Monster Hunter Rise - Guide for new hunters, made by an (in) experienced player!

Tired of the usual Monster Hunter Rise guides made by game experts? How cool would be a guide for the inexperienced, made by an inexperienced one? I don't know, but here it is!

Convinced by the excellent reviews, I decided to buy Monster hunter rise. Precisely because of my inexperience, my first moments with the game were particularly insidious. Hence the idea of ​​managing a small diary and drawing up a series of tips on how to approach the game, by whom and for whom has never done it.
So I decided to tell my Monster Hunter Rise, and explain it to help all those who are undecided or "scared" by the mechanics of the game, perhaps because they were burned by a previous chapter (just like I was).

I get knocked down, but I get up again.

Over the years, to be honest, I had already tried to approach Capcom's monster hunt, and if I remember correctly it was with Monster Hunter Tri (Wii). It was devastating, difficult, and very little fun. From that moment the series has continued to interest me, but nothing convinced me to risk a new sunburn.

In sharing it with friends, I discovered that I wasn't the only one hurt by the monstrosity of the game, but that I tasted its potential nonetheless. With an enviable contempt of danger, I therefore bought Monster Hunter Rise for Switch, dedicating myself to it more firmly than in the past and discovering a dazzling, extreme and damn fun world. To ensure that other players undecided or banned from the previous chapters can enjoy a formidable game, I thought I'd share my personal experience and churn out some extremely basic advice to explain a little how the game works.

Attention, there will be a lot of nonsense, it is not a detailed guide on how many scales a monster has, it is an invitation to try the game, telling its structure and giving advice on the first moments of the game. Above all, this guide wants to be a useful aid to bypass most of the initial tutorials, since the amount of information to be absorbed initially is really impressive.

Monster Hunter Rise - Guide for new hunters, made by an (in) experienced player!
Here is my hunter with his faithful companions!


The first moments with Monster Hunter Rise will be spent with your Alter Ego in his underwear in front of you, ready to be modeled. A nice editor that becomes almost useless, since in a very short time you will find yourself forging all kinds of armor and helmets, which will inexorably cover your character. However, if you are super enthusiastic about the appearance of your hunter, you can decide to hide certain parts of the armor from view (helmet, torso, leggings and so on) obviously maintaining their qualities through a special menu in the equipment screen, available in the box of the resources and equipment. Case which we will talk about in a separate chapter, given its importance.

After creating the hunter, you will be called to create your companions: a dog (new entry in the Monser Hunter world) that will help you by fighting alongside you and that, riding it, will allow you to move very quickly in the hunting areas.

Then you will have to customize your Cat companion; both animal editors are well done and allow painstaking customization of their furry companions. Again, if you want to commit to creating your pets in the style of your choice, you can then decide which element of their armor to hide.

First moments and endless tutorials

After the creation of the characters, and after having witnessed what is a mere draft of the plot to justify the slaughter of beasts that is going to be carried out, you have the opportunity to do the first tutorials. Do them. Even more than once. The first tutorials serve precisely to lay the foundations on the control and combat system, as well as reading the map and managing resources. These are the first training steps, it is really important to fix them in your head and fix the useful keys in the muscle memory of your fingers.
If it is natural to move with the left Stick, everything else will feel like you are playing a video game for the first time. Draw the sword to attack, create combos, sheathe the sword with Y to be able to consume potions or upgrades of various kinds. Use the wire bug with ZL + X or ZL + A or ZL + ZL to move in different ways. In short, early hunting tutorials are essential, do them (and do them again if necessary).

Monster Hunter Rise - Guide for new hunters, made by an (in) experienced player!
Training missions are essential. Make them and redo them if necessary

After the tutorials you can already feel more free to wander around the Karuma village and understand what possibilities it offers. Attention, initially it will seem like a mere parenthesis between one mission and another, but continuing in the story and unlocking the ranks of hunting, it will offer more and more activities and earning possibilities.

Welcome to Kamura

In addition to being able to access the various missions, the base village allows you to do many things:

Forge Weapons and Armor, the old blacksmith will always be ready to forge something for you, of course for a fee and offering the required materials. Each large monster hunted gives access to an armor made with its pieces (strictly to be collected once killed or in combat). New monsters, new armor, new armor and new monsters to take down with greater safety. The same goes for weapons, despite the fact that they offer a much more complex implementation scheme (but basically you will always need money, items and monster pieces).

Monster Hunter Rise - Guide for new hunters, made by an (in) experienced player!
The blacksmith and his smile

Forging for animal equipment, next to the blacksmith's stand you will find the blacksmith's counter for your companions. The growth and discovery of their gear goes hand in hand with that of the main armor. To build them, however, the scraps of the main forge will be needed. If you make a monster helmet X, you get Discard X. Discard X allows you to create armor or weapon dedicated to the monster for your companions.

Growth of companions, in a specific area of ​​the village, there is an entire area dedicated to the activities of the companions. From here, you can hire new furry assistants, train them, send them on missions to collect items, and so on. If your two favorite companions seem to be enough at first, you will soon find that having a good network of four-legged companions is very useful.

In addition to these three main activities, one resides in the village canteen, useful to power up before each mission, a shop, l'hub linking to online content, a kind of casa customizable and different characters of variable utility. Then, of course, there are the two twins ready to provide you with the most disparate missions.

Management of Equipment and Resources

Other essential elements present in the village are the Items box and Companions Notice Board.
Both placed in every area of ​​the game, they allow you to equip, modify, create resources and manage the objects collected in the mission.

from Items box, in the equipment menu, you can decide which armor to wear and what to show on an aesthetic level. You can manage your own bag, the one you take on a mission and which MUST contain objects of absolute necessity. Personally, since spaces are limited in this bag, I always carry: Potions, Grand Potions, Stamina Recovery Items, Monster Traps and a couple of items that can cause monster effects, especially the sleep ball and the blinding ball.

Monster Hunter Rise - Guide for new hunters, made by an (in) experienced player!
The object box will be indispensable for you thanks to its multiple functions

Once you have learned how to manage, the cash register is an indispensable element for the success of the missions and for organizing them in the best possible way. Don't worry, once you have managed the bag and put the necessary items inside, they will remain there for the following missions as well (just remember to top up some items after each mission).

La Companions Notice Board instead it allows you to manage the equipment of your pets, activate their passive skills, fire them and decide the type of strategy to be adopted in battle

Presented Arm

Here things get a little complex, or at least extremely personal. Monster Hunter Rise offers a huge amount of weapon genres, each with different moves and mechanics. Between one weapon and another, part of the key mapping also changes, as well as the difficulty of use. Personally, I have tried four or five different weapon styles, finding myself comfortable with the longsword (without abandoning it).

The longsword is an extremely versatile weapon, fast enough and long enough to allow a minimum safe distance from the monster on duty. The slowness of the actions is more or less a trademark of Monster Hunter, but once you get the hang of the weapon most suited to your needs, everything suddenly becomes more fluid and dynamic, also thanks to the attacks with the wire insect. With the weapon in hand, by pressing ZL + A or ZL + X the attacks dedicated to the use of the insect are performed, powerful and very useful attacks. Each weapon has different ones and some require a different key combination to be activated (ranged weapons, for example).

Monster Hunter Rise - Guide for new hunters, made by an (in) experienced player!
In the training area you can test every type of weapon and learn the related combos

My advice, however, is to start with a Sword and Shield, Greatsword or Long Sword. Then try their evolutions, such as Sword Ax or the Hammer. In any case weapons are one of the aspects that require more dedication, in their more complex versions. The suggested trio, on the other hand, manages to be handled excellently after a few game sessions. In any case, the Village still offers a training area where you can try every type of weapon available, which is also essential for learning the combos of each weapon.

Monster Hunter Rise - Guide for new hunters, made by an (in) experienced player!

Now that you have created your hunter, that you have given life to your companions, that you know how to walk around Karuma with your eyes closed, you remember the combo buttons and you know how to hang around with the wire insect, you just have to participate in the missions!

Remember that these are the foundations on which the structure of the game is based; with the exception of hunting, knowing how to master the various menus, moving with the wire insect, managing objects and equipment and choosing the right weapon are fundamental aspects. Once these are understood, you can continue smoothly and without the risk of getting stuck at the first difficulties. Also keep in mind that by pressing the + button you can easily access all the game info you need, from written tutorials to hunting notes. You will use it often initially, so consult it right away.

In the next guide we will analyze the different types of missions, what to do in the hunting areas and how to take down the first monsters! Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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