Do you want music and soundtracks? The best offers for Spotify

Despite the presence on the market of increasingly strong competitors, the a Spotify still remains the best choice for those looking not only for music but also soundtracks from movies and video games to listen to wherever they want, online and offline.

Today we try to explain what a Premium subscription is for, what are the best rate plans to save and the exclusive features to enjoy the best of the music streaming service with more users in the world.

Il servizio

First of all, before proceeding to talk about subscriptions and specific subscriptions, it is good to specify that Spotify it can also be used completely free of charge, with some obvious limitations to functionality. In particular, the presence of advertising that interrupts the playback of the songs, the absence of the function for downloading albums and songs and the only random playback of the songs.

In any case, to make the most of the service, the suggestion is to download the application whether you are from a desktop PC or from a smartphone or tablet. The Spotify library is also accessible via web browser but it is advisable to download the App for iOS, Android or PC to enjoy all the features reserved for Premium users.


Like its main competitor Apple Music, subscription prices start at 9,99 per month for the individual plan, up to 14,99 per month for your household, which includes creating maximum you are account and that allows, therefore, to save a little money every month. If, on the other hand, you are a student enrolled at the University, you can register yourself through the dedicated page to receive a free month and the subscription fee halved to 4,99 per month.

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Net of the benefits reserved for students, Spotify offers users who have never subscribed to the service, one month free trial to try out the features of the Premium plan. If, on the other hand, you have already been subscribed to the service and for some reason you have interrupted the Premium subscription, keep an eye on your email or log in from time to time with your account because, more often than not, excellent promotions dedicated exclusively to old subscribers like three months for the price of one or three months of Spotify Premium subscription for 0,99 euros.

Music and soundtracks

As for the catalog, Spotify's is undoubtedly the largest on the market. Net of some exclusive Apple timings and little else, Spotify not only offers an infinite number of albums and singles but also an incredibly rich catalog of soundtracks from the world of cinema, anime and video games. And we, of course, are also very interested in this aspect. For the most famous and listened to artists, the service offers a series of playlists designed to collect the most famous or most representative songs. For example, if you have played Death Stranding, surely you will want to listen to some pieces of Low Roar again and then you can find them collected, mostly, in different playlists.

Always remaining on the videogame theme, if you have finished the campaign and can no longer get the music out of your head, on Spotify you will also find the entire DOOM Eternal soundtrack. In short, there is really everything, including older titles such as the original music of Final Fantasy VII that Square Enix has published in the library of the service.

But Spotify is not just music but also Podcast, more and more present and listened to by the public. Of course, you can also find those of our production, starting from TanzCast, passing through the reruns of the Povery Late Show to finally arrive at Lo Scassapixel.


How do I download the music? The feature is available if you are a Premium subscriber and allows you to download music, albums or podcasts of up to ten thousand songs per device. Just click on the white mobile arrow to the right of a song or on the switch at the top, in the case of an album or an entire playlist.

How do I sign up for a Spotify subscription? You can choose your plan and subscribe from the application or from this dedicated page.

Can i listen to Spotify on PS4? Of course yes, there is a special application that you can find by following this guide.

Can i listen to Spotify on Xbox One? Of course yes, there is a special application that you can find by following this guide.

Can I listen to Spotify on my TV? Some new generation TVs have a Spotify application designed to play music from speakers. Once you have downloaded the application from the respective online store, use Spotify Connect to link your premium account.

How can I share music? Next to each song, album or podcast, you will find the three dots icon which allows you, among other things, to share your music with others. You can do it via link, by message or even on your Instagram Stories. Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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