The Final Fantasy IV Solution

The Final Fantasy IV Solution


After the opening sequence with Cecil and the Red Wing, you are attacked by two Floating Eys: the battle is simple, one or two shots per eye are enough to eliminate them. After the castle sequence, regain control of Cecil and head to the first floor. Here you will find three chests full of treasures, hidden in a secret room, accessible by pressing the switch next to the soldier. Now go left, go up the stairs: enter a small room where a scene starts in which Rosa is presented to you. Then go to the south door, go outside the gate and go to the tower, first to the west and then to the north. After the cut-scene with Cid, enter the tower, you meet the rabbit named Namigway, who seems to have lost the ability to change your name. After he disappears, go up the stairs, let the cut-scene pass, and go up again, click on the bed and a new scene with Rosa will start.


After the scene you find yourself in the map. You have several places to explore: head to the town near the castle.
Once in the city, start by looking for some useful objects: find a potion in the bush to the right of the inn, and another inside, in the pot to the left of the entrance. Go up the stairs and examine the wall to find the three crates in the hidden chamber. Now go out of the inn and search the outside: the house north of the inn hides other potions, in the bush and in the pot nearby. After you have collected everything you can go to the building to the west, where talking to all the characters you meet on the lower floor you will be given all the information on the game controls. To continue, go back to the house north of the inn, cross the bridge to the north, meet the dancer by climbing the stairs and, after enjoying her dance, enter the stream using the stairs to her left: the water hides two chests. containing a Tent and a Bronze Hourglass.
Now go back to the dancer and go down the stairs to collect the last collectibles in town as well. First move east, then north: use the old woman who wanders to find the direction. There you find Eye Drops in the dead end to the south, and, passing the old woman to the north, another Phoenix Down in the southeast corner of the clearing that opens to the west. Finally, search the two clusters of colored flowers to the east to find a Gold Needle. Now, if you want, you can take a tour of the city, go shopping (even if you don't need anything at this point in the game) or take advantage of the training room located in the basement of the Devil's Roat to familiarize yourself with the game's controls.
From the city continue northwest towards Cave of Mist. Clean up the enemies you encounter along the way: the fights will not be challenging, keep in mind that the Helldivers have the ability to petrify the opponent, so they must be killed quickly. In case a party member is hit you can heal him with the Gold Needle, but if you use more than one you should buy more in town.

Mist Cave

As soon as you enter the cave, a cut-scene with Namingway starts, which explains how the map works: on the touch-screen there is the part of the map that you have completed by exploring the dungeons. Completing the map completely rewards you with items, so as you explore, be careful of how you walk the corridors to make sure you don't leave any parts incomplete.
At the end of the scene follow the obligatory path, until another scene intervenes, after which collect the potion and an Eye Drop from the chest that you find beyond the bridge. Go down the stairs to the south, head to the chest to the west, finish the exploration and continue along the path to the Mist Dragon.

Boss: Mist Dragon

To overcome the fight, use Cecil's attack and alternate Kain between jumping and attacking. Do not attack the dragon when it assumes the nebulous form: you are unable to deal damage to it, plus it will counterattack by dealing damage to Cecil and Kain. Instead, use those moments to medicate your characters. Using Cecil's Darkness can speed up the fight if you like, but it's not strictly necessary.
With the dragon down, look for the north exit, and if you complete the map you will receive five potions. Then cover the short walk east towards Mist. Once in Mist a new scene will start, at the end of which you find yourself in the upper world. To the northeast you find Kaipo, a small town in the middle of the desert near an oasis. In the journey, escape from Desert Worm, at this point in the game they are lethal for your characters.

Like Desert

After the scene you face the confrontation with the Baron General, and the three soldiers. Eliminate two soldiers first, then the general, and finally the remaining soldier, to optimize the experience points. At the end of the fight another scene starts, and Rydia joins the group.


Upon exiting the inn, find the Fat Chocobo to the west. After the interview, cross the bridge to the east, and meet Mappingway in the northeastern most building, where he will explain the Bestiariy to you. After the meeting, continue into the building until you find Rosa, who is lying sick in bed. Here you receive the first Augment Ability, the Auto-Potion. These can be permanently assigned to a member of your party. Leave the building if you want to go to the shops and arrange to buy armor and items for Rydia. Then leave the city, taking care not to stray too far from its vicinity as you level up Rydia. Pay attention again to the Sand Worms, you are still too weak to deal with them. Reached a satisfactory level for Rydia, enter the cave to the northeast.

Undreground Waterway

Find two chests containing treasures to the north, across the bridge and up the stairs. Retrace your steps, then move west, from here to the south is a chest containing a Tent. To the north, you will find an elderly man who will join the group after you speak to him. At this juncture the battles are a bit tougher than before. Above all, fear the Amoebas, who if not killed in one fell swoop can revive the enemies you killed earlier. From the enrollment of Tellah, the elder, in the group, your offensive potential increases, making subsequent confrontations easier. In particular, take advantage of the ability to target multiple enemies at the same time. Another useful option is the Thunder spell, very useful against the Amoebes and the Tiny Mages, which in this battle will release an Iron Armlet with which to equip Tellah. After meeting Tellah, take the bridge east of the hub. Complete your exploration here, and find an Ether by moving west and then north. Retrace your steps under the bridge, and move towards the waterfall to the west: upon entering you will find a secret room containing treasures. Return to the bridge and explore the missing parts of the map: the north and west parts. When you have completed the map, go back to the meeting place with Tellah, and from here to the north to the next area.

Now continue north and drop into the water. Find a potion by heading west first, and then north as soon as you can go back up. From the water level, however, walk south, go up and follow along the path to reach the door that leads to a cutscene. Before opening the door you can take the opportunity to face a few more fights to level up, considering that after the scene you will have the opportunity to rest without using a Tent. After the cutscene, save and exit north.
Continue east, past the bridge to the north of which is an Ice Road, hidden in a chest. A good equipment solution is to assign it to Rydia, hijacking her Rod to Tellah. Move south of the chest, continue into the water heading east and once out of the water follow the path that leads you to the door. If you have fully explored the area, you will get five antidotes.

In this section, get ready to face Gigantoads by exploiting its weakness towards ice. The path winds west, follow it and at the crossroads take the turn south; after the curve to the east some boxes await you. Retrace your steps to the intersection, then continue west, walking towards the exit, without forgetting the three Tents scattered along the way.

Once in this section, before continuing up the two flights of stairs, proceed to explore the area to the west, in case you want to map it completely to get the reward, the deadline. On the upper floor you will find a chest to the south, and to the west of this a secret passage that allows you to fully explore the area. Walking along this path you will find a chest that provides you with a Feathered Cap, while full exploration of the area gives you three Phoenix Downs. Now go back to the first chest and take the exit.

In this area you start by dealing with the items recoverable from the crates: to the west is an Ether, while to the north is a Zeus's Wrath. Pay attention to the zombies, which from this moment you will find yourself facing: the Fire and Cure spells are the most suitable. From the cash desks, the path to take is the one that leads north, then continue east until the exit. There are branches along the way that lead nowhere, but they can be useful if you want to map the whole area for the reward. Other rewards can be obtained from the crates south of the exit: they contain a Shadowblade and a Bronze Hourglass. Then gain the exit to the next area.

In the cavern that follows, to get the reward given by the complete exploration, you have to dive into the falls, where going down two floors you meet two new enemies: the Red Mousses and the Alligators. With the first you avoid the psychic attacks, rather useless, and concentrate the attacks of the whole group on the fire. With the seconds you use the Blizzards.
If you have opted for exploration, go up to the entrance, and from there follow the winding path to the exit. If you wish, exploring the southern branch will allow you to collect a Hades Helmet and a Hades Gloves.

The boss of this dungeon resides in the area you have just entered: these are those tentacles that can be seen in the body of water. Wait to attack him for the moment and dedicate yourself to exploring the area. Over the bridge visible from the entrance to the area you will find a Hades Harmor and Hermes Sandals. In addition, the full mapping of the area bestows three Zeus's Wrath. After collecting the collectible, wake the monster.

Boss: Octomammoth

The optimal strategy is to have Cecil use the Darkness spell a first time, then proceed with the simple attack, while Rydia and Tellah hammer the monster with the Thunder. The monster's loss of limbs slows its attacks, but at the same time increases the damage done. If your characters lose too many health, let Tellah heal them by detaching from the offensive. After the conversation interrupts the fight, the monster will only have two limbs, but the attacks at that point will be very powerful. From there, in any case, you will have the best of it; if affected, use Tellah again to improve health.
When you have taken down the sprawling monster, continue north to exit and return to the map: head north and enter Damcyan.

Damcyan and its Outskirts

Run in the direction of the castle that the Red Wings are bombing. During the approach you may encounter some enemies, but all of the type already encountered in the Kaipo Desert: you know how to deal with them.
Before launching into the castle, initially dedicate yourself to exploring and collecting hidden objects. Map the area you are in, continue east along the castle walls until you find a small door that leads to a secret room, inside which you will find a star-shaped decoration. Examine it to open a door […]. From there you move east, where you find three crates, inside a cell, containing a Power Bow, a Ruby Ring and a Feathered Cap. Leave the cells, retrace your steps and look in the southwest corner to find a flight of stairs, at first sight hidden, that leads you downstairs, where six crates full of objects await you. After the looting of the crates, exit the room, continue north and finally enter the castle. Move north also inside the castle, climbing all the stairs and collecting what you find along the way. Examine the girl's body to start the cut-scene, but first strip Tellah of all equipment, because after the cutscene she will abandon your group. To compensate for Tellah's farewell, the arrival of Edward among your characters provides, who provides a Hovercraft to cross the Shallow Water. Before you venture out, though, take a look at Edward's equipment, and have him wear a Silver Bracelet in case you have one left over. Also, in case you need treatment, it is advisable to re-enter the castle, return to the top floor, where to the east and west you will find two potions: to maximize their effect, use them only after Rydia has healed herself and Cecil.
At this point you can return to the hovercraft and head east towards Antlion's Cave.

Antlion's Den

Plan 1 Proceed to map the area and search for objects. First of all, consider that Edward is currently very low in experience points, and consequently weak. The peculiarity of him is to absorb the blows and then use the healing skills to regenerate the party. However at this moment he is too weak to be used as a human shield: let him gain a few levels and he will become a very useful element. As for the enemies in this area, you will come across the Adamantoise, to be defeated with the Ice Rod, and the Domovois, a sort of Goblin.
At the entrance to the area, find a Spider Silk to the west. Downstairs a potion under the bridge always to the west. Follow the path south: the west branch after several curves leads to a Tent at a Potion, the east branch instead leads you to another potion and a Gold Needle, following the two north turns along the way. Go back to the first chest under the bridge, and from there move south and take the exit to the next area.

Floor 2 In this area, get ready to face the Yellow Jellys, new enemies to be eliminated with the help of the Thunder.
From the starting point, head south until you find a door, beyond which you will find a Lamia Harp stored in a chest. To get hold of it you will first have to eliminate Leshy and Basilisk, which shouldn't be a big obstacle, and the Sand Worm, which you can now face and defeat, thanks to Rydia's ability to immobilize. My advice is to equip the acquired Lamia Harp on Edward, in order to enhance its offensive potential.
Once out of the room, proceed south. Now, along the way, you will find numerous exits that lead to other areas. Here I will instead list the optimal path to reach each item and complete the mapping to obtain reward items.
After the crate containing the Arc Wind, move west, approach the exit to view the entire area on the map, but proceed further. To the far west you find a chest, and from there another to the east. Go back, until you enter the area not yet visible on the map to the north, go through the exit and move to the southwest, make sure that the whole area appears on the mini-map, then also reveal the missing part to the north while collecting the Spider Silk contained in the case. At this point, you should only be missing the area to the east, where you can also find a potion. If you did everything correctly you should get three Phoenix Downs as a reward. Now take the nearest exit, and move to the next area.

1 Plan
The exit taken takes you back to the first floor. Complete the area not yet revealed on the map to get the reward, then go back to floor 2, reach the exit you neglected earlier and arrive at the third floor.

3 Plan
If you want to complete your Bestiary, wait in the initial area of ​​the floor, in case you have not yet faced some of the creations that will meet you: Yellow Jelly, Basilisk, Gobelin, Leshy and in some cases Sand Worm. Approaching the center of the level causes the cut scene to begin which is immediately followed by the boss fight. So make sure you are in good health before moving.

Boss: Antlion

The main thing to look out for is the color of the monster's eyes, on which the type of counterattack it can bring depends. If the monster, therefore, has white eyes, it means that it is ready to counterattack the physical attacks: let Rydia and her Thunder hit it right now. On the other hand, when it has red eyes, the monster is ready to counterattack psychic attacks: it is therefore better for Cecil to hit it. If you want you can have Cecil use Darkness, when the monster's eyes are white, but it is easily possible to take down the monster even without using it.
If you've already raised Edward to level 10, take advantage of his Life Anthem. Otherwise it is better to leave it on the sidelines, perhaps hiding it.
After defeating the monster, a cut-scene will start, at the end of which you will have to walk and exit Antlion's Den (or use the Emergency Exit).


Get on the hovercraft and head to Kaipo. Your destination is Rosa's room, which you find in the building to the north-east. Give the Sand Pearl to Rosa, and she will wake up instantly, triggering a cutscene. During the cutscene you will take control of Edward for a short fight, after which a new cutscene will resume.
When you regain control of Cecil take care of Rosa, who has just joined the group: it is better to move her to the rear and improve her equipment with the items at your disposal. The best headgear option is a Feathered Cap. If you don't have one, buy one at some store - you'll also need to get an Iron Arrow to equip on Rosa along with a Power Bow (which you should already have in your items.)
Before moving on to the next destination, however, go north of the inn, and examine the glittering object on the ground: this will allow you to acquire a new Augment Ability, Lore Item.
Now you can mount the hovercraft and head east of Antlion's Cave to the Mount Hobs entrance.

Mount Hobs

The point of interest here is the block of ice, which when examined triggers an intermission sequence. In case you want to map the area first, head for the dead ends to the right and left. You will be attacked by Skeletons and Spirits, the latter particularly sensitive to the arrows previously assigned to Rosa. Anyway, after the intermission Rydia acquires the Fire, very useful against the Skeletons, but absolutely ineffective against the Spirits, keep that in mind.
Then proceed east along the path to complete map detection, or west to access the next area.

This area is full of treasures and enemies, plus it also reserves a save point. In this area you will encounter Gargoyles, who use the Curse on the party, and Cockatrices, who use the Petrify spell instead. Other peculiar enemies are the Bombs, very sensitive to Ice, but able to absorb Fire. However, it is not necessary to face enemies. Anyway, go back to the previous area, and this time take the east exit.

After collecting the Holy Arrow to the east, head to the stairs to the north. Halfway up the second ramp, your ascent will be interrupted by an intermission scene, followed by a fight in defense of a monk. Make sure you arrive with enough health points at the time of the fight. After the first fight, the monk Yang joins your group, but soon after you will find yourself facing a boss.

Boss: Mom Bomb

This boss fight is particular.
The first part sees you as a group facing Mom Bomb. Give each member a task. A good strategy can be: Cecil on the attack, Edward on the heal of the group (if not necessary he can attack too), Rydia on the summoning of Blizzard and Yang also on the attack, not before throwing a couple of Focus times.
When Yang warns you that Mom Bomb is about to unleash its destructive potential, put the group on the defensive and hide Edward, because the incoming explosion will do a lot of damage to all members of your group, as well as releasing three Bombs and three Grays. Bombs as a side effect. Obviously you have to eliminate them too, but don't forget to restore the group to health.
At the end of the fight, dedicate yourself to the equipment of the newcomer Yang, and then take the exit towards the north.

The path is obligatory, follow it all. Take a look at the map, your destination is now Fabul, to the east. If you're looking to complete the Bestiary, look for and defeat a Gatlinghog along the way.

Fabul Castle

This first part is in preparation for the long series of battles that await you thereafter. If you want, you can avoid the following and go straight to the king of Fabul to trigger the events leading up to the clashes, but it's good to get there prepared.
Start by stripping Rosa of all equipment, as she will no longer be part of your party at the end of this section. Then enter the first floor by going north, and once there take the stairs to the west to go to the inn and shop. Here you will also meet Livingway, who will explain a new feature to you. Purchase a Gysahl Greens in the Item Shop (to enter the Fat Chocobo menu from the Chocobo Forest) and go down the stairs. Now take the stairs at the far east to the weapon and armor shop. Here you should be able to afford to buy at least one piece for each item on sale; also you can get rid of some parts of your equipment that are now useless. Go back downstairs, and use the central stairs. Now head to retrieve some treasure: move south, open the door, continue northwest and you should come across three chests. Examine the candle near the staircase to also get a Zeus's Wrath. Now go up the stairs to the top of the tower and talk to Yang's wife. Then go down and go to the other tower next to the one you came out of.
Here you will find a Bacchus's Wine, in an amphora in the far north-east of the second floor of the tower. Upstairs you will find the king's bed, on which you can rest if you want, and a tent in the chest next to the bed. Now that the collection of items is finished, return to the main castle, not before you have saved, as there are numerous clashes awaiting you. At the castle, go up to the third floor and start the sequence with the king.
After the scene, Rydia and Rosa leave your group, and you will have to face a series of battles with enemies, actually quite weak. The various skirmishes see you retreating along the corridors and rooms of the castle, although almost all the clashes can be won with a couple of hits from your characters, until you find yourself in front of the crystal in the clash with Kain: here you can also switch to the auto- battle, it is a battle that cannot be won. After they are defeated, a cut-scene starts, at the end of which Rydia will return to your party, while Rosa will not, as she has been kidnapped.
Now that you are in control, retrieve the Hermes Sandals, in the throne room; here continue east where a secret passage leads you to three chests of treasure, including a Demon Shield, very useful on Cecil. Now go out of the castle and go to the inn to start the sequence that continues the story. After the king's speech you will have a Deathbringer Sword (to equip on Cecil), and a boat to leave Fabul that you should find north out of town. Approaching the boat starts a cut-scene during which Yang's wife will come and talk to you, who will give you the Counter Augment Ability. Before setting sail, deprive Rydia, Yang and Edward of their equipment: during the crossing you will be attacked by the Leviathan, your companions will disappear into the sea and Cecil will wake up alone on a beach.


Here in the city you are a familiar face, and the people do not see you well at all. Avoid talking to passersby unless absolutely necessary, some of them may turn you into a pig. Once in the city, move east from the awakening point, then north towards the temple, where inside you will find the elder: talk to him to start a sequence, at the end of which you will have two twins as new members of the group, Porom and Polom.
Now, if you want, it may be time to use Augment Abilities on your characters (from the menu go to the Inventory, select one of the three available abilities, select the one you want to attribute it to and confirm. Then go to Abilities in the menu and select the skill chosen in the character list.) A good strategy is to assign Counter to Cecil, Auto-Potion to Porom and Item Lore to Palom.
Plus, it's also time to buy some items that will soon prove useful: Lustrous Shield, Lustrous Helm, Knight's Armor, and Gauntlets. If you don't have enough money, sell some of the superfluous equipment or face some monster to fix gil. When you feel ready, leave Mysidia, and moving east you will come to Mount Ordeals. Along the way, you should try your hand at some clashes, even if you don't need gil, to increase the level of your two companions, currently quite low. Take advantage of the numerous Zu roaming around the mountain to quickly get the two newcomers through level 15.
Before entering the Mount Ordeals area, take a detour south-east into the Chocobo Forest. Heal everyone with Porom and recover mp thanks to White Chocobo. Donate the Tents to Recordingway and proceed, perhaps riding a chocobo, up to the mountains.

Mount Ordeals

Follow the path up to the wall of flames, a scene will start, then continue, taking care of zombies and spirits, remembering the indications about their engagement suggested above. The path will be dotted with healing potions. At the end of the mapping you will have 5 antidotes.

Map the starting area, then head north. At a certain point a sequence starts, where you will reunite with Tellah. Equip it properly (Sage's Suplice, Feathered Cap, Silver Amlet…) and select Ice Rod as the auto-battle. Then continue to the exit of the area, receiving 3 potions.

Map the starting area and continue along the path leading west where you find an Ether. Be careful if you meet Liliths, they can be very dangerous. Remember that Fire has a lot of effect against them. Return to the path that goes north from the starting area: its southern branch leads to another Ether. Instead, continue on the path to exit the area.

After the short cutscene, explore the whole area and save. Continue north, then towards the bridge, and there you will encounter a new boss to face

Boss: Scarmiglione

The first fight is quick, and can be solved in a few moves: Porom throws a Cura, and Palom throws a Fira, both on all enemies, while Cecil attacks Scarmiglione and Tellah uses Cura on him. Soon the fight comes to an end, but as soon as you cross the Scarmiglione bridge it will be in front of you again, and this time much more powerful. So heal the group if necessary, save if you want, and move Cecil to the rear, because the attack comes from behind. Scarmiglione now hits hard and silences your spells. Just use Heal with Porom and Tellah, while Cecil and Palom look after their health.

Mount Ordeals

After defeating him, march to the left and examine the tombstone to see the cut-scene where Cecil becomes a Paladin. A battle will start, in which it will be enough for Cecil to defend himself to come to terms with it. At the end of the following scene, equip Cecil with those items purchased in time in Mysidia (Lustrous Shield, etc ...), move him back to the front row, and after reaching the save point and saving, return to the previous area. Here, in the middle of the path, find the Curse Augment Ability, examine the glitter on the ground and give it to Palom, but without equipping it. Also take the opportunity to try a fight with a Lilith, if you care at the Bestiary, and to bring up the level of Cecil, who started from 1, by taking down Zu. Then go back to Mysidia and talk to the elder at the temple to start the cutscene.
Now entering the building north of the inn you will be taken to Baron
But first if you want you can take a trip to Mist, to swell your loot in coins and items.

Town of Mist - optional -

Enter the Mist Cave, following your map. Here you find a Bomb Fragment in the bush east of the inn; further south, past a building, follow the path that leads you through the trees to two more Bomb Fragments.
Now loot the building to the northeast, where entering the chimney leads to a secret area: give Porom the Gold Harpin you find. Then go south to find another hidden area where you find more chests.
Since you are here, take the opportunity to visit the shops. Sell ​​Dark Knight gear and newly found clothing. Unfortunately, there are no items on sale that deserve to be purchased, but in the meantime you have beefed up your coffers.
Now head to Baron.


Go to the upper floor of the inn. Talk to the monk and a battle will start. The opponents are two Baron Guardsman. They are able to counter your physical and psychic attacks. By having Tellah and Palom use Break on them at the same time, you should be able to kill them in one hit. After them the monk will attack you: you just have to let some time pass, after which the monk will reveal himself Yang and recognize you, starting an interlude. After that he will return to your party and give you the Baron key, which will allow you to open any locked doors in town. Take advantage of it to enter the gun shop. Here you meet Livingway and his gift: the jukebox with the game's music in the Chocobo menu. However, note the box in the lower right, behind the owner, and the fact that the shadow behind him hides a secret passage to a rich loot. Now go out and go to Cid's house. The south facing wall hides a locked door: now you can open it. Note that the map points to a chest: move towards it, even if a wall separates you, and collect the loot. Then go down the stairs to access the Ancient Waterway.

Ancient Waterway

New enemies await you in this area: with the Gigas Gator use the Ice, with Splashers and Devil's Castanet the Thunder. Do not use Thunder with Electrofish instead, because they will absorb it and take care of their health.

In the first area you just have to follow the path, at its end continue east to collect the contents of the crates and finally turn north, always along the path, to the exit.

This area is dotted with secret passages. Moving south through the water, discover the first one, thanks to the chest indicated on the mini-map to the west. From there, turn south, through another secret passage, and then east, to another part of the map. If you find the Spider Silk in the chest you have taken the right path. Now leave from the entrance to the area and move east, through yet another hidden passage: the Hermes Sandals in the first chest you encounter are proof that you have followed the correct path. Another secret passage to the south, which allows you to map the missing piece to the west. At this point you should only be missing the large space to the east and, from there, the path north to exit the area.

This area is less complicated: from the entrance go north, open the chest near the exit to the first floor by taking the secret passage near the door, then exit the door itself.
You should face here for the first time the Hydra, which can be eliminated with the Thunder, like the rest of the enemies in the area, and the Flood Worms, who use the fearsome Tsunami (capable of causing damage to the whole group), but who die with only one Break shot.

This area should already be fully mapped, and Baron's guards shouldn't cause you much trouble. Start saving the game in the west; from there you also discover a secret passage with the minimap. The exit door is to the east, if you heal the Bestiary make sure you have killed all kinds of enemies: in case you wander around for a while waiting for the Flood Worm to appear, which is quite difficult to meet.

Baron Castle

From the moat you are in, walk along the walls to the south, to take advantage of the hole in the wall and enter. Cecil's bed in the northwest tower offers you a free rest if you like. Otherwise, go directly to the main entrance. A scene with Baigan and a fight with him awaits you in the east.

Boss: Baigan

The main thing is to prevent Palom from using magic on the boss, because he reflects the magic attacks. Focus your efforts on the big target, hitting the limbs is not profitable, as once destroyed they regenerate. Let Cecil attack; Yang must use focus and then attack him too; Tellah uses the Blizzaga while Palom and Porom can use the Twincast, which does not suffer from Baigan's Reflex. When Baigan dies, his limbs will self-destruct and explode after a while, thus injuring your party members.

Heal the wounded, take more restorative bed rest, and then return to a save point, as a very tough fight awaits you. It is also good to strip the twins Palom and Porom of their equipment: this will cause you some difficulties during the next boss fight, but will prevent you from losing all their items and weapons. If you find it too difficult to get through the fight in these conditions, at least deprive them of the Kempo Gi and the Gold Harpin, which will come in handy later. If you haven't already, give the twins the Augment Abilities now, so you can get them back later.
To start the fight sequence, move to the throne room (north) from where you killed Baigan.

Boss: Cagnazzo

This fight can be difficult. In the meantime, it is good that your group is around level 23-24, otherwise getting the better of it will be even more difficult.
The key to the battle lies in preventing Cagnazzo from unleashing the Tsunami, an attack that he can only carry out when he is completely surrounded by water. While this happens he must therefore be targeted with the Lightning which will make the water disappear. Your men assigned to this operation are Palom and Tellah, as a possible replacement in cover. So if Cagnazzo hit them with the Sleep you have to try to wake them up as quickly as possible (Esuna or attack them). Porom must summon the Cry and Slow on Cagnazzo, and the Protect on the party when they are all in good health. Yang must attack as usual after three Focus summons: be careful not to attack while surrounded by water. Cecil must attack and cover Palom from attacks, depending on the phases. When he is magically attacked Cagnazzo counterattacks with the Silent, to be removed by having Porom use Esuna. Cagnazzo can eventually close himself in his shell to heal himself; in this state he will suffer less damage, but he will not be able to carry out counterattacks.
At the end of the battle, a sequence starts where Cid joins the group and the twins abandon him instead. Equip Cid (Kenpo Gi, Headband, Ruby Ring), change the ranks of the group by putting two in the rear and three in the front row (not Tellah!) And save.

Baron Castle

Before setting out in search of the Earth Crystal, there are still a few things to fix.
First of all, six secret chests: go to the first floor of the castle, to the east take the flight of stairs that leads outside, then again the ramp to the east that takes you back inside: here on the map you should see the six chests, and the relative doors with the yellow buttons to press to access them. After collecting the items, head south to find Cid's assistants who will come in handy in the future. Now move to the east tower, where you will find four chests at the entrance and an Elixir in the first basement, by clicking on the first candle; on the second basement floor you will find the real of Re.
In the raised floors you can also collect Hi-Potions and Ether.
Finally, return to the Ancient Waterway: enter it from the most southeast corner of the castle, and enter the water here. Go down to the third basement, move to the far south and check the wall until you find the access to the secret area, where you can collect Cagnazzo's Tsunami Augment Ability by examining the usual glitter in the water.


Now you can fly to Mysidia. It is useful to immediately reveal the entire map while flying, so as to have less difficulty in locating the destination in the future.
Once in Mysidia go talk to the elder, who will give you the Augment Abilities that were previously twins.
Now move to Mythril.


Mythril can be found on the map south of Fabul Castle.
Once in the city, be sure to collect the objects scattered around. The path southeast of the inn leads to a Diet Ration. Now go to the weapon shop, look for the frog that hops around there to find a Mythril Knife nearby and some coins in the bush. Now move to the house east of the shop and walk along the path to find a Mythril Staff. These items aren't of much use to you, but you can resell them at the shop and buy a Mythril Hammer in Cid, and maybe some armor.
Then go back to the map.

Eblan Castle

Eblan is located on the island in the southwest corner. Reach the castle to the south and enter it. Go north in the main area: here you will find a secret passage behind the counter. Then go straight up to the third floor. Reach the throne room: one click behind this and you will have a Ninja Sutra. Walk east, a secret passage takes you to the stairs. You find yourself on the third floor where there are three boxes. Retrace your steps and in the throne room move to the opposite side, where there is an identical secret passage that leads to two other chests. Then save and exit to the west tower.

As you enter you will see two chests, reachable by a secret passage to the east: note that these are defended by a Steel Golem and two Skuldier. Combat can be unhappy if the Skuldiers use Thundara on their first turn. The reward, Cecil's Sleep Blade, is still worth a try. After the fight, go up to the second floor.
Here, move north, pick up the Bacchus's Wine among the jars to the north, then take the secret path at the bottom right into the large room to find two chests. Finally, at the bottom left, still in that room, hidden stairs take you back to the first floor. Here the last thing to collect is the Bomb Core, which is to the north. Now exit the west tower and enter the east tower.

In this tower there is a Ninja Sutra in the northeast corner. Collect it and go up the stairs (there is a secret passage to the west before the exit). On the second floor, flip the switch. Collect all items from the crates visible nearby. To the east, near the two crates, there is a secret passage, but the crate it leads to is defended by two Coeurl and a Lamia, and the ensuing battle is really hard. To continue, jump into the hole. You will land on a floor where you find a Silver Hourglass in a chest. Throw yourself into the hole again to land in the basement. Here examine the first candle you come across for another Ninja Sutra. Continue along the path, and beware that the chest to the east hides a Silver Apple, but to get it you will have to face three Mad Ogres.
Then take the stairs and go up. You should have gained a few levels that will make your life easier in subsequent battles. Rest, and head to Troy.

Continent of Troy

Find the huge continent by flying northwest from the city of Baron. First, head to the castle. Enter it from the main entrance, then go west and exit immediately, follow the path and open the door in front of you and talk to the man on the bed, who during the cut-scene you will discover to be Edward.
After the conversation, enter the east wing of the castle, taking the external path from the main floor. Here you will find 3 flights of stairs: the west one is inaccessible for now, but the east and central ones hold treasures. At the castle there is nothing else to collect now, move to the city.

Reach the inn and from there, walking in the water, you reach the north-east edge, where you find a hidden chest; wandering a little further east there you will find a Dry Ether. Use the brown pool as a reference, and move northeast to find 1000 Gil, a Decoy to the west and an Ether to the south. Potion.
Now is the time to talk to a few villagers to find out that the metal gear in the next dungeon will be useless due to magnetism. So try to set up one with no metal objects before you leave. Go east of the Pub, talk to Livingway and help him with the girl at the Pub. Then visit the Black Chocobo Farm, save and get out of town.

Continue north along the coast, kill the enemies that will come towards you. Your characters should be level 25, so even auto-battle alone will suffice. Cid is at a lower level right now, and it's good to get him to at least 25 by the next dungeon as well. When you have reached this level, save and enter the Chocobo village. Talk to the White Chocobo and take a tour in search of the three Gysahl Greens: one to the north, another to the northwest and the last to the southeast. Then talk to the black Chocobo and be accompanied to the cave that can be seen to the east, at the end of the forest. Save, and before you enter, remember that the metal equipment here will be unusable.

Lodestone Cavern

Before continuing, make sure you have spoken to Edward. If you haven't, go back to Troy and follow the directions on this guide on how to find it.
The fights in this dungeon are nothing difficult: Yang and Cid are your most useful men at this juncture, along with Tellah and her Flame Rod (if you haven't equipped it, provide.)
From the entrance area, the north path leads to a potion, and allows you to map this enclosed area; the southern path instead takes you to the lower level.

In this level, you start by exploring the area to the north. The path to the west leads to an Ether. Then go back to the main path and take the path to the north. Map the detour and continue along the main path, where you find a door. This leads to a room with 2 chests and 2000 gil, but is guarded by Mindflyers, opponents not to be underestimated. Decide what to do (you can still come back later when you have a higher level). The area to the west is the only one missing to explore, then you can go down one more level.

Here the only thing to do is to collect the Fare Claw in the chest and continue to the lower level.

Stay on the main path, at the fork take the one that turns east. Take advantage of the save point and return to the main path. Go through the door without opening it and go west, collect the Mercency Exit and go down to the lower level, the Crystal room.

Once in the Crystal Room, move north. Know that it is imperative that you have spoken to Edwar. As soon as he sets foot in the middle of the room, in fact, you meet the dark Elf who immediately destroys your party. But Edward in the cut-scene brings you back to life and cancels the effect of the cave on metal objects. So put on your best gear and get ready for battle.

Boss: Dark Elf & Dragon

For the dark Elf in his first form it should take three turns for each character. With Cecil you cast Protect, Attack and Heal; with Cid always the attack; with Yang first Focus, then Attack; with Tellah use Shell first, then Haste on himself and finally Fira.

After the transformation, Tellah becomes very important. He must heal the party if hit by the dragon's Dark Breath and use the Slow and Firaga on him. Two shots from Firaga should take him out. However, use the attack also with Cecil (along with Heal), Yang (after the usual Focus) and Cid.

Now if you want you can go back and take out the enemies in the second basement to complete the bestiary. Otherwise, go back to the Chocobo, which will take you to the forest. Heal yourself and return to Troy.

Troia's Castle

First go thank Edward. Here a scene starts, and Edward gives you his Augments, depending on how many you give him. The Bardsong is given to you anyway, the Hi if you give him one of yours and the Hide if you give another. Give the Bardsong and Tsunami to Tellah, without equipping them, and exit.
Now go talk to the Trojan Epopts to bring them back the crystal. Beware that after talking to them you will not be able to use the aircraft for a while, but only the Black Chocobo. So, if you are going to take a tour to retrieve items around the map, do it before you go to Troy.
Otherwise, go inside the castle, go to them and watch the cut-scene that follows.
Before leaving Troy there is a part of the castle not yet explored: the staircase to the west in the East Tower. Talk to the guard and answer "yes" to access the room where eighteen items are stored.
In Troy there is nothing else to do: get on the plane and the cut scene will start that takes you to the tower of Zot.

Tower of Zot

Equip your party with offensive fire-based items, as enemies are mostly made of ice. Flame Rod on Tellah and Flame Claws on Yang in particular. Also, if you care about the completeness of the Bestiary, know that this level will no longer be explored after killing the boss. So make sure you have killed at least one of each type of all enemies present. None of these present particular difficulties, if not the Marionetters who continue to summon Marionettes, and therefore should be eliminated first.

The first floor of the tower is the only place where you meet Marionetteer. From the entrance, explore the starting area, then continue north and then west. Collect the Flame Mail and equip it on Cecil. Then continue south, and then east. From there, to the north you explore a dead end street, while to the south you rejoin the area already explored. Continue south to the exit, exploring the two dead ends to the west.

In quest’area incontrerete Black Knights, Gremlins e Ice Lizards.
Here the path is obligatory up to the crossroads, where you turn south. Find a chest, but opening it summons a Flamehound. After defeating him you will have a Flame Sword (give it to Cecil). Continue west and then north to the edge of the map, then turn left to the next area.

Fell Turtle and Soldieress are the new types of enemies that appear here for the first time. Nothing to report, except that the former absorb the fire. In this floor the road to the south is a circuit, after exploring it switch to the road to the north and move towards the exit.

Now you are also facing the Sorceress, who summon the Slow against you. The main route winds south, then climbs north, until it splits into three branches. To the west, find a Gaia Hammer: equip it on Cid. In the center you immediately stumble upon a chest with Hell Claws for Cecil. To the east you come to a room where you find a Sage Suplice. Now go back to the fork and proceed east, and then south, to the passage to the next area.

You are now on the fifth floor. It is best to use the Tent in the room in front of you and save. It is good to map the area now, before facing the boss, to receive the reward: three Bronze Hourglasses. Continue west and face the boss after the cutscene.

Boss: Sandy, Mindy & Cindy

The danger of this trio is given by the collaboration between the components. Their Delta Attack is in fact realized when Mindy uses a magical attack on Cindy, previously hit by the Reflect by Sandy, thus coming to do more damage to your party than a normal attack. Also, Cindy resurrects her sisters if they die before them. Thus, the primary goal becomes to make Cindy harmless. So try to get Tellah to cast a Silent on Sandy, before she summons the Reflect on Cindy. If it has already done so, use the Dispel on Cindy. Then move the attacks of the whole group to Cindy, using the usual tactic: Protect, Attack and Heal for Cecil, Focus and Attack for Yang, Attack for Cid (in case of low health avoid, because sometimes Cindy uses the counterattack on attacks physicists) and Heal for Tellah, after silencing Sandy. After taking out Cindy, who will also be affected by Mindy's spells not reflecting, the fight will slip away smoothly.

Now, if you want, take a tour of the tower, to defeat the enemies you haven't defeated or to finish mapping it, because you will never reenter it. Then use a Tent, remove all equipment from Tellah except the two Augments and save; then enter the door you find where you defeated the sisters. After the cutscene, or Tellah leaves the group. Pick up the glitters off the ground for the Recall Augment (and also the Last Stand and Fast Talker if you gave Tellah 1 or 2). Talk to Kain to trigger another scene; Kain and Rosa join the group. Put the two newcomers in the back with Cid. Equip Rosa with weapons and / or jets, then equip the Cry Augment on Kain. Finally, move south, but first give Yang the Last Stand and the Recall Augment, but don't equip them. A new fight is on the horizon.

Boss: Barbariccia

Barbariccia is a difficult opponent: he counterattacks heavily and also can take the form of a tornado which makes him invulnerable to everything except Kain's Jump Attack. Keep Kain on the sidelines and only use him when Barbariccia turns into a tornado. She sees Cecil and Rosa take care of protecting the party, with Protect, Cura and Heal, while Yang attacks after the usual Focus (get him to wear Hermes Sandals!).


When you have defeated him, a cut-scene will start, at the end of which you will find yourself in Baron. Use the aircraft and return to the Lodestone Caverns, using the Black Chocobo from the Trojan Forest onwards. Once in the cave go to the room where you defeated the Dark Elf and collect the Whirlwind Augment. Return to the aircraft and head for the islet south of Baron.


Start by collecting the items in the city. Find a Hi-Potion west of the elevated area near the inn. Going down a flight of steps and turning south you will find a large bush next to which you will find a Phoenix Down and several potions in the bushes around it. Now go to Livingway, which you find in a house near the lake to the north: in the bush opposite you find an Antartic Wind. So talk to Livingway: if you can't fulfill his request immediately, you will do it later. Now go to the well in the middle of the city, use the Magma Stone and you will see a hole in the mountain during the cut-scene. Take a final shopping trip if you need anything, and enter the crater with the aircraft, where another scene will start.

Dwarven Castle

At the end of the scene, move south and reach the castle. Use the monsters nearby to gain Rosa a few levels, remove the equipment from Cid and enter. To the west you find an inn, while further north you reach the throne room and the next cutscene, after which Cid leaves the group and a new boss battle begins.

Boss: Calcas & Brinas – Calcabrina

This fight can be approached in two ways. You can immediately take out the three Crushes and the three Frost before they combine to form Calcabrina. Otherwise, if you hold on to the completion of the bestiary, weaken them until they transform and deliver the final blow while they are Stalker - hurry before they revert to their original form. The fight will not overwork you.
At the end of the fight, you see a new cut-scene, followed by a new boss fight.

Boss: Golbez

At the start of this fight, you will have little time to do damage to Golbez. Make the most of it, as he will soon paralyze your entire party, then summon his Shadow Dragon which will kill everyone except Cecil. At this point Rydia will appear to help Cecil, she will kill the dragon and the real fight will start.
Golbez will use a Barrier Shift which will change the element he will suffer hits each turn. The first move is to use a Hi-potion to revitalize the party and a Phoenix Down on Rosa. Prevent Kain from attacking, send him to the care of the group to the maximum. The offensive strategy involves Cecil using a Libra to highlight the element Golbez can be exposed to, then having Rydia summon that element. Continue with this procedure for a few turns, as Golbez will change his weakness every time. If you haven't already, have Rose use a Slow on the enemy.

Dwarven Castle

After defeating Golbez, Rydia explains in a scene what she has done in the meantime and joins the group again.
Now go back to the inn and rest. Then, from the first floor, go east and talk to the Dwarf to access the second floor, go to the stairs to the southeast, go up to enter the base of the Dwarves: here click on the vase to the far west to see you fully restore hp and mp of all group members. Now go back to the lower floor, where you will find three crates marked on the map; while to the east you will find a room with some vases.
Finally reach the west tower, collect all the objects present in the vases on the second floor and move to the third floor. Find a secret passage west of the stairs. Back to the secret passage, move west for a chest with a Hi-potion, and a secret passage south of it. After exploring the latter floor as well, go to the east tower. Explore the first two floors; when you get to the third, find a secret passage near the chest containing an Elixir.
Finally, before leaving the castle, take a last look around the shops: if you want to get rid of some objects to get money, it's time to do it. However, avoid buying equipment: the characteristics of the items for sale do not adapt to the enemies you will face shortly.

You can therefore leave the castle: before setting out, equip Yang with Ice Claws and Rosa with Ice Arrows (if you don't have them, you still have time to buy them). Then walk north, face some weak enemy along the way, until you reach the Tower of Babil, save and enter.

Tower of Babil

You are on the first of several floors of the tower to explore. Map the east part first, then the west part. If you meet Flamehounds in too many groups, forget the fight and flee. After exploring, take the exit to the next floor.

Advance, collect the Green Berret and give it to Yang, explore the whole area to the south. Open the door to the south, and before opening the chest, prepare for a fight. Open it and face a Security Eye: it will summon an enemy the first time you hit it, and if you kill the summoned enemy first it will summon another one the next time you hit it. Yang, after a triple Focus, eliminates it in one fell swoop. Now give Cecil the Icebrand obtained and after exiting the room go east, then turn north. Find another door with an Ice Lance, to be given to Kain, guarded by a Security Eye. If you keep to the Bestiary, Chimera spawns frequently in this room. After the fighting is over, exit and go through the door to the west.

West of the entrance you will find the Cat Claws. In this level, you encounter the Mystery Eggs for the first time and they hatch generating random enemies. Then pass the chest to the north, turn east and at the crossroads you get a Hi-potion to the east, while in the other branch advance towards the area already explored and find a door: enter.

From where you entered you can only pick up a Killer Bow (for Rosa) and an Antartic Wind. Go back where you came from.

Now go west to where there is another door; if you want, map what is missing before entering.

First, go to the room to the west and save. Then from there follow the road north, and then east, to the branch, and take the south one. In the first room you encounter there is an Ice Armor, to be given to Cecil, and a Security Eye; in the room you can also meet Nagas and Medusas.

After exploring the remaining area, take the north branch. The first room this time reserves an Ice Shield, and a Security eye in defense. Give it to Kain, and face off against the Mythril Golems and the Stone Golems. Continue northwest to find the exit.

This floor has a well-defined central path and few branches in dead ends. Note only the locked door accessible from a north turn from the main path, towards the end of the floor - you'll have to go back soon. Also avoid clashes with enemies, difficult for the moment: map everything and move on.

This floor, on the other hand, cannot be fully mapped yet: move on to the next one, you will come back here later.

Even this floor cannot be fully explored yet: map while you can, collect the Dry Ether in the chest near the exit, raise everyone's health to the maximum and save, a boss fight awaits you on the next floor.

Boss: Doctor - Barnabas Z, Barnabas & Dr. Lugae

Attack Barnabas with everyone in the party except Rosa (Protect, Shell and Heal) and Rydia (Thundara). Killed Barbaras, the doctor will turn into Barnabas-Z. use the same tactic with him, just make sure to keep Cecil's health as high as possible. Then Barnabas-Z will self-destruct, killing one element of your party.
At the end of this first fight, a scene will start, after which you will find yourself facing Dr. Lugae.
The difficulty of the fight lies in the Reversal Gas that Lugae uses: it is an ability that reverses the effects of any type of attack. Check on the touch screen if you have the Reverse Status: in this case cast the healing spells on Lugae to heal your group, and launch attacks on your companions to attack the doctor. When the doctor throws another Reversal Gas you can return to attack it normally: take advantage of Rydia's Ramuh, and divide the group between attacks and heals as usual.

After the scene following Lugae's death, save your game and return to the floor where you noticed the locked door. Before opening it with the key obtained from Lugae, remove all equipment from Yang and give him two Augments if you want to get them back later. Get rid of the three Goblin Captains and watch the scene below. When finished, walk to the exit of the tower, where another cutscene interrupts the game. Finally leave the tower and return to Baron. If you want along the way you can stop at the Mist Village and collect the MP + 50% Augment from the house in the far north-west.

Baron Castle

Enter the castle and go in front of the east tower. Talk to the two characters you find for an intermission scene. The aircraft now has a mechanical arm. The first thing to do is go to Mount Hobs and retrieve the hovercraft (fly over it and press A). Now fly to Eblan, leave the hovercraft and land. If you care about the Bestiary, wander around until you kill Mors, Rukh and Fledgling Rukh. Then mount the hovercraft and head to the cavern to the west.

Cave of Eblan

This dungeon does not reserve demanding challenges: you can leave the auto-battle and come out victorious in every battle. Immediately after the entrance you will find a secret path: collect the Shuriken, and continue east to find a Remedy. Go back to where you found the Shuriken and enter the water, then go up the stairs. Continue south to map the whole area, then west to a branch: finish mapping the cave to the north, exit to the west.

The level you are in is mainly composed of an inn and a weapon / item shop. Rest, if you want to buy something (even if there is nothing on sale that you need to continue), then move on to the next area.

As soon as you enter the area take the Ether that you find in the chest, advance south, when you come across a chest enter the secret passage that is in the wall to the south of it, and collect the Hi-potion. Return to the main path, continue north and exit to the next area.

In this area, you should immediately explore the initial area and the dead-end area to the north. Then continue east, get the Bomb Fragment in the chest, and then head south to the next area.

In the place you enter you will immediately find two Hi-Potions and a Cottage. To the north is a secret passage, take it and get two Elixirs. Going south you will find a Spider Silk (east) and three chests (west). Finally, explore the area to the north and move on to the next area.

After exploring the initial area you will find two chests (Shuriken and Gold Needle) to the west, and a door to the east. Open it, use the save point, and head to the hidden chest to the east: opening it will cause two Steel Golems to appear, but after defeating them you will get a Blood Sword. Go out and find the two crates to the west, go back and continue north. A scene starts, after which Edge joins your party. From there, find another hidden passage to the west. Continuing north you will move towards the Tower of Babil, so it is best to explore the surroundings a bit to get Edge to gain levels after improving his equipment.

Tower of Babil

Continue north, and after the scene you find yourself in the tower. Continue along the path, collect the Unicorn Horn in the first chest and then advance to the second, then go back and take the door to the next area.

Once you have explored the initial area, follow the path. As soon as possible turn south, where you find a chest, protected by three Mad Ogres: defeat them and get an Ogrekiller. Finish your exploration in the chest area, then simply follow the path to the next area.

Go through the first door you come across. Watch out for the Soul Storms: don't hit them with the Thunder, because they absorb it. Enter the second door, empty the chest and return to the first one you encountered.

Here you meet the Green Dragons: they are very tough enemies for now. The advice is to escape them, you will later be able to add one to the Bestiary. Go west first, after exploring the enclosed area continue east. There you find an Ashura (for Edge) and the door to the next area.

First explore the area to the south, then continue east, and then south again, where you find a closed area. When you have everything mapped, continue east until you meet two doors. Enter the first and save. After using one Tent, enter the second one, which takes you back to the previous floor. Here, explore the missing floor area, get three X-Potions, and continue to the previous floor.

Know that soon you will not be able to go back to explore the tower, so if you have left unexplored areas or anything behind you, now is the time to recover. Otherwise, start by going south, and explore the whole area to the west. Finally, there remains only the central path, which leads to the clash with a boss, and the other, which earns you 10000 gil. Before starting the fight, assign the Ogreslayer to Cecil and the Dwarven Ax to Kain. When you enter the battle area you will initially have to fight the king and queen of Eblan, but the fight ends automatically after a short time.

Boss: Rubicante

Rubicante is one of the strongest opponents. Don't fight him unless your party is at least around level 40. His main weapon is Hell, a spell that attacks your party through fire, does a lot of damage, and at the same time restores Rubicer's health. It should be noted, however, that he only carries this attack when his cloak is open. It is possible to force him to keep the cloak closed using the Steal, but it must be remembered that with the cloak closed Rubicant absorbs fire, ice and water. Keep Edge on standby at all times, so he is ready to use the Steal as soon as he is needed. With Kain use Cry first, then Jump; Cecil, on the other hand, can attack normally. Rubicante counterattacks all physical attacks, but fortunately spreading the counterattack over the whole group, and this makes the counterattack relatively weak. Rydia starts the attack with Bio first, then uses Quake when the cloak is closed. Rosa alternates the Slow on Rubicante and the Shell on the group. Next she must protect Cecil with Protect and Blink. If the whole group has the high energy level they can use Pray, or Haste on Kain and Rydia to speed up the attacks. This is a good strategy, but others work too - the important thing is to stop him from using Hell.

After the scene following the end of the fight, make sure you've mapped out each area, and defeated each enemy if you want to complete the Bestiary. Then continue north and approach the crystal, after which a short scene starts.

You find yourself in the opposite section of the floor where you defeated Lugae. All you can do is take the door to the next floor.

Here, too, you can only explore the area and move on to the next.

Follow the path south to the chest, then explore the missing area (earning two Ether) and move on to the next area, where another scene starts. Now fly to Dwarven Castle.

Dwarven Castle

Go to the throne room first, and talk to the king. After the scene, go to Cid in the infirmary (near the area where to summon the Fat Chocobo). Talk to Cid and mount the Falcon, your new aircraft. Fly in the direction of the continent to the southwest to find Tomra.


Examine the far northeast barrel to find a Phoenix Down, then move to the northwesternmost house in town, where you will find four chests, as well as pots and boxes containing items. Then go to the inn, and rummage in the locker between the beds on the east side. Then take a tour of the gun shop and armor shop (reached via a secret passage on the east side of the gun shop.) Thanks to opening almost every chest available so far, you should have everything you need to tackle. the continuation of the adventure. Feel free as usual to eliminate useless items and buy others that inspire you.
When you're done, fly to the cave in the northeast corner of the map.

Sylph Cave

In this series of dungeons you will need to summon a Float on each floor with Rosa, as the ground you step on is poisonous.

The first area is not completely explorable immediately: start east, after the two crates turn south and then west to return to the starting point, then move to the next area, where moving south you will find a door that leads you back to the unexplored area of ​​the previous floor. Proceed west through the exit door, collect the contents of the two crates. Then go back east, save, and go up north. Don't be fooled by the enclosed area, but continue through the secret passage that leads you to an Elven Blow (give it to Rosa.) Now go back and take the previously ignored door.

Here there is only to explore everything and move towards the first door which is going north.

You have returned to the first level again, which you should finish mapping now by going north. You will also find numerous chests. Once the collection is finished, go back through the door you came from.

Now continue north until you reach the door to the next level. Ignore it and turn east, where through a secret passage you face a Bog Witch and five Bog Toads (Dragon and whole party attack on the witch) to get a Mage Masher to give to Edge. Now enter the door we were talking about earlier.

After summoning the usual Float head south, explore the area reached by the hole in the wall to the west and move south to the house. Enter, collect the various objects in the surroundings (give the Kiku-ichimonji to Edge) and talk to Yang, who you find lying in bed. Yang will not answer you, but it is important that you talk to him. Now save and go back to the previous level.

Explore the missing area to the east and north, then exit through the door you find there.

Head south, circle the path and collect the items in the crates (the Ferie Rod can be very useful on Rydia). Then go back to the beginning of the area, take the hidden path: explore as far as you can the area you reach and exit the door.

Now go first and east, then turn south to get close to four chests. After collecting the items, continue south, avoid the hole, and continue south again, finishing exploring the area and collecting the items. Then go back to the hole and jump into it.

Here, too, you have to use the Float. Walk north to the dead point, where you find a Secret Passage. Grab it and walk over the glowing red area to access the next area.

You have come to a room that contains only treasures, but guarded by enemies. Starting from the north-east, I will list the contents of the crates and the enemy that protects them.
Red Fang - Evil Dreamers
White Fang - Evil Dreamers
Blue Fang - Evil Dreamers
Medusa Arrows - due Tunnelars
Avengers - due Malboro
Moonring Blade - Malboro e due Elder Treants

Now take the stairs leading outside: to the north you can restore HP and MP. Then get back to your aircraft ready to move.

Passage of the Eidolons

Land on that small island in the lower southeast, completely surrounded by lava.
Here, too, it is necessary to use the Float every time you change areas.
Take advantage of the relative weakness of the enemies to raise the level of the party members: go around the levels and find them, thus also adding them to the Bestiary.

After the cutscene you find yourself in a circular area: cross it going east. Explore that area, then the one to the north. Enter the room and collect the Phoenix Down, then venture into the lava area to find the secret passage to the northwest. From the Phoenix Down room, head south first, collect the Hi-Potion and then west, making sure to map each crevice, to the next area.

Head east to the fork: go south and take the Hi-Potion, then north to the other branch. Where the road splits again, turn west to a cottage, then go back and take the road east to the exit.

You are in the third level of this dungeon. Use the Arachnes to easily level up: they attack you with Quake, but since you float in the air thanks to the Float they do you no damage.
From the entrance area, continue west, where you find a Phoenix Down first, then three more crates. In one of these is an ax, to be assigned to Kain, and a sword, for Edge. Then move to the area to the east and explore it all: you should come up to a house with a Bestiary. Beyond this chest is a secret passage, follow it north to a new area to the west. Continue north to the chest - make sure you have full health before opening it. In fact, to get the Defender contained therein, you must have the best of two Fell Knights and an Imp. Avoid the psychic attacks on the Imp and the fight goes off smoothly. Now give the Defender to Cecil Ed go to the area you need to explore, the one in the center. There you will also find the portal to the next city.


Start by collecting all the treasures on the map in the entrance area. Then move on to that kind of diamond on the floor to be teleported to a secret room: collect the treasures, give Yoichi Arrow and Yoichi Bow to Rosa, and walk on the pink colored sign to return to the previous floor. Be careful, because the blue one will teleport you away from this dungeon. Back upstairs, look up for another red portal, and enter it. Explore the inn and the shops (rest, a boss fight awaits you) and go to Whyt's house, west of the inn: talk to Whyt's family, open the two chests and take the opportunity to save. Going down the stairs to the west you will find Livingway. Finally, go down the stairs of the house south of Whyt's: here you will find Leviathan and Asura, king and queen of Eidolons. talk to the queen and answer "yes" to start the fight.

Boss: Asura

The combat is simple: Asura's ace up her sleeve is continually healing, which makes her virtually immortal. However, by using Rosa to cast Reflect on her, her effect on spells will end up on your party, thus exposing her to your blows. Now you can use Edge to summon the Mirage, and Rosa for the Blink Up: you are finally ready to have Rydia summon the Dragon and thus win the fight (do not use anything else, because her counterattack is lethal).

Rydia can now summon Asura. Another fight awaits you shortly, so go back to Whyt's house, heal and save. Finally, return to talk with the king and queen, and this time answer "yes" to the king.

Boss: Leviathan

This fight is really tough. Leviathan starts off by attacking with the Tidal Wave, which is capable of killing almost your entire party. This is followed by two Blizzara and a Blizzaga, before three Tidal Waves in a row. It is good to avoid it coming to stick with the Tidal Wave series. First of all, try to get your party above level 50. By doing this you should take a lot of damage from the first attack, but not lose all the members of the group (maybe just Edge, since it will be behind a few levels). After undergoing the Tidal Wave, Slow down on Leviathan with Rosa, then use Cecil and Kain to heal Edge and Rydia (Phoenix Down and Potion). Now with Shell protect the group and finally unleash the attack that should resolve the fight: Ramuh with Rydia, Blitz with Edge, attack with Cecil, Jump with Kain, while Rosa uses Haste and Heal. If you can't get over the fight, level up your characters, because the key is to take as little damage as possible from the first attack.

Once the fight is over, Rydia can summon the Leviathan. There is nothing left for you to do here, take the aircraft and return to Tomra.

The enemies of the underground - optional -

This section is not mandatory for the purposes of the story. However, it allows you to accumulate numerous experience points, which will come in handy in the future, and to defeat a series of enemies to add to the Bestiary. Here in Tomra remember to use the Float at the beginning of each level, and to use the pot that replenishes all the HP / MP: if you don't remember it, you can find it in the cave west of Dwarven Castle.
When you have defeated all kinds of enemies (Chimera Brain can also be defeated later, in case it failed and now), head to the continent to the southeast, land in Kokkol, and indulge in the clashes here too. Finally, move to the Sylph Cave, to the northwest, fight the enemies you have not yet defeated.
Now go to the vase mentioned earlier, recover all the status points, and use the aircraft to reach Sealed Cave (northwest of Tomra).

Sealed Cave

Examine the door, and use Luca's Necklace to open it. Also take advantage of this area to earn levels. Here you should also be able to defeat the Chimera Brain as well. Remember to give Rydia the Chain Wip.

From the area you enter, take the path that goes west, then east. After the descent, explore the area: there is a dead end to the east, then continue west and south until you come to a door. Here the doors are traps: when you try April they will attack you. Fortunately, they always attack in only one way: they choose a target at random and in the first turn they use the Libra, in the second the Ninth Dimension that kills it. To overcome the obstacle, have Cecil use the Draw Attack (so that they always choose him) and the Aegis Shield (which makes him immune to the Ninth Dimension). This saves you much of the difficulty. However, if you don't kill the door quickly, another dangerous enemy will spawn. Using the Reflect on the target (Cecil, as mentioned), however, the Ninth Dimension imprisons the door, and the fight ends shortly. Enter the door, collect the treasures, then exit and continue west, continue up the path, go up, explore the missing area and defeat the door to go through it and exit to the next area. Open the two chests, defeat the two Trap Doors and go southeast to go to the next level.

Move south, take the rope west and drop down for a Bestiary. Go up, and find several Trap Doors to the north and a Phoenix Down to the east. Collect the contents of all the doors, then use a Cottage and save thanks to the Save Point you find in one of the doors. Then continue south, fight three more doors and move on to the next area, which is very small. Collect the Ether and continue on.

The area is already mapped: collect the items, get rid of the enemies by accumulating exp points, and move on to the next using the rope to the west.

Explore the west area, then the east area (where you find three killer doors) and move on to the next area. Find a save point: take advantage of it and continue south.

Head east, and going in circles explore the whole area. Go down the stairs to the next one.

After exploring the initial area, head north, explore everything you can and face the door. Enter the crystal room and take it. So heal yourself, fix your gear and get ready for the boss fight.

Boss: Demon Wall

Your enemy is a huge wall, has a large amount of health, and once it gets close it hurls deadly attacks, for 9999 points of damage. Use Haste and Berserk on those who attack and have Rydia summon the Leviathan. You can also use the Slow on the wall and the Hastemarch if you have the Bardsong Augment.

After breaking down the wall, save, exit the dungeon, and after the cutscene go to Dwarven's castle.

Dwarven Castle

Return to the castle and talk to the king, after which a scene starts. At the end, mount the Falcon and head north-east: try to land on that sort of miniature volcano, and you will return to the upper world.
Then proceed to collect some items left behind. Retrieve the hovercraft in Eblan and use it to enter the Eblan cave: where you saw Edge and Rubicante fight, you will find the Inferno Augment. Take the hovercraft with you and use it to enter the Mythril Cave - talk to the non-player characters to the north and give them the Rat Tail to get a piece of Adamantine. Now fly to Fabul and notify Yang's wife of her condition to receive the Frypan of Love. Then head to Troia: buy the Member's Writ in the Pub and enter the underground area, where you will find the Gil Farmer Augment.
Finally head to Baron, rest, save and go to the throne room for a fight.

Boss: Odin

Odin has an attack that brings great damage to the whole group, the Zantetsuken: you can guess when he is about to implement it from the fact that he raises the sword above his head. At that moment, use Defend with the whole group. Use Edge to steal the Darkness Augment from Odin. For the rest, fight normally, avoiding the Zantetsuken and you'll come and go with ease. Make sure you've stolen the Darkness Augment.
Then exit the castle and save.

Return to the underworld

Re-enter the underworld, from the south of Agart. Head southeast, find Kokkol's Forge and land. Enter the building, collect the objects on the first and second floors. Here you find a character lying in bed: give him the Adamantite, and then the Mythgrave Blade, which you will move on to get back later.
Now go to Sylph Cave, and go find Yang: hit him with the Frying Pan. Following the scene Rydia will be able to summon Sylph, plus you will have Yang's Augment Abilities. Then return to Fabul, return the Frying Pan to Yang's wife, and you will receive a dagger in exchange, which is useful as a throwing item for Edge.


Upon entering the city the Elder will meet you in a new scene.
At the end you will have a vessel to be able to reach the moon. Explore your new ship. Just be careful not to talk to the Chocobo Robot now, because a bug could cause the game to crash.
When you are familiar with the ship's opportunities and controls, set off for the moon.

The Moon

After the moon landing, the first area to visit is the kind of cave you find to the south. Find numerous Livingways here: look for the one that sells and stock up on a few items they can serve: Cottage, Remedy, Potions, Pheonix Down. Then move to the northeast room, where you find the Level Lust Augment.
Return to the aircraft and land in the elevated area that you can see east of the Crystal Palace. From there starts the only way to access the building.

Lunar Tunnel

Disembark, go down the stairs and enter the tunnels to the west. Continue north to the crossroads. To the east you find a Golden Apple, defended by two Prokaryotes and one Eukaryotes. The west branch, however, is the one that leads to the exit; along the path you will find a detour to the east that leads you to two boxes. Find the exit at the end of the path.

You find yourself on the surface: to enter the next tunnel, go east, so when you can't do anything else, turn south.

Explore the area to the south, then continue west - you just have to follow the path. After that you find yourself on the surface: go to the crystal palace and save.
Inside, go west and restore health, then east to restore MP.
Finally, advance to the center of the area to trigger a scene. At the end Fusoya is in your group. Don't scan the crystal for now, but enter the lunar craft and go to the ring-shaped area. Land on the outermost one and enter the dungeon.

Lair of the Father

Here it is good that you watch out for the enemies, because they are really tough.
Start by going south to the chest with the Genji Gloves. Retrace your steps and continue east along the path that curves north. Explore the hidden path. Finally, go back and turn south to the next area.

This area is really difficult. It's probably good to go back to the ship and get your HP and MP back before continuing. From the starting area, go west. After the curve to the north you will find a chest. Give the Genji Armor to Edge and continue east for a Genji Helmet, also for Edge. Finally, take the narrow path to the north, which leads you into a tough fight. Face off against a Behemoth. He counterattacks both physical and psychic attacks. Limit yourself to physical attacks. With Rosa and Fusoya, use the Blink first on Cecil, then on everyone else. With Edge use the Mirage. Take advantage of Fusoya and the Bless Up to not run out of MP, and always Fusoya, along with Rosa, to heal the whole group, when the Blink is active. With Cecil and Edge, of course, all you have to do is attack. After defeating the Behemoth, continue north to the next area.

Head south and you'll come across a Behemoth. After defeating him, continue south, the road curves west and you come across another Behemoth. Finally, continue north to meet the boss fight.

Boss: Bahamut

Bahamut's Mega Flare is unleashed when the countdown reaches zero.
In the meantime, launch the Slow on the enemy with Fusoya, then, always with him, the Shell on the group. While Rydia summons Leviathan, attack with Cecil and Edge. So Rosa can Haste on the group, while Fusoya as usual uses Bless Up, to keep MPs high. When the countdown comes one, just think about using the Defend with everyone, and continue the attacks after the Mega Flare.

Once the fight is won, you can summon the Bahamut. Now it's time to return to your ship, save and recover your health. Examine the crystal now and a scene will start in which you return to Earth.

Tower of Babil

Head back to the Tower of Babil. After the scene, enter the dungeon. Remember that you will not be able to retrace your steps to recover unmapped objects or areas this time! If you want to complete the bestiary you will also have to defeat all kinds of enemies here. Note that they are all of the robotic type: the best weapon will therefore be the Thunder.
From where you landed, move north, and drop down to the lower level.
Here you only have to explore the small area you are in, then go down.

Follow the path around the chest, then continue west, collecting the items. From the chest with the Ether, go north, pick up the Yoichi Arrow. At the fork take the road west, then south to the cash desk with the Siren. From there to the north, find the passage to the next level.
In this area you have three branches in front of you: the two side ones lead to the crates, the central one leads to the lower level.

Follow the path south, as soon as possible turn north, where you come to a chest and a save point. Face the Armor Construct, use a Cottage and save if you want. Go ahead, explore everything and take the passage to the next section. Once in the center of this new area, a fight starts.

Boss: Elemental Archfriends

You will have to face Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo, Barbarica and Rubicante one after the other.
The first two do not need too much energy: use the same strategy used in the previous meeting with them, and you will manage without difficulty.
With Barbariccia, things get complicated: you no longer have Kain to stop her as she takes the form of the returned. Blot the lack by using Heal with Rosa and Fusoya after her attack in the form of a tornado. Avoid the physical attacks and have Rydia summon the Leviathan - a couple of times should be enough.
Finally, the difference between this clash with Rubicante and the previous one is that he now counterattacks with Firaga and no longer with Fira. Use the strategy used before, keep everyone's health high to avoid departures, and also use Leviathan here.

At the end of this fight, proceeding north you will immediately face another one. So save before continuing. Know that after defeating this boss you will leave this area and never visit it again. This is the last chance to remedy any objects, areas or enemies left behind.
Go north, stripping Fusoya of his equipment and giving Edge the command "Throw" instead of "Steal". Then advance to start the battle with the giant's CPU.

Boss: CPU, Attack Node & Defense Node

The three parts of the boss perform different tasks. The Attack Node attacks, with a Laser Barrage dealing massive damage. The Defense Node does nothing but heal the three parts. The CPU does not act until the other two parts have been destroyed: at that point it launches an attack on a single element of the group for 9999 points of damage, and also regenerates the other two. The real problem is that the order of attack of the three components is completely random, so it is impossible to develop a strategy that works by taking into account its attacks. However, the biggest difficulty comes from the laser attack, which in a couple of hits can kill the whole party. In case the enemy decides to use it repeatedly from the first turn, reload the fight.
The Attack Node is therefore the first to be eliminated, followed by the CPU and the Defense Node.
So start with Cecil and Edge attacking the Attack Node, have Rydia summon Ramuh, while Rosa and Fusoya launch Curaja after the Laser Barrage has done damage in the group. If this attack causes too many deaths, cast the Shell with Cecil before attacking. After eliminating the Attack Node, switch your attention to the CPU, using the same strategy, and finally to the Defense Node, which will not resist. This is a very general explanation of the tactic to use: try to optimize it according to the attack pattern that the enemy will decide to use.

After the scene following the end of the fight, return to play as a child. Talk to Cecilia, then exit and go east. Talk to the villagers, then you will see Kluia near a body of water: go talk to him. After the cutscene, go back into the house and go left to talk to Cecilia to trigger a series of cutscenes. At the end of the long story, all you have to do is examine the crystal and return to the moon. Here another scene starts. When it finishes, return to Earth, land in Eblan and retrieve the Falcon.

Final preparations

Baron Castle
Approach the west tower, and enter the door in front of it and go up the stairs. There you find a soldier, talk to him and he will give you + 50% HP Augment. Then head to Kokkol's Forge.

Kokkol’s Forge
Find a new shop here. Then talk to Kokkol, who will give you a new sword: Excalibur. Obviously assign it to Cecil. You can also go and retrieve the Mythgrave Blade from the man you gave it to earlier. Then leave for Feymarch.

Once in Feymarch, go immediately to Whyt's house, talk to the mother, who will give you the Piercing Magic Augment.

Lunar preparations

Now you have completed all preparations, return to the Lunar Whale, your spaceship, examine the crystal, and return to the Moon, for the final part of the game.
Take the path that leads you to the crystal palace, enter, recover all health points to the west and MP. Collect the bright objects you see on the ground: they are Augment, and the number will vary depending on how many you left in Fugoya. Then save, then move north, to the center of the room, from where you will reach the lunar dungeons, your last dungeon.

Lunar Subterrane

This is the final dungeon of the game: obviously it's quite difficult and the save points are distributed with a dropper. You have the Teleport and a castle to save, eventually.

From the entrance, go up the stairs to the north and continue to the east: here in the wall you will find a secret passage. Follow it all along its turns, first to the west, then to the south: finally find a chest, open it and a Giant Soldier will ambush you. Retrieve the Black Grab in the chest, go back to the initial area and this time go west, go through another secret passage, where you find an opening towards the opposite side of the map: there you find the entrance to the next area.

Explore the entrance area, then move north. Collect the Sage's Staff from the chest: to do so you will have to defeat a Dark Sage and two Moongoddesses. Then continue to the portal, enter it and find yourself on the opposite side of the map. Explore this area, including the two dead-end areas to the west, then take the stairs to the next level.

Explore the area and continue north until you find some sort of platform. Replace Cecil's Excalibur with the second most powerful weapon. Then launch a Float and click on the sword you see on the ground.

Boss: White Dragon

The dragon counterattacks with Quake, so as long as you have the Float its counterattacks won't graze you. However the physical attacks will hurt you a lot, be ready to heal yourself. If Rosa is in possession of the Omnicast Augment, have her cast the Blink on the whole group and the Slow on the dragon. Attack normally with Edge and Cecil, the latter can also use the Protect if necessary. Summon Bahamuth with Rydia, mind jump with Kain.

Winning this fight will earn you the Murasame. Now continue south to reach the next area. Or take a break and return to the castle to regenerate and save.

Lunar Subterrane

Continue south, go over the stairs, then turn east into a secret passage that leads you to a Dragon Helm. Continue east to find two more crates, then retrace your steps to the previously ignored stairs and go down.

Go and collect the Artemis Arrows to the east, then backtrack until you find the south turn. Grab it and follow it east until it leads you to a room where you can pick up an Elixir. Exit and continue east, then south, and finally west to find access to the next area.

As you enter you will find two houses indicated on the touch screen. Then turn left to the exit: collecting the item contained in the chest summons a Behemoth. Find above the strategy to defeat him. Continue east and enter the next area.

Go south along the stairs, follow the curve to the west and go through the door. When you reach the cash desk, open it: as usual it is an ambush. Two Blue Dragons await you. Watch out for this fight, it can be pretty tough. After defeating the two dragons, enter the door you passed in front of a while ago.

Follow the path north, which you can see as the area is already mapped. There you will find a secret passage that points to the east, at the bottom you will find a chest with a Protect Ring (perhaps the best defensive object in the game). Continue through another secret passage to the east and you are faced with two exits. For now, take the one to the south: there you will find a chest containing a Crystal Mail, protected by a Behemoth. Now go back and take the other exit.

Immediately go east, and come to another chest. There are some Crystal Gloves inside, but be aware that opening it will summon a Red Dragon. The ensuing fight will be extremely difficult, and without a group around level 65 it is virtually impossible to deal with it. So you can postpone it until later if you don't feel like it now. However, be aware that in order to win, Rosa must throw a Berserk on him, to prevent him from using the Thermal Ray. Anyway, beyond the crate you find an area to explore to the west and the door to the next section.

Here you will find the entire area already mapped: open the chest and continue on. Here continue west: open the chest and defeat the Dinozombie that will be summoned. Then continue north and then east to the next area. There you just have to collect the treasure from the chest and return to the previous area: finally take the stairs to the south to go down to the lower level.

Start by going to collect the Fuma Shuriken in the west. Then go back east, where you will also find a Fuma Shuriken there. Go down the stairs to the south, then take the left path to a chest. From there continue west, walk over the invisible bridge. Once overtaken, continue first west, then north and finally east: you should find yourself in front of a secret passage. Come in.

Collect the Golden Apple from the chest. Then enter the portal to the east. From there, find another portal to the north. Enter and continue north to find another chest and another protective Behemoth. Defeat him, experience points are very important at this point. After the fight, you find a portal to the north that leads you to a save point. Save, fill the health bar and then, if you want, go back to recover any crates left on the path. Otherwise, go examine the sword to the east for a boss fight.

Boss: Dark Bahamuth

The fight starts with a Bahamuth Mega Flare. Try to be at a level around 70 to let all the elements of the group survive. Then with Rosa heal the whole party and throw Blink and Haste on all of them. Then cast the Shell with Cecil and then have him attack while the Blink's effect lasts. Same thing for Edge and Kain: use Attack and Jump as long as the Blink effect lasts. Do not use Summon and magic in general with Rydia, as Bahamuth will violently counterattack. Instead, use the Flare if it has the Piercing Magic Augment.

From defeating the Dark Bahamut, earn Ragnarok.

Lunar Subterrane

Now you have to retrace your steps, to the chest where you collected the Cottage, from there this time turn east.

Find a chest on the touch screen: open it and defeat the enemy that is summoned. Then head back south, and turn north to the next area. Here, head south, then east - find some stairs leading to a save point. Examine the chest behind this room, fully regenerate and save. Away wait for a boss fight. As soon as you exit, turn east, in a new room, exit north and examine the spear.

Boss: Plague Horror

Ignore the Doom thrown by the enemy: at the level you are at it should be enough that you attack with all the members of the group to kill it before the countdown expires.
Equip the spear you obtained on Kain, use a Cottage, save and continue into the room to the east. As soon as you enter it you will find yourself facing another boss.

Boss: Lunasaur

Keep in mind that he can use Confuse or Silent. It will also respond to the first attack with a Reflect. However, he is not an adversary who can worry you excessively at this point. Launch the Slow with Rosa, who will then take care of healing, attack with the other members, except Rydia, who will summon Bahamuth.

Lunar Subterrane

In the two crates that remain on the scene of the fight, you will find two Ribbons. They are excellent equipment, among the best in the game. It is useful that you assign one to Rosa; the other is at your discretion. Remember to save before continuing.

From the Lunasaur room, continue east, then north, then west. Find some stairs to the south, go down to the next level. As you approach the final boss you will continue to hear the typical music of boss fights in the air. Don't care, go east, go down the stairs you see to the south, then head west until you meet a chest. From there go south, then east. Take the first south turn you stumble upon, and when you see the sword on the pedestal you know what awaits you.

Boss: Ogopogo

On his first attack, Ogopogo fires a Deluge, but your entire party should stay alive. Cast a Curaga with Rosa to heal everyone, then as soon as possible a Slow on Ogopogo and a Haste on the whole party. Attack with Cecil (after a Shell) and Edge, take advantage of Kain's jump and the Bahamuth who can summon Rydia.

By defeating Ogopogo you have earned the Masasume, the sword on the pedestal. You are one step away from the end, save and move on. Head down south, from there take the road west to the end of the area.

Lunar Subterrane

From the entrance continue west, when you reach the stairs go down south. From there, turn east, collect the treasure in the chest to the south and then head west. Turn south, and then west again, where you find another chest. Finally, move east to the next area.

From where you are, go west, turn south. Then turn east and south again. You now have the entrance to the final battle area in the west.
If you have fully explored the play area you will now get the Treasure Hunter Augment.
Move north, and the pre-battle scene will start.

Boss: Zeromus

This strategy works with a party close to level 80.
At the beginning, give the command Steal to Edge: if you want to face the game a second time, you absolutely have to steal the Dark Matter from Zeromus now to defeat the optional boss. Otherwise, go ahead with the fight.
Attack with Cecil and jump with Kain. As soon as Zeromus uses the Black Hole, launch the Slow with Rosa (otherwise have everyone use a Spider Silk). Repeat this operation every time Zeromus throws a Black Hole. Also guard against his other attack, the Big Bang: you can know it's coming from the fact that Zeromus starts shaking. Get ready to use Heal with Rosa. Unfortunately, Rydia can't be of much help due to the fact that Zeromus repels any Summon or magical attack: let him use the Items while Cecil, Kain and Edge attack.
When Zeromus uses the Meteor it means that you are one step away from victory: Curaja with Rosa to heal the wounded and Phoenix down to revitalize your downed comrades. Another series of attacks (take advantage of Edge's throwing ability) should knock him out forever.

Now enjoy the final scene, you are done Final Fantasy IV.

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