first floor and strangle 17! (photo2), then watch the interlude film and go back where you came from!

The only difficult thing is that you start unarmed and the Sanctuary is teeming with the Boss's henchmen!
The trick allows you to stay still at the beginning because the three henchmen will go around the courtyard, when they are far enough away from the door that leads you to your armory, take it running and once you reach the armory begin to close the accounts! remember that the most suitable weapon in this case is the machine gun or any pistol, avoid large caliber weapons because they are slow to reload!
Go into the basement and break open the innermost door to find the key to the Church. Be careful because the church is full of henchmen. Climb up and kill them, then go the full circle.
Attention apart from the 3 or 4 Henchmen who will attack you when you go to get your weapons, 2 henchmen are right behind the door you opened in the intro mission to follow Father Vittorio into the confessional, while one is behind the door on the left. Beware that at the top there are two hit men with sniper rifles and just one shot is enough to finish the mission!
As soon as you have exterminated them all, the message will appear that the status of the objectives has changed, go down to the church and enter the confessional and crouch (do not lower down as if to sneak up) holding a nice machine gun in your hand, at this point the criminal will beat Father Vittorio. and he will escape: kill him and you will witness the final, perhaps a little bitter.
Eventually train yourself to become familiar with this location by loading the first mission or practicing when you return to your lair.

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