The Bakugan Solution: Battle Brawlers

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The solution is based on the US version of the game for Wii. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

Objects - Use

The combat zones where the "Story" mode takes place will be littered with various objects. They can be decisive for the success (or failure) of your fights. Below is a brief description of their characteristics and potential methods of use.

G-Power Boost
This is the most common, but no less important object. By managing to recover several of them, you may be able to get up to 200 extra points of G-Power, which will then greatly enhance your Ability or Gate cards. The white colored G-Powers increase your power by 10 GP, the gold colored ones by 50 GP.

Barrels of petrol
These are flashing green objects, easily visible throughout the playing area. I am able to increase the level of the "steering meter", the lower left bar. It is an object whose importance becomes all the more visible as the battle lengthens, since it allows you to recover many more objects than the "standard".

These are circle-shaped bonuses, generally surrounded by a kind of "electric current". They will push you in the direction they are facing; their use allows to reach previously inaccessible power-ups.

Speed ​​Boost
As the name suggests, they increase your speed. These are rounded red objects, with an associated arrow. By jumping on it, you will be "shot" in the direction indicated by the arrow. Usually, it will direct you to a ramp, so the ultimate goal is to jump to a previously unreachable area.

Gems contain items that provide some advantage after the next battle. To unlock one of these objects, it will be necessary to hit the gem while traveling at high speed, so that the force of the impact will break it. The items you retrieve will remain in the player's inventory until they are used (or until they are stolen). These types of items can be unlocked:
Clock Stopper: it can literally "block" your opponent for a certain amount of time. The icon is similar to a "pause" key.
Fickle Finger of Fate: "random" item, sometimes it will increase your G-Power production, sometimes it will decrease it, so use it with caution (unless the situation is desperate). It is symbolized by an icon like "?!".
Power Swap: it is a power-up that "swaps" the G-Powers of two Bakugan who are engaged in a certain battle. It is particularly useful if the opponent has used all of his skill cards. The icon that represents it is made up of two arrows pointing in the opposite direction.
Big Advantage: object that "steals" the object of your enemy, use it very quickly because as soon as the opponent notices that you have acquired it, he will use his object to avoid falling into the trap. The icon that represents it is a hand.
G-Power Booster: item that increases your G-Power production during battle. It is represented by an arrow pointing up.
G-Power Stall: item that decreases your opponent's G-Power production during battle. It is represented by an arrow pointing down.

Card "Hyper Ability"
You can periodically use cards of considerable size, they are called "Hyper Ability" cards, and they give particularly "useful" abilities to your Bakugan (at other times, they will interfere with your opponent's visual & control abilities). They are activated when your Bakugan is positioned on a given card.

The Bakugan Solution: Battle Brawlers

Jamming: create an area around your Bakugan, such that anyone who lands in that area will lose control. It also affects your allies, so beware.
Damage Field: creates an area, slightly larger than that created by Jamming, which causes any incoming Bakugan to quickly lose G-Power (it will lose 50 points of G-Power per second). Again, allies are affected just as much as enemies, so some caution is required. Stealth: After landing on one of these cards, your Bakugan will instantly become invisible to all players (even yourself).
Confusion: causes your opponents to distort the view of the battlefield. It will therefore be difficult for them to make a good "throw", while landing on the card they wanted to use (in this case, only the enemies will be affected, not the allies).
Mirror: cause a complete distortion of your opponents' steering controls.
Barrier: protects your Bakugan from ball attacks.

The main story

The story will begin with the creation of your character, so first enter the name, at your choice. Next, you will need to select the attribute. Each of them leads to potential advantages and disadvantages. Aquous allows you to gain some advantage early in the game, but becomes comparatively less useful as you progress through the story. Pyrus is, on the contrary, slightly disadvantaged during the first moments, while it is considerably advantageous from the second part onwards. Ventus and Subterra are "average" characters, they do not have strong advantages and / or disadvantages. On the contrary, Haos and Darkos are particularly difficult to use, the game could become rather difficult following their choice.
You can then go and change the skin tone, the color of the hair, eyes, nose, mouth etc .; then press OK to save. Watch the next long skit, you will then have to complete a short tutorial.

Tournament "Neo Challengers"

Start your adventure by reaching the Bakugan shop, where you can meet Alice. She will tell you that you can earn Bakugan points by fighting against the subjects inside the park. Upon reaching this area, you will suddenly see a Bakugan fall from the sky; he will say his name is Leonidas. After the dialogue, your room & tournament arena will be unlocked. It will also be possible to buy Bakugan cards from the dedicated shop. If you want to reach the park, you will be stopped by Akira, who will offer you a challenge. However, it is not necessary to delete it now, you can safely do it later. Then reach the Tournament Arena, starting the new battles. During the next skit, you will become familiar with the basic controls of the game. Save the game; when you are ready, select "Battle". Below, the different characters who make up the tournament.

Very "simple" battle from a technical point of view, given the absence of objects along the battlefield. Simply use the cards at your disposal to your advantage. Whenever possible, use a Double Stand to finish off your enemy smoothly.

The situation is similar to what we saw with Shuji, in terms of "scenario". Use the Alpha Blaster whenever possible, when you get the chance - it can deal more damage than any other ability card at your disposal.

Since this battle is also included in the initial section of the game, it will prove to be extremely simple. Use exactly the same strategies seen for Shuji and Runo, completing the battle very quickly. You will then get a gold medal, as well as 5000 coins. So look at the scene at the end of the tournament.

Tournament "Supreme Day"

After winning the previous tournament, it is advisable to take a look at the shop, where new cards should now be available. At the same time, pay a visit to the park again. There you will be challenged by Akira and Shuji (actually, they will challenge you and Dan at the same time). Dan will use this situation as an opportunity to start a short tutorial on battles. In this way you will unlock the Supreme Tag tournament; going to visit the park, you will notice how Runo, Marucho and Shuji have been made available, with which to proceed to the battles in tag inside the park. Then reach the shop, near which you will be stopped by Alice, who will advise you to use the Aquos-type Bakugan, as she should get a certain advantage over the alternatives. On the contrary, the Pyrus are disadvantaged (in case you have chosen this type at the beginning of the game, it will be necessary to accumulate "Aquos points" to easily resist the "charge" of the enemy. When you consider the quantity and quality of accumulated cards sufficient , proceed to the tournament, starting the related fights.

Jewels & Jenny
As before, each fight is introduced by a rather long skit (often, longer than necessary). Remember that Jenny is equipped with a fully Aquos-type Bakugan, so using it she will have a distinct advantage over you - keep this in mind during the fight, otherwise you could find yourself in serious trouble. On the left side of the battlefield you will see a ramp. Climbing along it you will actually be "thrown" towards a kind of track, at which you can recover a large amount of GP (pay attention, however, to your steering capacity, indicated by the green bar - it can run out, putting you in serious difficulty).

Billy & Komba
Neither character has abilities that confer particular advantages on this playing field; therefore, facing them will not prove particularly complex, from any point of view. Komba tends to "miss" hits quite frequently, so a potentially very effective tactic is to wait for this event to perform a very fast Double Stand against him, practically zeroing his HP level.

Chan Lee & Julio
Chan Lee shares the same fate as Dan in this particular territory: his Bakugan is based on the Pyrus element, so he is at a fair disadvantage compared to you. If you followed our advice, you will have accumulated a fair amount of Aquos points on your Bakugan, so you can use them at will to make this fight extremely simple.

Runo & Marucho
Marucho mainly uses Aquos, therefore he has a considerable advantage, unlike your partner Dan, who will therefore be rendered practically useless, failing to effectively counter his more "direct" opponent. You will have to try to focus your Bakugan on the quick elimination of Runo, so that then you can also dedicate yourself to Marucho, without having to look after two enemies at the same time. After the victory, you will get the Aquos medal and a lot of money (around 10'000 BP).

Torneo "Brave Battlers"

Like any good Bakugan fighter, start your approach to the tournament by going to the shop for cards to buy. Dan will be waiting for you at the park, to let you participate in a kind of "tutorial" regarding the game mode you are going to face, that is Battle Royale. After the tutorial, you will be told how Dan and Drago have been hit repeatedly by a mysterious Bakugan. Following this skit, the "Brave Battlers" tournament will be unlocked.
Visit Alice again, she will talk about how the Subterra Bakugan have a discrete advantage in this specific scenario (conversely, the Ventus-type Bakugans will have a disadvantage, being the diametrically opposite type to the Subterra). Then head to the park, where you can freely talk to everyone present, many of them will have challenges to offer you - you can experiment with the game mode "Battle Royale", we recommend that you try it as it is what awaits you in the next tournament. Enter the stadium, where you can find Julie, Runo and Marucho, and begin the fighting.

Billy, Shuji & Akira
Billy and Akira unfortunately have Bakugan specialized in Subterra, so they will find themselves in a moderate advantage thanks to the prevailing terrain in this part of the game. Fortunately, Shuji mainly uses "Ventus", so he will be at a disadvantage. Try to focus on fighting Shuji only, leaving Billy and Akira's hot potato to your teammates, possibly assisting them in case they find themselves in particular difficulty.

Julio, Chan Lee & Klaus
Fortunately, in this battle you won't have to contend with any advantages conferred on your opponents from the ground - all special features are "removed", so if you're using a Subterra-type Bakugan you can breathe a sigh of relief. Quickly use your "Gate" cards on Klaus, as he tends to use them immediately too, so you won't give him a significant advantage. It is also possible to "surround" them towards the end of the fight, but it is considerably more complex.

Runo, Marucho & Julie
Julie is the only one who could really get you in trouble here. Being able to avoid it, focusing instead on the other two subjects (which are not "improved" by the presence of bonuses connected to the terrain), the fight will not be too difficult. If not, you may encounter some difficulties. Once these three enemies are gone, you'll get the Subterra Crest as well as 30 BP. But the tournament isn't over yet!

It is advisable to play a strategy essentially based on the "evasion" of the enemy. You will have to try to avoid being involved by him, using - as much as possible - the Double Stands, as well as your powerful card called "Leonidas Gate". An excessively close fight could cause a large decrease in your HP, therefore (if you are unable to implement the "evasive" strategy) a sufficiently "defensive" approach is still advisable.

Torneo "Maximum Power"

As you are used to doing by now, we recommend that you visit the shop to retrieve a lot of completely new cards and Bakugan, available only now. Speaking to Alice, you will be told that the next tournament will take place on ground that grants a certain advantage to Ventus-type Bakugans - so if your primary Bakugan is Subterra, you may need to tweak your preferences slightly. Once in the park, you will be challenged simultaneously by Julie, Klaus and Komba. Take a look at the bulletin board, where the new optional objectives will be inserted, in case you want to learn how to fully use the new Bakugan, and / or try to increase your cash availability to go and buy new cards. You can fight them following the "style" that suits you best. When you feel ready, walk towards the Arena, where you will be greeted by Shun.

Combat should prove remarkably straightforward, as Jewls mainly uses Subterra-type Bakugan, severely disadvantaged by the kind of territory that this tournament (Ventus) possesses. You will notice that on both sides of the battlefield there are particular platforms: if you get close to them, they will literally "shoot" you in the air, towards a path located practically in the middle of the sky. You can then use several G-Power boosts in this area. However, even if you decide not to take advantage of this option, you should be able to beat Jewls without a problem.

This is technically "basic" combat, a simple one on one. Your opponent has no territorial advantages or disadvantages, so assuming you have changed Bakugan, you should get an additional power that he cannot have. Also try to recover large amounts of power-ups, potentially useful in the fights that follow.

Chan Lee
The level is characterized by the presence of tornadoes that move in a circular manner around the game area. Upon entering one of them, you will suddenly be thrown into the air - potentially effective for reaching hidden bonuses, but also risky, as it could throw you out of the play area, causing your immediate defeat.

It can be considered as a slightly more complex version of the fight against Jewls. Julie is handicapped by the terrain (her Bakugan is a Subterra type), but she is powerful enough to more than make up for that. It is therefore advisable to use a Bakugan equipped with Alpha Blaster, such as Leonidas, capable of inflicting powerful damage, necessary to quickly decrease Gorem's very high HP level.

Probably the most difficult fight so far encountered. All the Bakugan at Shun's disposal give him a territorial advantage; he also has Fire Storm, capable of increasing Skyress's GPs. There are two types of Bakugan that can manage to counter this combination without too much trouble: Harpus with Feather Storm, or Leonidas with Alpha Blaster (and, if they do, the Gate Card too). Shun has the "Power Drain Gate" card, capable of halving the level of G-Power indicated on each Bakugan that lands in correspondence with him. It is therefore necessary to be careful with your more powerful Bakugan, you could "lose" them following a too risky move. Defeating Shun will allow you to get your hands on Ventus Crest, as well as 50 BP. Unfortunately, even in this case, the tournament is not over: after the skit, you will have to meet with Masquerade.

The Bakugan Solution: Battle Brawlers

This fight will be considerably easier than facing Shun. The only potentially damaging move is his "Hydranoid", but it can be countered by Leonidas' Alpha Blaster. You should be able to defeat him in a few turns, using this last move.

Torneo "Bakugan Master Cup"

As usual, the shop contains new cards and new Bakugans. Alice will also tell you about the Bakugan most favored by the atmosphere of the next game zone, these are the Pyrus-type Bakugan. Once you reach the park, you will be able to locate (as a new challenge) only Shun. However, you will be able to read a good amount of new goals listed on the bulletin board. You will have to beat Shun, Chan Lee, Klaus and Julio. For the upcoming tournament, where the challenges will actually take place, we recommend the use of a Bakugan with at least a "jump" level of 3. When you feel ready, approach the tournament arena, viewing the skit. beginning.

These are sufficiently simple opponents, therefore this kind of combat can be considered analogous to an absolutely "standard" one-on-one. The biggest complications come from the composition of the game area: you will immediately notice the presence of lava along the entire battlefield. Every second inside the lava will cause you to lose 5 GPs, and it is quite easy to stay 4-5 seconds immersed, losing about thirty GPs. However, it is possible to use the two springboards on either side of the game area without "danger", as they "throw" you in the opposite direction from the center of the battlefield, where the lava is located. You will reach a secret area, where you can recover some G-Power Boosts.

Chan Lee
Chan Lee benefits from the type of terrain, but also from the way the level is structured around him. In front of you you will in fact notice periodic eruptions of lava, which you must absolutely avoid (they send you into the air, with the consequent risk of leaving the playing field; at the same time, they damage you quite seriously). By avoiding these complications, you will eliminate Chan Lee without problems, as he has very little HP.

Unlike Chan, Klaus is handicapped by this type of terrain. Having followed our initial advice (i.e. use a Bakugan with good jumping ability) you will not be affected by the different position of the trampolines (they have been raised from the previous level). Collect some bonuses, and devastate Klaus with moves that he is sensitive to (of an element identical to that of the pitch).

In case you have selected a character with Pyrus abilities, the battle can be completed relatively easily, as Leonidas will be able to use Alpha Blaster to reset the enemy's life chances. If not, a Double Stand should still be enough to finish it off without taking too many risks. After beating him, you will get the Pyrus Crest and 100 BP.

Torneo "Ultimate Battle"

Once at the shop, Alice will tell you about the Bakugan who will get an advantage in participating in the next tournament, that is, those of the Haos type. Dan will be your only new challenge inside the park; take a look at the notice board as usual, even if in this specific case it will only contain the indication relating to defeating Dan as a "secondary" objective. The rest of the time before the tournament will be essentially devoted to preparing for the clash with Marduk, who will be the final boss. Methods for facilitating the defeat of him are as follows:
1) Maximize Leonidas level, especially with regards to G-Power.
2) Use the Silver Gate card with the biggest difference in G-Power improvement between Leonidas and Darkus (unless you choose Darkus, then there will be no problem).
3) Use the Copper Gate Power Drain card, to increase your power level, while decreasing that of your enemies.
4) The red skill card, which allows Leonidas to increase by 150 GP.
5) The blue skill card, Turn of Fortune.

So when you have completed the tournament supplies, try to reach the arena. Once you get to this area, watch the scene below. The fighting will begin immediately thereafter.

Marucho essentially has two Bakugan, Preyes and Angelo / Diablo. You will have to pay some attention here, as by focusing only on the Aquos-type Bakugan, Marucho can still put you in trouble. The battlefield consists of four ramps, which lead to the outside of the battlefield. Two of them are equipped with "speed boost", while the other two have trampolines. These last ramps allow you to reach the secret area, where you can retrieve various objects of various kinds, clearly useful for winning the fight. The other two ramps will allow you to recover a Hyper Ability card.

This is a rather typical one-on-one fight. You should only pay attention to the combination of Gorem and Grand Impact, but luckily you have already faced Gorem, so surely you know how to fight it effectively.

It will be one of the most difficult battles of the tournament, due to two characteristics: 1) the advantage conferred by the altitude; 2) the presence of one of the most powerful special shots in the game. We recommend (if possible, of course) to use the Haos lightning bolt, capable of increasing the GP up to a maximum of 500. Particular attention should be paid to Blade Tigrerra and Velocity Fang, but - having followed our advice at the beginning of the chapter - yours moves will be so powerful that you don't need to worry.

Shun is practically identical to Julie, beware of Storm Skyress and the Destruction Meteor, however no more threatening than Gorem's Grand Impact, with which you have already had experience.

He is also quite similar to Julie and Shun, but he is capable of ball attacks, more powerful than the standard. If possible, it is advisable to place your Bakugan behind one of your opponent's, so that it is possible to use the enemy as a shield, even giving him hits himself (like Meteor Strike Dragon).

Quite simple, compared to the opponents you have had to face so far. By using Darkus, you will have a significant advantage over your opponent, so you should be able to take him out very quickly. As usual, watch out for his special moves: Dual Hydranoid and Darkus Gazer.

The fight against Marduk will prove to be very similar to the one against Masquerade, in some ways slightly simpler. Of course, you too will understand that this is not the real final fight, but just an anticipation. Use the same tactics used to deal with Masquerade, therefore mainly Darkus. After the victory, you will get the Haos Crest, along with 250000 BP. Then visualize the following cutscene, during which Vladitor evolves into Battle Ax Vladitor, and Leonidas into Omega Leonidas. To continue the fight, you'll need to create a deck with Leonidas as the only active Bakugan. Assuming you have followed the directions set out at the beginning of the level, you shouldn't have any difficulty in carrying out this task. One possible deck that allows you to stay relatively quiet consists of: 1) Omega Leonidas as a Gold Gate card; Aquos Vortex as a Silver Gate card; Power Dragin as Copper Gate Karat; Dive Mirage as a Red Ability card; Omega Eraser as a Green Ability card; Turn of Fortune as a Blue Ability card.
During the battle, you will have to obey some special rules: 1) the presence of only one Bakugan; 2) the possibility of launching only one Gate Card per turn; 3) the victory will be awarded to whoever gets three Gate Cards first; 4) Double Stands cannot be used. We recommend using your first launch to immediately use Omega Leonidas, but not as a real attack, better with "exploratory" objectives (in short, do not land on the card, avoiding activating it). The reason is obvious: at each launch, Mardus will use Darkus Phantom, which will absorb part of your G-Power, adding it to that of Battle Ax Vladitor. On the sides of the battlefield there are - as usual - two trampolines. You can use them to reach one of the usual secret areas; a good tactic is to use it to increase your G-Power, neutralizing the effects of Darkus Phantom (which, as we said before, progressively decreases your available G-Power level). After the second turn, it is advisable to cast the "Power Drain" card, as Battle Ax Vladitor will be cast; having placed Power Drain, he will suffer a significant curtailment of his energy recovery capabilities. So repeat this procedure to effectively neutralize the threat represented by Battle Ax Vladitor; with that done, the rest of the battle should prove to be child's play. So enjoy the final movie!

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