The solution of Chaos on Deponia

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The solution is based on the English version of the game, there may be deviations from the Spanish version.

The fun tutorial

After the fun discussion with Bozo, hover the cursor over him so that the cursor itself becomes a comic, click to talk to him and ask him how to interact with objects, now hover the cursor over the small black object on the floor next to you, the cursor. it will take the shape of an eye, now click to interact with the object. Now pass the cursor over the object again making the hand icon appear, by doing so you will pick it up from the ground, now use the mouse wheel to open the inventory and mix the black object just collected with the white object to form a "tao". Open the inventory again, select the "tao" and use it on the hole of the strange contraption in the center of the room. Click on the button on the left and enjoy the introductory video.


Once you have regained the controls of Rufus, open the toolbox, pick up the inverter and, when you try to pick up the hammer, enjoy the curtain and try again to pick up the hammer, detaching it from the tube and from the sparrow's neck, then open the toilet door and flush the water, interact with the electrical box again to drop the bird into the toilet bowl and flush the water again, now press the button on the sink to the right of the toilet. Insert the inverter into the broken box inside the toilet and pull the water again, press the button again on the sink, now press the right button still on the sink, now try to take the hammer from under the table, you will cause a fire . Now use the tablecloth on the water and press the right button on the sink, the sparrow will have a bad end, but you will recover the wet tablecloth, use it on the hammer to pick it up.

The floating black market

Interact with the shower head under your right foot, now click on the handle of the pan to collect the knife, use it with the rocket above your head, then click again on the handle of the pan to throw the gunpowder into the shower head, interact with this. last to undoubtedly save poor Doc and trigger the guillotine that will activate the chain effect to activate your ingenious machinery. Listen to Cletus' speech and as soon as you can click on the red button in front of you, but things will not go as you think and Goal will fall out of the capsule. Cletus in an attempt to take you out will cut the rope that holds you suspended making you all fall. Once you wake up, collect the message attached to the door, then scan the radar to see where the flying black market is, now go into the garbage hole to find your old bait, then open the door and exit the room. Once in front of the map click on the industrial park icon. Once you reach your destination, enter the door on the right of the screen, pick up the knob and interact with the mechanical dog that turns out to be "Intelligent Byte", a very advanced automaton, have a nice chat (it won't be the nicest robotic dog in the world, but you will laugh), then pick up the stick behind you, now select it in the inventory and use it on the dog, but it will not respond as you would expect from a normal domestic dog. Interact with the stick on the ground, after yet another scene pick up the adhesive tape from the shelf on the left and use it together with the stick inside the inventory, then use the new object on the light bulb in front of you, now use the stick on the dog again mechanical and you will make him pass out. At this point you just have to open the door and enter. Interact with the electrodes and go through the door ahead and chat with Doc who will inform you that you need empty cartridges for Goal's memory. These cartridges will be found at the Gadget Shop, so pick up the screwdriver from the shelf on the left and exit through the door above. Once outside the shack, listen to what the two hidden men have to tell you, then interact with the map and click on the port icon. Two big men will be waiting for you, after a couple of jokes you will be beaten properly; when you are back on your feet enter the left door marked with question marks, once inside ask the man inside the machine about empty cartridges: whichever option you choose, in the end you will buy the lowest quality cartridges. Unfortunately, Rufus' penchant for lollipops will ensure that Goal's personality is divided into three parts, Doc can fix the situation but you will have to convince the three different personalities of the girl to be operated on again.

Finding Goal

Exit the door at the top and reach the map, click on the port icon, once you arrive, collect the jar from the pole to the right of the fisherman, now go through the archway on the left to reach a round platform and enter the room with the 'sign with a glass on it. Once inside the bar, go talk to Garlef, ask him if you met in front of Doc's laboratory, then ask him why he is there and ask him to play rock paper scissor, he will reply that before you can play you must get the official fingers. tournament. Now go downstairs to the bar and talk to the man with the balaclava who beat you just before, after having chatted with the big man, go and collect the sugar bowl on the next table and go to Goal sitting at the counter . Select a nice expression from your repertoire, choose a nice phrase and talk to the girl, the bartender will give you a bowl of flu virus infested chips, now enter the inventory and combine the cartridges with the remote control, use it on Goal and select the green button. Now go back to talk to her but again she won't hear reasons and won't want to come with you, go talk to Bozo and tell him about the three personalities of Goal, start by talking to him about the kind personality, he will advise you to go and find "Gabbiano" who lives in the city tall, then talk to him about the more aggressive personality and continue the conversation by talking about "Child", a girl with whom Bozo had an affair, until you persuade him to let you meet her at the gun shop in Little Venice. Now all you have to do is exit the bar using the door on the upper floor.

Convince the Goal Woman

Once in the round square, head left towards Little Venice, pick up the satellite dish and then head under the arch on the left towards the gun shop. Go talk to Bozo fully dressed, tell him he had a great idea and enjoy the little skit, once Bozo is thrown out tell him he doesn't know the right moves, and then tell him not to give up on his purpose, Bozo will come in again to be kicked out again. Then interact with the valve on your left and then talk inside the tube just above, now go back to the bar, interact with the Jukebox, go out and use the sugar bowl with the generator, go back inside the bar and take the song from the Jukebox of "garbage crabs". Go out and kick the gondolier's boat, use the lyrics of the song you just got from the bar and place it on the score, then go back to the gun shop and convince Bozo to try again with Baby. At this ride the gondolier will sing the crab song, and you will see some small crabs enter the pipe from which the music comes out, interact with the valve of the pipe on your left, and head towards the market, once there pick up the diverter for pipes in front to the seller with sunglasses. Go back to the gun shop again, use the diverter on the tube with the crabs inside, then go back to the gondolier and kick his bumper again, go back to Bozo again and have him back. This time the gondolier will be devoured by crabs and Child will be well disposed with Bozo, so go to the bar, go talk to Goal and select the only dialogue option, you will get a good punch in the face. You will find yourself in a gladiator arena, you will have to select the various parts of your body towards which to make a parade, and the parts of Goal's body towards which to make a shot, obviously wait for it to have taken a position before deciding where to strike. After the fight, you will gain the trust, and more, of Goal's female personality.

The solution of Chaos on Deponia

Convince the Goal Girl

Use the remote control again on Goal and press the green button, after she has recovered talk to her, ask her how she is doing and ask her a few questions about her mental state, wait for the bartender to tell you about the Organon and the resistance movement, Goal will want to join the rebels. Go upstairs to the bar and talk to Garlef, ask him if he's part of the resistance, tell him you want to join his cause to impress a girl, he'll give you a bathroom key to give to Gulliver. Exit the bar and use the sugar bowl on the generator again, re-enter, talk to Nod and try to convince him to let you into his disorganized crime. After he refuses, use the key on the bathroom door, enter and once you exit Nod will point out that you have a piece of toilet paper under your shoe. Exit the bar and go to the market, once there talk to the pharmacist and ask him if he gives away something for free; he will tell you about a plant but to give it to you he will want a coupon, so give him the piece of toilet paper and he will give you the item for free. Collect the expired tranquilizers on the left and go to the gadget shop, collect the anti-gravity boots from the shelf and once on the ceiling take the sunglasses, once back on the floor also collect the juicer hat. Open the inventory and combine the plant obtained from the pharmacist with the hat you just took, look at the vision, then use the glasses with the contraption on the bottom right, go now to use the machine for the lottery and give the broken glasses to the robot, go and collect the invisible golden dragon on the left of the shop, now wear the dragon to become invisible, collect the glasses and exit. Go to Little Venice, and get on the platform marked with question marks, talk to the man who will come out from below, now open the inventory and use the lens with the left side of the glasses and combine everything with the right side, now use the glasses fixed on the periscope, now open the hatch from which the man with the balaclava came out and enter. Check the curtain and open the panel on the left to discover a radio panel, you will soon receive a message from Cletus, ask him as many questions as possible by selecting all the dialogue options. Open the panel on your left and use the swordfish with the kitten, enjoy the skit and wait for the Head of Disorganized Crime, Donna, to show up, as soon as you are on the catwalk say you want to make her an offer, when the window opens say that you refuse to deal with the criminals, Donna will nod a few nods and you will be one of the gang. Then exit the door to the left of the throne towards the submarine deck, once inside the cabin pick up the tournament hand. Exit and head to the bar, talk to Garlef and challenge him with paper, rock and scissors, follow the game instructions carefully and win the game. You will be taught the secret knock, then go talk to Goal, tell her you are part of the resistance and follow her to the dark alley in the market, use the secret knock on the door, but you have forgotten the rhythm, then go back to the bar and talk to Garlef, ask him to repeat the secret knock, go to the door in the alley again, but you will forget the rhythm again. Go back to Garlef and let the rhythm cool down, then exit to the main menu of the game and turn down the volume of the music, go to the door again and this time you will use the correct knock, they will not let you in yet, so hide in the dumpster and wait for the guardian, listen to his knock and try again on the door, they will finally let you enter the hideout of the resistance, the game will ask you if you want to reactivate the music. Check the billboard at the back of the room and talk to Janosch, tell him about the resistance and their plans, say hello and use the slides taken from the radio station of the disorganized criminals with the projector, when the first image appears say it is a symbol, with the second say that the image is an Organon fort and that the enemies want to destroy Deponia with towers similar to the ones in the photo, when the other resistance members ask you how to act tell them that your team must dare to attack, when you show the fourth slide say that it represents the exact location of an Organon fort, when you also show the photo of the detonation say that the enemies want to detonate a bomb to end all lives both at sea and on land, then say that the key to save you all is in Goal's brain.

Goal's latest personality

You will find yourself at the bar again, then go out and go to the market and take the arch that goes up, click on the gardener and use the infected chips on the nose next to the door to open it, head towards the arch for the right side of the area and enter the door on the bottom, try to get the bread and coal then talk to the man, tell him your name is Rufus and ask him for Captain Gabbiano and exit the austere hut. Then enter the highest building to meet Captain Gabbiano himself, you will discover with enormous surprise that the captain is your father, talk to him about your girlfriend who comes from the Elysium and have him explain how he deals with a woman. Check the bookcase, the flowers, the aquarium, and the window, your father will give you five memoranda for the servants. Exit the villa and kick the tree to make all the leaves fall, the gardener will get very angry, launching you directly to the market. Go back to the poet's house under your father's villa, talk to him about your father's lifestyle and give him all the memoranda, so you can collect all the objects requested by the captain including the poor poet's ashes. Exit and go through the arch on the left marked with question marks to find yourself in front of the restaurant, talk to the souvenir seller and ask him what he sells to find out that he is the one who supplies the platypus to the restaurant, ask him for nests and then to have the field guide, but to get this guide you will need to join the club and the only way to be part of it is to find the membership card in a fortune cookie that can be purchased at the restaurant. So go talk to the restaurateur, order take-away and just take a drink so you don't have to pay anything, cross the arch on the right and lean out the window, use the crank with the mechanism to move the wire, now get off and go to the port, give the fortune cookie to the fisherman who will give you the membership card for the platypus club. Go back to the souvenir shop and give the card to the manager and ask for the guide, now open the inventory and read it, you will find a way to remove the platypus from the menu, go up again on the window and collect the egg, go back in front of the villa of your father, take the spade and fill the bucket in your inventory with soil taken from the pot always nearby. Now try to collect the egg, insert the first stone in the first hole to the left of the last row at the top, the second stone in the third hole of the row immediately below and the trap in the last hole of the row where you have inserted the first of the stones , interact with the mole until the egg is blocked, now you just have to take it. Now go to the square in front of the bar and collect the egg under the walkway in front of the place where the gondolier was, join the fisherman in the port and check the guide again to discover that the last type of platypus is born inside the zebrafish , give the bait in your inventory to the fisherman, then give him the swordfish, when the man asks you what your secret is tell him that you use a special bait, ask him for a fish in return and give him your bait from the inventory, wait for him to catch a fish, but when you get close the fish will jump into the water, so use the expired pills with the bucket of bait, give your bait to the man again, this time you will be able to catch the fish. Go to Doc's laboratory and reach the egg stuck in the pipe, go down and open the grate of the furnace, insert the coal in it and go to the bar, use the candle in your inventory with the candle on the table to light it, run back to the laboratory and use the candle with the furnace, then go upstairs and take the egg that will fall into the pipe system. To solve this minigame you will have to move the various seals while the egg passes from one tube to another, it is not very complicated, once finished you will get hold of the fire platypus. Enter Doc's laboratory, use the freezer button and insert the soil in the bucket inside the appliance and then the earth platypus egg to make it hatch, now press the button twice consecutively to block the animal in the ice , use the shovel and pick up the cube. Now go to your father's villa, pick up the red book and press the secret book, pick up the strange contraption and climb the ladder. Use the ashes with the hose, exit the villa and go to the port, dip your hands in the bucket of bait to get a hook, return from the weather vane above the villa, combine the rope in the inventory with the hook, and use it all. with the weather vane, tie the left end with the ring to the end of the tube, insert the flying platypus egg and go downstairs, open the machinery panel in the closet, use the vacuum cleaner in your inventory to clean it inside, go back upstairs and cut the rope that holds the weather vane with the swordfish. Now go out of the villa and use the bread with the birdhouse. Go back to the roof of the mansion and collect the weather vane, combine it with the antenna in your inventory, use the newly created net to catch the flying platypus above the birdhouse. Now go and place the fire platypus in the nest in front of Doc's laboratory, the earth platypus (frozen) in the nest in front of your father's mansion, the flying platypus in the nest in front of the gift shop, and then insert the last one. egg inside the tiger fish, go to Doc's laboratory and color the fish with paint, enter the laboratory and use the fish with the electrodes. Place the freshly reanimated fish in the glass of water, then go to your father's villa, stopping each time to wet the fish always with the water in the glass, once you arrive at the villa put it in the aquarium to give birth to the aquatic platypus and go and place it in the nest on the pole in the square in front of the bar. Go back to your father and tell him that you have eliminated the platypus from the menu of the restaurant, he will tell you that before allowing you to book a table you will have to write a poem to impress Goal, then go and talk to the poet with low morale, ask him for help to write a poem you will do a test and you will get the appreciation of the man, now go to the manager of the souvenir shop and ask him to recite a poem, go back to the damned poet and recite the poem that the manager of the shop has just recited to you, he will teach you the ancient secret of the poets, that is a beautiful bug in the ear from which the poet will be able to suggest the best verses to break through the heart of a gentle maiden. Go to your father and tell him you know the right words to compose a poem, show him the bug, your father will have booked your table and will give you the invitation to Goal and some new advice from father to son. Go to the bar to talk to Goal, use the personality change remote control and press the red button, now give her the dinner invitation, unfortunately you will immediately receive a nice two of spades as your father has just stolen your girlfriend. Collect the memorandum concerning the radio from the table, then go to the restaurant to see your father sipping some wine with Goal, after having chatted with the lovebirds, go to the cursed poet, ask him to use the radio, but your request will be refused, give him then your father's memo, you can finally get the radio.

The solution of Chaos on Deponia

Rufus from the future

You will find yourself at the bar, and this time Goal will agree to be visited by Doc again, but when you reach the laboratory you will find Janosch and his clique in front of the door, it seems that the rebels want to implement your plan, but first of all you will have to free Goal which has just been taken hostage by disorganized crime. Once the dialogue with Janosch is finished, talk to Garlef and Liebold, then knock on the door and you will be given a remote control, then use the remote control on Liebold, enter the portal that will open behind you, you will meet with your alter ego from the future , chat with yourself and finally ask him for proof, choose what to think from the dialog box, however Rufus of the future will answer you differently to avoid a paradox, you will discover from him that he has already dealt with the criminals and you just have to greet him and enter the portal behind him to do exactly what he just did, which is to save Goal. You will go out inside the laboratory, go to Goal and talk to him, ask him what happened and then how he is, go talk to Doc and ask him what happened and if he has any ideas, he will tell you to look for the remote control to command Donna, the boss of the criminals, talk to the criminals and open the drawer on your left, collect the remotes, go to Goal and inform her that Donna has a personality implant, then tell her that Doc has a bottle of champagne, this way you will steal one of the cartridges . Open the inventory and combine the cartridge you just took with Donna's remote, now use the remote on her to have her exterminate the two hit men. You will be given another cartridge, a pistol and you will collect the tools of the assassins, go back into the space-time opening, you will meet Liebold and you will throw yourself back into the opening, now go out the door above, you will find yourself having to deal with the Rufus of the past, use the crowbar in your inventory with the electrodes, when the Rufus of the past asks you what he is thinking answer him "zeeblezooble". Interact with the cuckoo clock of the time machine and wait for the rebels to enter, you can now re-enter the laboratory. Janosch will join you inside the room, but Goal will decide to act alone, and leave you to your fate by blocking the door.

Welcome to Porta Fisco

Collect the inverter from the ground and go talk to Goal, then enter the purple tent, talk to the monk and have a chat. Collect one of the bananas from the basket and exit the tent, use the remote control on Goal to make it take on the character of a child, ask her to go with you to the monk, follow her inside the tent and ask the mystic what your future holds for you. health, then ask him how he sees your future together, now point out that he holds the crystal ball upside down, when he shows it to you use the remote control on Goal. Ask the monk how and where you and Goal will age together, now ask him the health question again and Goal will attack the monk. Exit the tent and go talk to Goon, the man who is in front of the entrance below you, ask him for the umbrella, then ask him to be able to take it in exchange for food, now ask how to reach the station to ascend to the Elysum then ask him where the rebels' hideout is, he will tell you that the entrance is right behind him, then enter the sewers. Check the fan and open the door and the pipe, insert the inverter into the door, then knock on the door but they will not let you in, knock three times and press the green symbol, knock four more times and press the symbol, then knock once alone and press the symbol again, now five times and finally the door will be opened for you. Have a chat with Janosch, collect the tank from the ground and interact with the baby dolphins in the small pool, now chat with Toni and go to the back of the warehouse, exit the sewers and take the climb where the arrow is marked with question marks , check the tires and go back. Go to Doc and ask him if he has any ideas on how to catch Donna, then ask him if he knows where to find some pieces for the torpedos, he will tell you that the only way is with the lottery of the gadget shop, interact with the radar and select the island marked with question marks. Interact with the diesel generator, then enter the top door, use the pump and pick up the broken transmitter, talk to Goal and tell her that the problem is the broken transmitter, go back to the generator and use the bananas with the exhaust pipe, return to the boat and select the rightmost island. Collect the water hose and some snow, check the flashlight in the hand of the icy man then the North Star, get back into the boat and use the snow with the cup of tea, drink the tea and you will go to fulfill your needs right on the iceberg melting the ice right above the torch that you will collect, then return to the island where it rains. Use the rubber hose with the generator, use the tank with the hose just attached, climb up and use the remote control with Goal, tell her that the transmitter is broken then that you continue to be struck by lightning, then let me tell you the rules to follow in the event of a storm. Go back to the boat and show the transmitter to Doc who will fix it, now use the radar and go to the black market. Upon your arrival you will see that your father will be killed by an Organon guard, interact with the bucket of bait and convince the fisherman to fish for a boot, wait until the fisherman accepts, go back inside the boat and sail to at Porta Fisco, once you reach your destination use the torch with the fire inside the barrel, give the boot to Goon to get the broken umbrella in exchange, then go to the pile of tires and set it on fire with the torch, collect the burnt tire from the ground and go to the rebel lair. Use the diesel with the fan and press the button, enter the door and collect the deodorants in the shape of saplings, then attach the burnt tire on the service door behind Janosch, then use the bait on the tire, then collect the cans of meat dolphin and the pool now empty, leave the den, re-enter the boat and go back to the black market. Interact with the cat at the gadget shop window, then place the dolphin meat in the bowl next to you, go talk to Goal and convince her to enter the shop through the cat door. Enter the shop and use the lottery machine, but you will lose, then take the boat again and go to the fortune teller at Porta Fisco together with Goal, ask the monk to show you the sphere, then use the remote control on the girl, now ask if you will be rich, continue to ask this question to the man until Goal tired of the answers will attack him, at this point you will know that the winning lottery numbers are written in the stars. Navigate to the north pole, interact with the North Star to see the numbers, return to the gadget shop and use the lottery machine again to win, hand the ticket to the robot to receive the pieces for the torpedos. Use the bananas with the banana machine and exit the shop, now go to the radio island, combine the fragrant trees with the umbrella and go up the hill, put the pool on the round platform and fill it using the pump there in front, now use the remote control on Goal, give her the umbrella and tell her to go into the pool, also give her the lottery ticket and use the transmitter with the tower. Navigate to Porta Fisco, enter the rebel lair and go to the back of the warehouse, use the banana with the manhole, go back to the front and use the lever of the hose closure in the lower left, exit the warehouse in the fan room and use the pieces won the lottery with the dolphins. Use the radar inside the ship to direct the dolphins to the right place, lock the submarine in the top right of the screen, lock it in one of the top corners and have a dolphin go over it. Open the trunk and collect the diving suit, attach it to the hook on the right, now enter the suit and dive, collect the two tubes from the panel and press the button, let yourself be brought back to the surface, now combine the two rubber tubes together and attach them to the hole, attach the hose to the diving suit and open the lamp behind you, pick up the candle and go inside the cabin. Open the tap and fill the suit, go back into the cabin of the boat, use the candle with the pot and collect the wax, use the remote control with Goal and go out, now ring the bell three times in a row until Goal slams the door on you face, use the wax on the door and insert the mask inside the suit, talk to Bozo and drop the suit underwater.

The solution of Chaos on Deponia

The grand finale

After the dialogue with Doc, you will discover that Donna has kidnapped Goal. Talk to Doc again and let me explain what the strange cabins behind you are, then use the first cabin on the right, then go from the cabin to the right of the rebels, reenter the first cabin again and enter the one behind Toni, once from the on the other hand, catch the fly in the left cabin with your tongue, use the transport you are in again, exit the cabin at the bottom left, at this point go up the ladder. Once the three have finished talking, enter the passage to your right, pick up the remote from the bag above you, open the inventory and combine the single cartridge with the remote, insert the remaining cartridge in Donna's head. Interact with the bomb control terminal to start the countdown which luckily you will stop just in time, however Cletus will lock you inside the room, listen to his speech then start tinkering with the controls again, as soon as Cletus enters. in the cabin go out. During the fight with Cletus you will have to overwhelm your opponent and press the blue button on the remote control, every time Donna is above Goal you will have to talk to her until the other remote control is within reach, pick it up and once hung on the balustrade use it on Goal. When Cletus is out of action talk to Goal and tell her that Cletus didn't lie to her and that you activated the countdown to the bomb, once your archenemy returns, tell him that you still have one of the remotes. When you have finished your fall, talk to the rebels, say goodbye to Goal's return and enjoy the (non) ending.


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