The complete Resident Evil solution

The complete Resident Evil solution

Please note:

The solution of the game is based on the American version of the game, so it is possible to find differences for the Spanish version.

Part 1

I have not written in detail all the steps to be performed since the main feature of resident evil is to go "back and forth". Instead, I report the solution to all the points where you might find yourself in difficulty.

It is located behind the book that is in the tomb where there are the 4 tombstones on which the death masks must be fitted.

It is obtained by replacing the imitation of the key with the key which is stuck in the corridor on the third floor in the pedestal that rises.To obtain the imitation of the key you have to take the dog whistle and use it in the outside balcony; after killing the dogs that will come against you to retrieve the collar, examine it and take the coin inside it which in turn will turn into the imitation of the key.

It is located behind the clock in the dining room. To get it you have to take the musical notes. To get the musical notes go to the east corridor on the second floor. Open the first door on the right, go down the small corridor and open the door, continue to the right and enter that small dining room: light the candlestick, move the cabinet, enter the slot (watch out for the zombie) in the showcase there are notes.

Go back to the dining room, take the bronze emblem and go to the piano room: move the cabinet to the right of the room and take the other part of the notes, combine them and use them with the piano; enter the crack that has just opened and replace the golden emblem with the bronze one. Go back into the hall and put the gold emblem where the bronze one used to be: the clock will open so that you can move the hands: set the time to six half past and the clock will move.

Part 2

It is obtained by killing the "Plant 42" in the caretaker's house (if you are at the beginning you were not looking for it now) to kill it there are two ways: either shoot it until it dies (here you will risk a lot) or poison it by preparing the J-Volt (the J-Volt must be used on the roots down to the aquarium.

It is done in the caretaker's house; enter the room with the code (the one in the Gallery, the code is red-3, orange-5, green-6) and collect the empty bottles:

Fill a bottle of water

Fill a bottle with the UMB 3

Mix the two bottles and you will get the NP-4

Fill a bottle with yellow-6 and mix it with NP 4: you will get UMB 10

Fill a bottle of water and a yellow bottle and mix them to obtain UMB 7

Mix the UMB 10 and the UMB 7 to get the VP-017

Mix the VP-017 with the UMB 3 and you get the J-VOLT.


It is in the room where the stained glass windows are illuminated by the colored spotlights. You have to use the spotlights in order to get: a purple sage, a brave orange, and a green saint. Then press the switch on the picture at the end of the corridor and it will open a secret passage where the death mask is located.

It is located in the underground greenhouse where there is the plant with long tentacles: to kill the plant you have to use the herbicide with the pump by moving the lever to the red color.

In the armor room located in the east corridor on the second floor (the heavenly door): push the armor in this order to the far right, near left, near right, press the button and a small grate with a jewelry box will open inside; open it and you will find the mask.

In the room you enter using the "shield key": you will come across a snake that you can not kill, the mask is at the bottom left.

Video of the solution - First part

Part 3

I went down to the control room and read the sheet on the table on the left (the one in front of the wall where the map is hanging) which will tell you which valve to open in case of an emergency, then do this:
Lower the lever on the farthest control panel, then the one on your right, then the one on your left, open the oil pressure valve, again the panel on your right, the one on your left and finally the one furthest away. .

Get the Wind Crest: to get it you must go to the second floor room in the east wing.
Take the hook in the display case at the back of the room, then take the bee-shaped bait and match it with the hook; now take the bee specimen and put it in the place where you found the hook and finally put the bee with the hook where you got the bee specimen: press the button and take the wind emblem. the dog statues one to the west and the other to the north.
You will have to use the coat of arms on a tomb: at this point, three more coats of arms will appear that you will have to insert in the nearby tomb (first you have to examine them and press the button to release the protrusions: and here is the magnum.

It is located in the jewelry box that you find in the room on the ground floor which is accessed from the HALL.
To open the jewelry box you need the red gem that you take in the hawk's room which is accessed with the helmet key.
To take the gem you have to trick the hawk and take the gem when it is turned to the other side.Once you insert the gem into the jewelry box, a puzzle will appear in front of you: with the pieces you have to form an octagon and the jewelry box will open .

To find out the password needed to use the laboratory computer, you must enter the laboratory where the radiographs are located: first you must read the letter from the researcher who will reveal two names "JOHN" and "ADA": these correspond to the nick and password that must be entered in the terminal to be able to unlock the doors. However, these two data are not needed because they do not unlock the doors of both floors, but only of one alphabetical order (using the names of the patients) on the luminous screen At this point the switch must be activated which turns the screen into red and a detail will be highlighted on each radiograph: Colon, Esophagus; Liver, Lungs. form the word CELL.

Part 4

To get this key you must go to the part that has been unlocked using the password "CELL" and use the red filter (which you take in the room opposite the X-ray room) with the projector: activate the projector and in the last slide there 4 numbers will be written which you will have to insert into the password entry device located in the same room.
Once the password has been entered, a wall will rise and a passage will open in which you will find the key.

The mo discs are not essential to complete the game, but only to give it a different ending.
The MO discs are located: 1) Behind the statue of the eyeless tiger: you have to insert the yellow diamond that is in the hawk room and the blue diamond that is obtained by dropping the statue that is located on the balcony above the dining room; the statue will drop into the dining room and you can get the diamond.
2) Another MO disk can be found in the room where you found the key with the electricity symbol. 3) The last disk is located outside the room where you found the electricity key (instead of entering the door you always have to go forward and on that table you will find it)
The MO disks are inserted in special terminals that have the shape of GameCube:! 1) One is where you found the red filter. 2) Another is found passing through the air ducts located in the left door that has on the handle the symbol of electricity. 3) You can find the last terminal in the red-lit room through which you have to go to restore the power to the elevator.


To unlock this option, simply finish the game.

To unlock this mode you have to finish "Play Again" in less than three; in this mode there is no automatic aiming and the bins in which you store the objects are not connected to each other

To unlock this mode, you must finish the true survival mode or "Play Again" with both characters.

To unlock this option you must finish "Play Again" on normal or hard level with both characters. Here Forest (the person Jill takes the grenade launcher from) is still alive but covered in grenades: even if you touch him. ..BOOM!!!

To unlock this weapon you must finish "Play Again" mode on normal or hard level in less than 5 hours. It is a weapon with infinite hits.

To have this weapon right from the start of the game and with infinite hits you must finish the "Play Again" mode on normal or hard level in less than three hours.

To unlock the new clothes you have to finish the "Play Again" mode. When you start again in the trunk you will find the key to the closet. The door of the closet is in the room where you got the map on the first floor: you have to move the cabinet and press near the painting representing the villa.

Video of the solution - Second part

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