Nioh 2 - Guide to the Kodama

Small, green and as shy as they are benevolent, i Kodama they are nature spirits who once helped William Adams on his journey on the original Nioh. An inevitable presence, theirs, which returns to keep us company even in Nioh 2 pushing us to look for them in order to receive their blessing and be at least a little easier in our long mission. Finding them all is not too complicated, as you can take advantage of the special ability "Kodama perception" both thanks to specific support objects and through the cores of the soul: however, both solutions being dictated by chance, that is, you must be lucky enough to find the core or the equipment that supports it (at most try to get it through a blacksmith ), we have prepared several video guides that will show you where to find them. Chapter by chapter, mission by mission, in ours guide to the Kodama find out where they all got lost e one hundred and fifty these little creatures. Above all, remember that their blessing is only valid in the chapter in which you found them: it means that by moving on to the next section of history you will have to start the search from the beginning to obtain and reinforce the desired blessing once again. There are exactly twenty-five Kodamas in each chapter, you can't go wrong, and most of them are found in the three main missions: sometimes you may have to look for some even in the secondary ones.

Chapter 1 - Awakening

Chapter 2 - Wings

Chapter 3 - Shadow

Chapter 4 - Dawn

Chapter 5 - Twilight

Chapter 6 - Dream

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