The Deponia Solution

The Deponia Solution

Please note:

The solution is based on the German version of the game. There may be deviations from the localized version in English and / or Spanish.

Chapter 1 - First Part

After the tutorial, you will need to prepare the escape. Having examined the list of necessary items, which includes a cutter, toothbrush, food and socks, click on the pillow next to the suitcase, locating a green sock.
Then click on the refrigerator, locating a yellow sock. Retrieve the two messages, then take a blue sock that you can find under the cloak, near the refrigerator. From the bathroom, take the plunger.
Examine the area to the left of the sink, noting an object resembling a cross between a mutant mouse and a toothbrush. Then examine the nearby cabinet to retrieve the cutter and cleaner. Proceed to the right of the sink, entering the room. Examine the rat's lair, watch the cutscene - you'll get a trap. Outside the window you can find some oil and a soldering iron. To the left of the sink you can find a fork and a saucepan. Fill the pot with water, then cover it. Use the old oil in combination with the chair to recover the Wasabi nuts.
It now remains to recover the toothbrush and the two socks of the same color. Place one of the nuts in the mousetrap, then place the trap in the area where the toothbrush-mouse escaped. You will be able to capture it. Then place the pot (full of water) on the stove, open the oven. Combine the notes with the soldering iron, place the notes in the oven and turn it on using the soldering iron. Then throw the colored socks inside the pot, and retrieve a pair of gray socks using the fork. You can now safely pack your suitcase; you do not have enough space to carry everything, it will therefore be necessary to leave the slicer at home.
You will therefore find yourself in front of the unfinished aircraft. Open it, then also open the batteries. After the short cutscene, retrieve the wrench behind the harpoon. Go back inside the cabin, and proceed to its back. Use the wrench on the mailbox. Go back to the aircraft, combine the mailbox with the "chair" of the aircraft to go to recover the batteries. You will therefore have to face a short mini-game of calibration of the harpoon: move it to the left, then up, left, up, left, down / right, up, left, up. Let's now use the soldering iron to join the fuses on the right, so look at the cutscene.
Retrieve the suitcase and take both the socks and the Wasabi. Rufus will then try to open the hatch on the left, without succeeding. Then lock the gears using a nut. Combine the socks with the trap door. Now open the hatch, retrieve the tool and remove the grate on the left. Then proceed along the new path, arriving at the control center. Pull the lever, watch the cutscene that follows. You will find yourself in a cactus field. Go through the door, proceed towards the central area of ​​the village. Examine the entire area in detail, also trying to extract information from the subjects stationed near the town hall. You will get a waiting number. You will therefore have to find a way to anticipate your hearing. Retrieve the magnet on the left of the panel. So go talk to the doctor. You will need to get a stimulant and / or a very strong coffee before you can proceed. So retrieve the balloons attached to the door, which you can see on your return. Back at the town hall, proceed along the side alley. Enter the tavern, talk to Lonzo.
He will show you his espresso machine, and will also give you a recipe. Retrieve the red blanket, the dart, and the sign with the cow from the tavern. Exit the bar, enter the emergency room. Retrieve the scalpel and the tooth drill here. So combine the anesthesia gas with the balloon. Then pull the blue lever on the left, reaching the police station. Make sure that the electronic control device (near the big piece of furniture) is facing downwards. Use the switch again, this time preferring the red color. You will find yourself in the fire station. Retrieve the fire-fighting gloves, place the fire extinguishers on the ground. So take the kind of handles placed where the fire extinguishers were before.
Reposition the lever on the blue, we will get the handcuffs. Flip the switch back to red, returning to the fire station. Place the cuffs on the container on the right. Switch to blue, go up to the typical fire station pole, use it to go up, enter the cell and retrieve the Dietrich. Return the switch to green, place the Dietrich in the medical box, retrieving a syringe and a stimulant instead.
So go back to Toni. Try to recover the gift certificate, discussing with Toni; when Toni gets angry, grab the glass on the right using the hook. You will get hurt, so Toni will give you the keys to the home pharmacy (along with the involuntary hook). Proceed therefore to the house of Wenzel, also in the city. Talk to him about everything and more, then enter the bathroom, retrieve the sponge at the top left.
After the conversation, head down to Wenzel's cellar. Use the drill for the teeth, making two holes in the gutter. Go back to the bathroom, combine the hook with the gas-filled balloon, place this new object in the fireplace. Then proceed to the water tank. Enter the pipe, noting how the gutter directs its flow directly towards the chimney blanket of Wenzel's house. Examine the water tank again. Go back to Wenzel. Watch the cutscene that will take place in the cellar. So retrieve the wand. Go back to the Town Hall, noting that there are still 3 people in front of you. Your goal will now be to raise the alarms of these 3 people's homes, so that they leave your place.
Go to Hannek (you will find him in front of the bar), talk to him about the plan. Obtained the magnets, examine the hats of the people waiting, so as to understand which exactly are their houses; Once the magnets are placed, you can watch the cutscene and return to the town hall. You can now speak to the mayor. Use the cane from Wenzel's house on the mayor's table watermark. Retrieve the keys that will be made visible by opening a hidden compartment. Then examine the surroundings further, opening the sphere, retrieving the grappa glass, then inserting the keys in the lock. Take the grappa. Proceed to the town gate. There you will find a car; the window is completely dirty, but you can use the sponge and soap (recovered from Toni's house) to clean everything.
Given the area, it is also advisable to look after the bull. Use the red blanket on the sign, then the syringe on the bull, filling it (half) with taurine, which will therefore be used to create the energy drink. Go back to the alley, talk to your friend in front of the bar. Ask him questions regarding the Schnutzipu keys. He will tell you about his favorite color (pink) and his favorite hobby (dancing). Go back to the car, open the driver's door, pull the lever, open the hood, make a hole in the battery and slide some liquid from the battery into the glass. Now combine the grappa with the liquid from the batteries, to obtain a new type of liquid.

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Chapter 1 - Second Part

You will have obtained almost all the ingredients you were looking for. However, there is still something missing. Head to Toni's hut, and grab the chillies using the fire gloves you recovered from inside the firehouse. Behind Toni's hut you will find a strange ancient object. Try to examine it, using the scalpel to "work" it, obtaining some black powder. Inside the inventory, combine it first with the soldering iron, then with the funnel. Enter Toni's shop, where you can retrieve a machine to "create" coffee. Fill it with the black powder that you have just worked, then also add both the chilli and the stimulant. Then use the lever, obtaining your special coffee powder.
Proceed to the bar, insert the coffee powder into the coffee machine. So mix the water with the taurine, put it in the small water tank connected to the coffee machine. Talk to Lonzo, finally getting the espresso. So go to the reception room. Try to give the doctor the espresso right away, but he won't accept it immediately, unfortunately. So combine the cartons with the soldering iron, setting them on fire. When the fireman arrives in the area to put out the fire, you will have to lock him inside, closing the door.
Climb up and retrieve the stethoscope, and combine it with the mayor. So let the firefighter go, who will accuse the doctor. During the following dialogue, approach Goal and - using the funnel - make her drink the "energy drink" you just made. After his sudden awakening, he will throw a punch at you. You will therefore wake up in the emergency room; start talking to Goal, he will forgive you. The target will now be the location of Cletus. First, fill a new balloon with gas. Proceed to the post office. It seems that the building does not have a clock; then divert to the mayor's office, retrieve the clock (as well as the funnel and microphone), place it on the post office wall.
Examine the surroundings of the office, opening the shelves. However, you will not find anything useful. So go back to Toni's hut, open the pharmacy area with the keys you recovered earlier. Take the narcotic. So ask Toni to provide you with the post office coupons. He will not consent: it will be necessary to find a way to circumvent his will of him. Use the narcotic with the arrow, then use the funnel to throw the arrow through the window, going to hit tones. In this way, you can safely retrieve the coupons from Toni's shop, despite his wishes to the contrary.
Go back to the post office again. Talk to the robot, making him explain several things about the Earth's magnetic field. He will also tell you about his love for wrapping paper. Now first use the narcotic on the cat on the left, then give the coupon to the postal robot. A package will be prepared by the robot itself, but given the lack of awareness of the cat, too many stamps will be applied. So give the espresso to the cat on the right. The number of stamps will further increase; you will also need to provide another voucher. It will now be necessary to be able to reach the post office treasury. To do this, a situation must be created that forces the robot to leave its station. One possibility is to try to manipulate the will of the pigeons, however it is necessary to modify the Earth's magnetic field. So go to the mayor's office, combine the divining rod with the water symbol on the desk for a second time. Then move the pillow, finding a machine to control the Earth's magnetic field.
Take the machine to the post office control panel. It will now be necessary to program the machinery, so that the smaller sized pigeon is placed in the medium or large cage, so that during transport it flies away, and everything it is carrying falls down, causing the robot to distract - situation that you purposely want to create. You will therefore have to overcome a short minigame, the solution of which is the following:

- central node towards the right column;
- two of the nodes on the second row from above towards the central column;
- central node towards the left column;
- two of the nodes on the second row from above towards the central column;
- central node towards the right column;
- two nodes from the top towards the central column;
- two nodes from the bottom towards the central column;

So go back to the post office, try to give the voucher for shipping, your plan will unfold perfectly. The wrapping paper will be on the ground, on the right. Try to beat it repeatedly, then go back to the post office, noticing how the robot is no longer in its place of work. Have Rufus open the "cages" of the two cats, so that he can free them and take them with him. Behind the counter, you will notice a piece of paper with holes in it. Place it over the mailboxes on the left, making a 3-digit number emerge from each "hole". Each sheet is marked with a number, it indicates which digit will be taken to compose the lock password.
Having opened the safe inside the treasury, move up to the radio and retrieve the paper bird. The goal is now to be able to connect to the radio; however, you still need headphones, retrieving them will not be so easy. Go back to the usual alley that you have now visited countless times. Combine the laughing gas on the parrot. Take it with you, then - from within the inventory - combine it with espresso, effectively bringing it back to life.
Then place the parrot inside Toni's bar, on the appropriate tube. The goal is to try to make him learn Toni's typical vocabulary. Then proceed to the mayor's office. Combine the cats with the telegraph; on the "opposite side" of the line there will be the little bird-alarm clock, which will always hit its head on the same key.
After the short scene, go back to get the parrot from Toni's bar, placing it next to the emergency room phone. So go to the post office, try to talk to the switchboard operator. He is completely exhausted, so you can take his headphones without him being able to protest effectively. Head for the umpteenth time to the treasury. Combine the microphone and headphones with the radio. So use the radio to get in touch with Cletus; you will be able to indicate a precise meeting point. So go to the emergency room, retrieve the receipt; unfortunately, Goal has already gone away, so you will have to start looking for it again. So combine the cat with the tree, to be able to leave quickly.
Quickly make your way to Wenzel's house. Talk to him, then try to open the shower. Watch the next cutscene, then head down to the cellar and open the closet. Goal will fall on you. Throw it on the wheelbarrow, then use the divining rod to block the door. So enjoy the cutscene that marks the end of this first game chapter.

Chapter 2

First, examine the immediate surroundings of the initial area. Carefully analyze the crane, open the control box, remove the faulty safety lock that prevented the proper functioning of the mechanism. Back down, go right along the tunnel. Then retrieve the lamp from the mine cart. As you continue to the right, you will notice a skeleton. Click on his pelvis, place the bone in the inventory. So retrieve the mirror on the right, open the box of the signal lamp, then take the red light bulb visible inside. Before returning to Doc, we recommend that you try to examine the mine cart carefully. In this way, you can also communicate this problem to Doc, thus obtaining a power inverter that could be used to bring the situation back to normal.
Go back to the mine cart. Unfortunately, if you try to use the inverter on the mine cart, it will end up in the trash pile. Examine it. You will now have to solve a mini-game: here you will find 3 central parts, 3 rotating parts, 3 couplers and 3 cogwheels. So you will have to try to build the inverter independently. So go talk to Doc, who will tell you how to combine all the pieces exactly. First combine the rotating parts with the central part, then the gear wheels, the emerald flange and then the threaded socket. The last two remaining pieces must therefore be joined, in the only possible way.
Having built the power inverter, you can then use it to start moving forward, reaching the outside. Unfortunately, you will quickly notice that the direction of travel is wrong - opposite to what is required. Then press the switch behind you; you will be shot up towards the control room. However, it is not possible - at least for the moment - to press the green switch. So head to the tunnel again and hit the switch. You will go to unlock a hidden passage below you. Then use the lever, making the signal lamp turn red.
Return to the tunnel entrance, now managing to retrieve the keys from the body of the skeleton. Then position the white lamp towards the base of the right lamp, recovering a kind of "flash". Then place the mirror on the skeleton. Drink all the remaining contents of the flask of grappa. Then dry the bottle with a rag, and use the same rag in combination with the mirror. Go back to the control hut, then combine the keys with the key locker on the left. You can thus recover an octagonal key. Return to the doc, then use the octagonal key in combination with the maintenance hatch, thus recovering a safety component. Then place the power inverter - which you yourself recently created - near the sign. This will create a chain reaction, causing (finally) the appearance of light inside the tunnel. Proceed to the outer curve, retrieve both a lever and a bottle.
Go back to the tunnel, place the lever inside the appropriate slot, then use it. The cart will automatically be transported to the opposite side of the mining area, colliding with the crane that was visible during the initial part of the second chapter. You can thus reach the inside and / or the controls of the crane, consequently try to pass Goal without problems. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to do everything immediately, as Goal has both hands full.
So go back to Doc to clarify the situation once and for all (right click on the horizon). During the explanation, combine the bottle you have in your inventory with the grappa available at the game site, so as to slightly fill the bottle. Back at the crane, place the skeleton's leg under the chair, then start meditating - right-clicking on the visible horizon. Among the various choices, you will then have to prefer "Mumpi". It will then be possible to transport Goal to the mining carriage.
Rufus will then set off the carriage. He will proceed - as desired - to the control center. It will now be necessary to arrange the path so that the carriage goes to reach the mining workshops. So take advantage of the control panel, and the levers connected to it: the first must be positioned downwards, the second also, the third upwards; therefore the switch on the left must be green, while the switch on the right must be red. After a short cutscene sequence, you will be transported to the third chapter.

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Chapter 3 - First Part

Talk to everyone inside the candy shop. Take a sardine from the automatic machine visible on the right. So, let our protagonist eat it, using a quick right click. Also take a chewing gum from the vending machine visible on the left, then move the green shelf sideways to the right. The connector and sockets will be released, so it will be possible to connect the candy machine correctly. Using the lever you can therefore recover different types of candies; you can then "join" the candies to their container, placing the various candies directly in the inventory.
We recommend recovering the phosphorus candies. Therefore, examine the other areas of the game. First of all, try to analyze the surroundings of the entrance, going to locate a small alcove under a kind of trap door. Having noted the presence of this alcove, proceed towards the tower. However, you will not be able to reach it, the path is blocked. Go back to the entrance, and proceed to the station hall. Examine the mosaic to locate a tall kind of secret trap door, which leads to a kind of alcove. You can recover some pieces of mosaic, recover them all by placing them in your inventory.
Then move all the way to the right, reaching the elevator. So open the cleaning cabinet next to the elevator, recovering a mop, bucket and soap from inside. So go back to the station room, combine the icing sugar with the lamp, the sugar will begin to light up. So combine the mosaic with the luminous icing sugar (more specifically, the mosaic niche with the luminous icing sugar), actually starting to study the mosaic itself.
Repeat the whole procedure also for the mosaic you have previously visited near the entrance. On the right, a mosaic still remains, this however completely dirty. Perhaps it would be worth cleaning - but despite having the necessary tools, there is still no water. Proceed to the area in front of the tower, and begin filling the bucket using the barrel full of water. Get the soap too, go back to the dirty mosaic. Combine all of the cleaning items with the mosaic itself, so Rufus actually goes to clean it. Then open the alcove again, place the icing sugar in the niche.
Examine the mosaic again, noting how some pieces are missing. You should have them in your inventory, having recovered them earlier, during one of your first visits to the mosaic in question. So, take your pieces, combine them with the chewing gum you recovered earlier, and combine it all into the mosaic. A kind of mini-game will now appear: don't worry about its resolution, it's impossible - instead enjoy the cutscene that will inevitably follow. Then use the control panel, enter the password "Rufus" (changing it from the previous one), connected to the lift. A portable light bulb will appear inside your inventory. Head to the elevator - the password will be entered automatically - so watch the skit. Retrieve the blue flag from the platform. Proceed to the left, retrieve the piece of the railing. Combine the railing piece with the chewing gum to create a sling.
Head towards the station, listen to the conversation that will take place there, also recovering the stones in the area. It will now occur to you that it might be possible to recreate a Cletus impersonator. Go to the elevator, open the oil container, insert the mop inside. You can therefore use it as a wig. So combine the sling with the stones you just recovered at the station. Shoot at the lamp, causing the kind of lampshade that protects the lamp in question to fall. So combine the piece of railing with the wooden stick that makes up the mop, thus obtaining a kind of hook, which you can combine with the lampshade of the lamp.
So combine the lampshade, the blue flag and the oil-soaked mop. Click on the new item using the right button, so that Rufus goes to get dressed completely. So try to test everything with the character on the left, then proceed towards the platform.

Chapter 3 - Second Part

Talk to Cletus, recovering the data. After yet another cutscene, proceed to the candy store, looking for Goal. Goal will have disappeared, and the shop will be in total chaos. Take a candy fish, combine it with the phosphorus liquid in the lower part of the play area, obtaining a kind of bait.
So use the pocket lamp to follow the phosphorus tracks, which lead you outside, then to the right, entering the tower. Unfortunately, they seem to end up near a dead end. Examine the surroundings, however, by locating a straw. So try to lift the grate using the hook you used earlier. Now try to proceed inside - failing however to get very far. You may, however, spot a ... whale. Combine the pocket lamp with the lure, then the lure with the whale. The whale will throw itself against the bars of the grate, going to clear the passage.
Proceed straight, until you are interrupted by an intermission scene. So, give the data to Doc. Although the contacts are not particularly functional, we recommend that you try using the backup data. Goal will wake up, but it can't be said that he's all right. Examine the data, noting how the contacts are quite dusty. Retrieve the toilet brush next to the sofa, also retrieve the keys, then go outside. Open the crate using the keys to retrieve a wire cleaner and degreaser. Now, you will need to clean up the data container perfectly:

- combine the dust brush with the contacts;
- combine the brush with the chip;
- combine the brush with the head;
- combine the degreaser with the contacts, the chip and the head;
- combine the brush with the contacts and the chip;
- combine the brush with the head;
- use the heavy brush on all components, thus cleaning them completely.

So combine the data-storage machine with Goal, talk to her - she'll remember everything (or almost everything) now. After the cutscene, exit this play area. Proceed to the tower, position yourself immediately in front of it. Use the rag on the nearby pool. Proceed to the left, reaching a window. Open it, then look through it and insert the fork into the horn, then lift yourself up.
Retrieve the stuffed animal, then go back and place the stuffed animal under the desk. Then proceed towards the crane. Use the lever, which will "attract" the enemies, clearing the way to proceed inwards. Watch the cutscene, then proceed towards the platform, to go find Cletus. After the conversation, examine the bag for a second costume.
Right-click to proceed with dressing. During the next scene, you steal Cletus' pants. Another cutscene, so grab the database from Goal. Yet another cutscene, then go outside and proceed towards the railway, going to retrieve the data from the vending machine.
You will now be surrounded on all sides, you will have to rush towards the handles of the monitors to escape your assailants. After landing, you will find Bonzo waiting for you: freely choose one of the answers, thus enjoying the final scene!

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