PES 2020: the best players under 21 to buy role by role - Part 2

Midfielders, attacking midfielders, wings and forwards. In This second part of the guide dedicated to young players of eFootball PES 2020 you can find a nice selection of the best suited players from central midfielders to forwards, going through the whole backcourt area. There will be well-known names in this section, but also some semi-unknowns to be highly regarded.

PES 2020: best central midfielders under 21

Houssem Aouar - 21 anni - da 81 and 92

France – Ligue 1 – Olympique Lyonnais

Value: 45 million

Central midfielder with excellent offensive skills, this French player who plays for Lyon. A fast dibblatore that also has a decent finalization. He can play as an inside midfield or as a right winger, but also as a construction midfielder or even a playmaker. This man everywhere but he already costs dearly.

Matteo Guendouzi - 20 years old - from 79 to 91

England - English League - Arsenal

Value: 45 million

If you are looking for a central prospective midfielder who does well in the defensive phase and does not disdain to set up the action, Guendouzi is an excellent prospect on PES 2020. On the other hand, attacking phase and speed are not his strong points.

Phil Foden - 19 years old - from 78 to 90

England - English League - Manchester City

Value: 30 million

Foden is a young midfield playmaker who makes the construction phase his strong point. This very young athlete makes the quality of his passing and his dynamism his strong points. If he were to increase the quality of his shots, he could also be deployed on the trocar in the future.

Eduardo Camavinga - 17 years old - from 72 to 90

France – Ligue 1 – Rennes

Value: 4 million

Very young, but with excellent prospects is this French left-handed midfielder, if necessary also a midfielder who has good skills in every aspect. A complete midfielder, but also very young. He will have to wait but the prospects and the price are tempting.

Eljif Elmas - 20 years old - from 77 to 89

Italy - Serie A - Naples

Value: 10 million

Elmas' strong offensive skills make him a very interesting prospect whoever was looking for a central midfield full of imagination and speed on PES 2020. His qualities make him deployable also as an attacking midfielder or even as a winger with an inverted foot in attack.

PES 2020: best attacking midfielders under 21

Kai Havertz - 20 years old - 82 to 93

Other European Teams – Bayer Leverkusen

Value: 90 million

Attacking midfielder already established and ready for big challenges, Havertz with his twenty years promises ample room for improvement. Agile and good at passing, this midfield star is capable of acrobatic plays of not a little against. A player who can fill almost any role from midfield to climbing.

Martin Ødegaard - 21 years - from 81 to 91

Spain - Spanish League - Real Sociedad (on loan from Real Madrid)

Value: 20 million

This young Norwegian with excellent dribbling qualities is capable of sleight of hand with the ball and excellent crosses. Also for this reason, his position can be advanced and decentralized on the wing as a winger or winger. But 

Yari Verschaeren - 18 anni - da 74 a 91 

Belgium – Jupiler Pro League – Anderlecht

Value: 15 million

This young attacking midfielder has all the technical and athletic skills to become a reference player for the entire maneuver of the team. An attacking midfielder who knows how to pass and shoot even if the finalization certainly needs to be improved during his growth.

Mohammed Ihattaren - 17 years old - from 72 to 91

Olanda – Eredivisie – PSV

Value: 15 million

Finding talents around Europe is a rewarding experience and in Holland there is always a new champion to take home while still young. Like this XNUMX-year-old playmaker who could become a real crack for any team in the future.

Nicolò Zaniolo - 20 years old - from 78 to 91

Italy – Serie A – Rome

Value: 40 million

The Roma talent needs no introduction. And on PES 2020 he already shows excellent qualities as an attacking midfielder with the vice of goal and many technical qualities destined to increase in value over time. He already costs a lot, but it's an almost safe investment.

PES 2020: best outside midfielders / left winger under 21

Vinícius Júnior – 19 years old – from 81 to 93

Spagna – Spanish League – Real Madrid

Value: 70 million

Real Madrid's crowded football kingdom have a tall left fielder playing with his right foot and therefore are very comfortable with cuts from the wing to the center of the area. A skilled and slippery runner, Vinicius Junior also adapts to play as a second striker.

Ismaïla Sarr - 21 years old - from 79 to 90

England - English League - Watford

Value: 30 million

Left winger with remarkable acceleration and speed Sarr has a powerful shot and therefore suitable for long range shots. His shots are particularly effective as he plays on the left using his right foot. He can also be relegated from outside midfield or place him if necessary as a second striker. 

Rodrygo - 18 years - From 70 to 92

Spagna – Spanish League – Real Madrid

Value: 40 million

La camiseta blanca comes this tightrope walker from the left wing, similar in characteristics to the previous player. Natural right foot and a strong predilection for centralization. Very young and therefore with great room for growth.

Paulinho – 19 years old – from 75 to 91

Other European Teams – Bayer Leverkusen

Value: 15 million

Left winger who plays with his right foot, has excellent playmaker skills as well as having excellent shooting and passing statistics. This allows him to be able to play with more than worthy results as an attacking midfielder, should he serve you.

Justin Kluivert - 20 years old - 77 to 90

Italy – Serie A – Rome

Value: 20 million

The young son of art is a promise for the future also on PES 2020. Quick winger and skilled crosser, being also a natural right-footer, he can be deployed not only on the left wing, but also on the right.

PES 2020: best outside midfielders / right winger under 21

Jadon Sancho - 18 years old - 82 to 94

Other European Teams – Borussia Dortmund

Value: 100 million

An excellent player despite his young age, this talented Englishman knows how to keep the ball naturally attached to his feet and runs like a hare. This high-end man can play from both sides and even further back without any problem. An undisputed top player of PES 2020.

Christian Pulisic - 21 years old - from 80 to 91

England - English League - Chelsea

Value: 60 million

A lightning bolt on the right wing, but also on the left if necessary, with an intoxicating dribbling this player is a man of high skills. He needs to improve a bit in passing and finishing, but on the other hand he is a skilled header in spite of his 169 centimeters.

Abdulkadir Omur - 20 years old - and 78 years old, 91 years old

Turchia – Spor Toto Super League – Trabzonspor

Value: 15 million

Surprisingly, a left-handed player appears among the right wingers who can play even better on the left. This relatively low-valued Turk has an assist mankind and a pretty good shot that makes him suitable not only for playing outside, but also in a position behind the strikers.

Ferrán Torres - 19 years old - from 76 to 91

Spain - Spanish League - Valencia

Value: 20 million

He may not be the most agile of the attacking outsiders, but he is certainly a player who knows how to pass the ball with precision and also how to finish with a certain consistency. He cannot play in other positions, but in his role he can grow as a champion if trained properly in PES 2020.

Rabbi Matondo - 19 years old - from 75 to 90

Other European Teams – Shalke 04

Value: 9 million

A low cost prospect of PES 2020 this young Welshman who plays in Germany who is perfect for teaming up a quick wing “elf” who knows how to shoot, especially free-kicks and also gets along with passing. He usually plays high right, but he can also be deployed from fifth to both right and left.

PES 2020: best strikers under 21

Kylian Mbappé - 21 years old - from 90 to 97

France – Ligue 1 – Paris Saint-Germain

Value: 200 million

This world star who at 21 is already a football certainty needs no introduction. Mbappé has everything a striker can have: speed, power, strength. A tip that does not mind playing outside. What more could you ask for?

João Félix – 20 years old – from 84 to 97

Spain - Spanish League - Atletico Madrid

Valuation: 100 million

Another footballer who needs no introduction since he has already been crowned as the heir of Cristiano Ronaldo. Versatile player who can be second striker or even attacking midfielder. Man of imagination and unstoppable if he is in the day. He knows how to pass and shoot like a champion. In PES 2020 he is one of the best prospects, as well as in reality.

Fyodor Chalov - 21 years old - from 81 to 93

Russia – Russian Premier League – CSKA Moskva

Value: 16 million

Far from the millionaire disbursements of the two aforementioned champions, there is a young Russian from CSKA who has the characteristics of a pure first striker with a great shot and a pretty good physique. A man of the area who gets along even more than well on penalties.

Erling Haaland - 19 anni - da 78 a 91

The gem that all of Europe has been looking for and which has recently moved from Salzburg to Borussia Dortmund is certainly not an unknown name to those who chew football. Powerful and skilled in the head, this area man only lacks a bit in dribbling, but he makes up for it with the rest.

Moise Kean – 19 years old – from 79 to 91

England - English League - Everton

Value: 40 million

If you want to bet on a young Italian there is this local talent that was born as a first striker but that for rapid movements and slender physique makes it excellently as a tightrope walker on the wing or alternatively as a second striker. In perspective it could be excellent as an alternative to the more famous names.

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