The Resident Evil Solution: Revelations

Please note:

The solution is based on the US version of the game for Nintendo 3DS. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.


Proceed along the bridge to the locked door. Shoot the lock as indicated on the screen. Go through the door marked in yellow, go down the stairs, follow the corridor to the left, go through the door marked in green and approach the chest. Hit the slime with a few hits, aiming for her arms. When she becomes inactive, the prologue will end.

Episodio 1: Into the Depths

Examine the carcasses around you. Proceed to the right to the root, examine the next two carcasses, then go through the tunnel, another carcass to the left, retrieve the data. Also analyze the carcass under the bridge, therefore the one at its end. Get the vaccine, go back and give the data to Clive. Proceed beyond the round steel door. Approach the red door, tell Jill to look through the vent. Go through the blue door on the right, go up the stairs. Proceed beyond the bathroom, quickly finishing the slime. Go through two more doors, avoiding interacting with the lockers. Left, straight, left again passing the door in red. Go down the stairs, then straight and beyond the door in blue.
Get rid of the two oozes, retrieve the items from the room. Go out and up the stairs, pulverize the slime, then go back through the door. Open the red door on the left, picking up the items. Go back to the bathroom, kill the slime and examine it. Repeat for the next one near the door. Exit, go down the corridor, go down the stairs. Go back up a ramp and go through the door to meet Parker. Use the key on the red door.

Episodio 2: Double Mystery

Jump off the wall. Examine the plane, scanning it for various objects, as well as the carcass inside. Open the door next to Jessica. Examine the interior of the cockpit, take the plane from the body. Enter left, examine the gate. Jump along the two slopes, preparing your gun to take out the three dogs that will attack you. Follow the path to the left, cross the bridge, picking up the two BOW machines. Jump off the slope, fend off the dogs, then examine the rocks and proceed to the end of the path. Save, jump to the edge of the following part of the path - the ground beneath Chris's feet will crumble. You will have to deal with a group of dogs: use the lures to distract the dogs, then the grenades to eliminate them. Walk to the yellow ladder. Open the gate.
After the cutscene, go back to Jill. Move the closet to proceed beyond the door. Open the toilet and retrieve the screwdriver. Exit, beware of the slime: stand next to the TV, waiting for the slime to project towards you, trying to dodge her attacks. Head to the electrical panel next to the door. You will have to connect the wires in their own way; the solution requires you to create diagonal connections from the central part of the first row, to the external part of the second, then back to the central; and from the upper left part of the first row towards the central part. Proceed along a few doors to the bathroom. Collect the grass and exit before the mud arrives. Right, go through the door. Turn around and go to the back, get the ammo, go back to the corridor. Go quickly beyond the closets to avoid running into the mud. Beyond the door, run down the hall, move the wardrobe, go through the door. Go down towards Parker, go through the two doors.
Dodging the slime, continue to the opposite side. Take the components of objects on the table, throw the steel door to the ground, recover the ammo. Examine the green box. Here you can add custom components to your character's weapon. Hover the cursor over the weapon you want to upgrade, press Y to reach the associated page, then make your selection and exit the screen. It will now be necessary to return to the bridge. Ignore the red door, examine the slime to get the data. Proceed to the second library. From the coffee shop, go up the stairs and examine the shelf, grabbing a grenade. Go through the door on the left. Get rid of the oozes, examine the bloodstain, go through the door. Still ahead, then left when you reach the corridor.
Left, beyond the door, returning to the initial areas. Go down the corridor, then turn right. Equip the knife, using it to destroy the lock. Go through the door and continue down the hall, pressing the switch to call the elevator. Enter and continue to the bridge, then down the corridor and into the room with the broken lock, examining the lockers for various items. When you reach the following corridor, proceed straight towards the bridge. Examine the pipes on the left, then activate the panel.

Video - Story Trailer

Episode 3: Ghost of Veltro

Grab the ammo from the desk, then proceed through the back doors. Left, towards the dead end. Collect the grass, then go down the stairs, use the machine gun to finish the enemies. Search the room to recover all possible items, then following Jessica into the elevator. Go up the stairs to the right, go down the corridor, go up another ramp. Hit the switch, get rid of the Hunter in the elevator. Take advantage of the elevator to start going up. Go through the corridor, then the red door. Retrieve the machine gun from the table. Left, another red door to overcome. Pursue the Hunter and kill him. Go through the door on the opposite side. Right, take the Shotgun. So, out of the room, go straight and then left, following the corridor to its natural end.
Beyond the door, turn right and open all the lockers to get the items. Another door to pass, Hunter to kill, then left, along a corridor. Left again, get rid of the Hunters and follow the path to a door. Pass it to get to the rooms. Run to the sixth floor. Collect the ammo, go out the door you entered. Go past the sign and pick up the grass next to the apartment. Straight ahead, open the locker, then left. Kill the Hunter, go back to the corridor and go through the door on the right. Right again, then get on the elevator. You'll have to deal with the Hunters. We recommend moving backwards and shooting, luring the Hunters to one of the corners of the room (strangely, they won't chase you more than two, so you won't be cornered). Always try to aim at their face using the machine gun, so that you can stun them and proceed to a melee attack. Having killed them, an elevator will arrive on the scene. Use it to reach the helicopter.
After a skit, you'll regain control of Jill. Turn left, grab the ammo from the control panel. Go down the stairs on the bridge, go through the door. Collect the ammo, go back and go down the corridor. Enter to the right, examine the area to the left to get a key. Once out, proceed through the steel door on the opposite side. Examine the table on the left, then the frame Parker is looking at. Approach the bookcase, examine the body on the chair, exit the room. Save your game and head back across the bridge, then to the elevator, then straight down the hall and back into an elevator. Get carried to the top of the cabins. Corridor, then right, then beyond the steel door. Examine the underside of the bed to get some custom parts. Once out, turn right. Go through the door, then left. Get rid of the slime, then follow the corridor and swerve left to reach the next room. Insert the mane into the platform for a shotgun. Once out of the room, take the next one to the bar. After the bar, go down and proceed to the right, opening the gate with Helm's key. Go through the door with the wheel, then the next one. Go through the circle to locate the communication room door - locked. Read the note, go down the stairs, enter the door marked with the name "Promenade". Right, go through another door, retrieve the various rifles. Clear the mud beyond the corridor, then go straight and turn right beyond the door. Still straight, right, head towards the area where the red arrows point upwards.
Collect the ammo from this room, then destroy the lock to begin the boss battle.

BOSS: Mutated COMM Officer
The problem with dealing with this boss is the constant flow of slime that will be associated with it. We therefore recommend that you always keep your ability to fire on the enemy "focused", without being distracted by the henchmen. Also always stay on the move, to prevent the henchmen themselves from being able to attack you in multiple quantities. Use the barrels of fire to your advantage - keep the laser focused on the barrel, awaiting the arrival of the boss; when he arrives on the scene, shoot the barrel to cause an explosion and inflict large amounts of damage.

After defeating the boss, continue along the main path, passing the double doors to an unlit elevator. You will have to change the connections of the panel next to it: move the node at the bottom left once to the right; once upwards the node at the bottom right; once towards the center the node in the center-right. The elevator will start working again; go to the bridge, search the surroundings for ammo, then return to the bridge walk.
Exit the double steel doors, then through the nearest small steel door. Go up the stairs, go through the wooden door, then the corridor and another wooden door. Go down the stairs and retrieve the ammo, then go through the wheeled doors to return to the Opera. Go up the stairs, use the key to open the gate and proceed to the next episode.

Episodio 4: A Nightmare Revisited

Collect the ammunition, proceed beyond the doors to return to the Opera room. Retrieved the key from Raymond, go down using the elevator to get to the casino. Collect the grass on the left, go up the stairs and pull the lever to bring the casino back to life. Go back to the fountain, press the switches in the area. Beyond the slot machines, turn right. Head to one of the flashing slot machines, use one of the coins to get more in exchange. Go up the stairs; you will need to insert 3 bronze coins, 2 silver coins and 4 gold coins in the door.
Proceeding forward, grab the ammo and go down the two ladders. Climb along the next, in front of you. Go down the corridor. Go through the double green doors, examine the central panel near the elevator. Continue beyond the following double doors. Open the panel on the right. You will have to solve one of the usual puzzles that require the handling of some connections; below, the sequential list of the moves to be made:

- top left, once to the right.
- central, once to the left.
- at the bottom, once to the left.
- center / right, once downwards.
- middle / bottom, once to the left.
- up / right, once down.
- center / right, once to the left.
- central / top, once to the right.
- center / left, once upwards.
- center / left, once to the right.
- central / central, once to the left.

Proceed beyond the elevator. Go up and turn right, following the path along the stairs. Examine the crates, proceed through the door, examine the other crates. Back to the elevator, clear the slime in the middle of the corridor, enter the nearest room. Follow it quickly, then walk along the following corridor, enter the door in red, take the custom components in the upper right.
Leaving the room, left, up the stairs. Proceed beyond the bathroom, use the iron key to enter the steel door on the left, recovering the weapons. Proceed then beyond the blue door, recover the chest of weapons. Exit to the left, go through the blue door, go down the stairs, turn right and open the locker. Go further beyond the door marked with a green light. Pick up the diary (the flashing object on the ground). Read it, go out and get ready for a fight.

BOSS: Mutated Rachel
First of all, we highly recommend using the machine gun. Rachel's attack pattern is similar to that of a "standard" slime, except for increased speed. During the early stages, focus on dodging attacks, dealing damage only if / when you counterattack. After a while, Rachel will run towards the ventilation ducts and you have to chase her. Going up the flights of stairs, we recommend using the shotgun rather than the shotgun, given the limited space available: in this way you will benefit from the recoil, going to move Rachel away from you. Only when you reach the bathroom can / will you have to hit her with the shotgun. Having killed Rachel, retrieve the elevator key and go back to the blue doors. Go down the corridor, passing the green doors. Use the key on the center panel, then use the lever on the right to move the elevator.

Episodio 5: Secrets Uncovered

Examine the crates to the right, then go down the stairs and retrieve the machine gun. Go down the hall, examine the bottle that fell off the shelf to get a screwdriver. Open the door, proceed along the room, beyond the door, then along a corridor. Examine the electronic panel on the left; to solve the puzzle, you will have to perform the following moves:

- move the center / right to the left
- move the control unit upwards
- move the center / left to the right
- move right / up to down
- move left / up to down

Beyond the door, scan the computer, then go back to Jill. Once out of the elevator, proceed through the lower left door. Go down the ladder, walk along the stream until you reach the door. Open it, go up the stairs and continue to the control room. Examine the red screens. Proceed beyond the door on the left, go down to the water.
Get rid of the infected fish, dodge the flow of water and proceed beyond the door. Swerve to the right, then continue through another door. Turn right again, then go through the door on the left. Go up the stairs, use the lever to divert the steam flow. Get back in the water and proceed along the door to the left. Take the map on the wall on the left, go through yet another door, go up the ladder.
Grab the machine guns, go down the stairs and continue beyond the nearest door. Retrieve the shock grenade, go through yet another door, pull the lever to stop the flow of steam so as to reach Parker. Pull the first lever again, Jill will tell you that the flow has not stopped; go through the door behind Parker. Down the stairs, go through the steel door and run beyond the fish; examine the red gear, turn it to stop the steam flow. Go back to Parker, proceed through the door next to him. Go down the stairs to the right, then continue beyond the watercourse; place the gear in the machine at the top of the stairs; get rid of the slime and fish, then hit the switch to the left to get the restart key. Go back to Parker by going down the stairs (use shock grenades to finish off the fish). When you reach the panel, enter the restart key.
After two skits, you need to go and examine the impact zone. Get rid of the dogs, preferably while running, so they can't "chew" you. Jump off the ravine. Right, retrieve the grenade, then proceed to the destroyed airplane. You will have to fight with some Hunters: start hammering them with the machine gun, then if / when they get close, switch to the shotgun.
Examine all nearby objects to get a large amount of ammo. Then interact with the cockpit to end the episode.

The Resident Evil Solution: Revelations

Episodio 6: Cat and Mouse

Enter the door in front of you. Examine the vase, then the table. Jump into the elevator, go down and through the steel doors. Go up the nearby stairs, retrieving the grenade from the table. Go through the steel door, then down the hall and up the stairs. Follow the path past the table, continue past the two wooden doors, then beyond the wheel-shaped door to the casino.
You will have to deal with two slimes equipped with electric saws; despite their high attack capacity, they are rather slow and almost always move at the same time. We recommend that you always remain at a certain safe distance, avoiding exploiting close-range attacks based on shotguns; Instead, it is preferable to resort to grenades, a weapon that allows you to attack without risking anything. Then retrieve the key that will be released by the second slime guy. Proceed inside the room the two came from, use the key on the steel door and proceed forward. Jump into the nearby hole, go through the door and hit the nearest ooze. Examine the crates on the left, retrieve the grenade, analyze the two blood clusters for items. Climb the ladder to the next play area. Immediately start running to avoid being hit by the enemy close to you. Approach the elevator, pull the lever.
Enter the lower left door. Go down the ladder, go through the two doors, go through the empty room and go down the stairs. Get rid of the enemies and continue along the path below, then beyond the door. Eliminate the slime nearby using the shotguns, go through the door marked by blue light. Throw a "preemptive" grenade in the following room. Pulverize the slime that falls from the ceiling, enter the door on the left to get to the engines. Dive into the water, start swimming around the play area. Retrieve the tube next to the panel where Parker was. Swim to the vent in the center, press Y to hit the grate. Go down the corridor, take the ammo and drop into the nearby hole. Go up the nearby stairs, go through the door, turn to the ladder and go up. Go through the door and the elevator. Pull the lever to go up.
Once out of the elevator, go down the tube. Climb the ladder, run to the next one to return to the casino's VIP lounge. Examine the lamp to the right, use the weapon chest, then exit the room. Turn around and examine the woman guarding the door. Go up the nearby stairs and through the wheel-shaped doors, returning to the opera room. Jump on the elevator on the opposite side; call it and press the only switch inside it. You'll have to deal with a bioweapon built into the elevator. She will show her body parts from one of the corners of the elevator itself, suddenly attacking you. The first attack comes from the head in front of you. The second from the front arm. The third from the left arm. The fourth from the front arm. The fifth from the right arm. The sixth from the front arm. The seventh from the front head. The eighth from the left arm. The elevator will then begin to go up. After exiting, turn right.

Boss: Elevator Bioweapon
Immediately target the "fleshy" areas of the boss's body - mainly the head and sides of his body. Dodge using the analog stick, then preparing the shotgun for a headshot immediately after successfully performing the dodge. When you run out of ammo, switch to using the shotgun - although it is less effective, you should have already dealt a good amount of damage. Climb the ladder that will descend from the ceiling, grab the badge from the table on the left, then use it on the door. Go ahead, up the stairs, then up the ladder. Examine the box - usual puzzle to be solved. The sequence of movements is:

- bottom right to top
- bottom left to top
- bottom center to the right
- center / left to the right
- bottom / left to top
- center down
- center / top to bottom
- top / left to right
- center / right upwards
- bottom / right up
- bottom / center to the right
- center down
- bottom / center to the left
- bottom / right to left

Episode 7: The Regia Solis

Go down the ladder and stairs, entering the ship. Jump into the hole, use the elevator on the right to go down. Proceed beyond the door, go down the stairs. Enter the door marked "Cafeteria". Kill the enemies and grab the ammo. Exit through the wooden door on the left; use the badge, analyze the lower part of the library. Clear the slime, then go through the double doors to the left. Beyond the double doors on the left, you will have to pulverize the two oozes with spikes, then deviate to the right from the entrance, enter the elevator. Straight, left, go through a door, then run left. Unlock the lock to get some illegal components. Left, finish the slime and proceed through the door on the opposite side. Straight, left, forward, beyond the door to the vase room.
Back at the Cafeteria, go down the stairs and go through the double doors on the right, reaching the Opera. Go down to the lowest floor using the stairs. Go towards the door marked "Promenade". Go down and then right. Go down again, then left. Make your way along the path marked by the presence of dead Ooze. Go through the steel door, then the archway and get rid of the Hunters. Entered the elevator, choose "Deck" as the destination. Use the badge on the only door. You will have to deal with a large group of Hunters. Once out the door, run forward until you feel a moment of "lag" - the game will be loading the arrival of the Hunters; in that instant, you'll have to go back to the door and shoot the approaching Hunters, but making sure they never get too close.
When they are dead, equip the shotgun and proceed to the Helipad. Examine the steel chest, make your way back across the bridge to the control room, then through the door on the right suggested by Parker. You will now have five minutes to reach the control room. Then run past the Hunters, eventually arriving at the door. At the end of the bridge, go through the door and call the elevator. Enter and press the switch to go down. Once out of the elevator, retrieve the grass on the right and dodge Rachel's attacks, but don't attack her directly. Run to the right, shooting all the bear traps along the play area. Run to the stairs and retrieve the rocket launcher, then swerve to the door on the right. Enter the room, use the rocket launcher to eliminate Rachel. Repeatedly press Y to get through the door, then approach the control panel and press Y to activate it and complete the chapter.

Episodio 8: All on the Line

After the skit, proceed forward. Swim down the corridor, turn left. Once out of the door, swim up, then to the left paying attention to the shaft that will descend from the roof. Swim left again and climb up the ladder. Right, retrieve the custom parts from the floor. Go back down and go down the ladder to the right, dive in and proceed through the door below. Follow the path towards the stairs. Swim to the left, watch out for the falling fan, then reach the ladder and climb up. Retrieve the parts on the right, go down the ladder, dive in and proceed beyond the door below. Go through another door, up to a flight of stairs. Climb up to get some air, then swim down to get the ammo. Beyond the door, swim to the bright square to get some air.
Dive in and swim to the right. Go down the stairs, then swim up again and go up the next ramp, getting the custom components. Swim down the ladder, go through the door, then swim to the center of the stage. Once outside, walk down the corridor. Dive in, go through the door and swim forward beyond a second door. When you reach the door on the left, enter the control room, then swim up again for some air. Follow the corridor, go through the two doors, swim along the ladder. Back on the mainland, approach the danger sign. Go through the double doors, recover the grass on the right, go up the tunnel. Go through the tunnel and retrieve the ammo on the right. Jump into the hole, then swim to the ladder on the opposite side. Swim to the surface, then climb the ladder to return to the ground. Go down the corridor, go up the ladder to the VIP room. Go through the door leading to the boss.

Boss: Underwater Ooze
The tentacles will initially launch towards you: shoot towards their mouth. After the first wave, hit the bullets and pay attention to the next wave of tentacles positioned at the end of the ship. Use the grenades to finish them.

Once the boss is finished, retrieve the ammo that is provided by Chris. Jump into the hole, use the grenade to finish the manta ray. Swim to the next hole, use the ladder, then dive into the water. Go down to the lower left area, use the badge to get through the door, go up to the hole in the ice. Dive back and go through the door on the right, always straight, swim under the debris and climb to the area at the top right. Use the ladder, examine the pipes to the right and then continue through the next door. Swim down the stairs, go through the door and go up the ladder. Retrieve the key and use it on the nearest door.
Use the scanner to retrieve a pulse grenade. Enter the room between the broken windows, examine the mechanisms on the right, then the computer to get its database. Go back to the outside of the window. Go through the double doors, examine the panel on the left. Place the stylus on the printing area to unlock the doors. Examine the container on the left. Enter the sterilization chamber, where some enemies await you. You will have to face the - literally - "slime knight". Use the shotgun to attack his weak spot (clearly marked on his body). As soon as Chris opens the door, run outside. Use the terrain to your advantage, making the enemy chase Chris. The best time to hit him is when he's walking up the stairs. After you have dealt enough damage, the enemy will explode.
Go down the stairs, activate the elevator, press the switch to go up. Walk down the hall, examine the carcass on the right and proceed to the door on the opposite side to end the level.

Episode 9: No Exit

Down the stairs, enter to the right. Go past the beds and go through the other door. Get rid of the Hunters, then proceed to the door on the opposite side of the corridor. Go to the locker and retrieve the ammo for the machine gun. Examine the objects around you, then go up the elevator and press the switch inside to go down. Exit, examine the crates on the left.
Finally, climb the ladder on the crate to get some ammunition; activate the generators by pulling the levers. You're going to have to deal with a group of FBCs. Ignore Quint, climbing the ladder to the cashier. Hit the dogs positioned in the area below, using the machine gun to obviate their remarkable speed, which is not easily manageable by other kinds of weapons. For the second wave - composed by Hunter - we recommend aiming for the face, always using the machine gun. After a while, the nearby lever will deactivate, so quickly run towards it and reactivate it. So use the barrels and return to the starting position, on top of the chest. For the third wave it is more advisable to use the shotgun, since the ammo of the machine gun should be running low. Then go to Quint near the computer, watch the scene that follows. Back at Jill, head back to the previous door. Examine the panel on the left, touch the screen with the stylus to unlock it and enter.
Collect all possible items, go down the stairs and go through the orange door. Go down the corridor, examine the lower left area. Remember to analyze the handprint on the wall to the right. Continue beyond the door in orange. Climb the two consecutive ladders, then take the elevated path to the left. Go down the elevator, exit and turn left to retrieve the ammo. From the elevator, turn right, then proceed between the window and the pole. Left, then forward and stop before the corpse. Right, then left, trying to gain access to the panel. Turn 180 ° C and walk straight before hitting the wall. Right, straight again, then right and left, returning to the elevator. Go up once, left, go down the ladder, go through the door.
You will have to deal with two oozes. Shoot the slime from a distance, then climb the nearby short ladder. Take out the knight slime with the shotgun, go through the next door and proceed along the path to the upper level. Collect both ammo and custom components. Go down and examine the panel on the right, touching it with the stylus to unlock the door. Go ahead, examine the car using the red light. Go back to the laser room, go up the ladder and turn right. Straight up to the wall, turn 180 degrees and forward one, then right. Left, retrieve the vaccine from the corpse. Go back through the lasers, to the ladder, then go down through the door. Follow the path, climb the ladder, go through the door and go back to the laboratory. Use the machine on the far right of the lab to examine the vaccine. After using it, take a look at the computer next to the machine, which will start the download. Retrieve the password, proceed to the door, dive and swim over the lasers to avoid being hit, then jump from the broken window. At the center of this play area you will find the ladder needed to climb. Interact with the computer in the center of this game area.
You will now have to get rid of some enemies. First run towards one of the two crates associated with the ladder. Climb, then proceed to the edge of the crate and eliminate the opponents (who are unable to climb). Stay on top of the crates waiting for the second wave, repeating the whole process, using the assault rifle to hit the enemies that will appear from afar. Beware of enemy knights: they are able to jump on crates, so as soon as you see them approaching, drop down as they jump and immediately hit them from behind.
The third wave is organized in a similar way, so repeat the strategy outlined above, thus reaching the end of the episode.

Video - Gameplay

Episode 10: Tangled Webs

Back at Parker, you will need to reach the bridge. Go up the stairs, pass the weapon crate and proceed along the circle to get to the doors that lead to the Cafeteria. Go up the stairs and go through the door at the top. Avoid contact with Rachel, go through the door on the opposite side of the room. Go down the corridor, turn right. Get rid of the enemies and make your way to the next door. Avoid Rachel again, trying to proceed through the corridor and along the next door. Open the lockers on the left, then make your way to the bridge.
Back at Jill, go through the door and the lab. Turn right, proceed beyond the large door to reach the final area. Follow the path until you reach the round door. Save your game, go down the stairs, turn left. Jump into the hole, starting to swim down and follow the corridor that leads to the lower left area of ​​the map. After dodging the debris, go back and turn right, use the ladder to climb up. Go through the door following the path, along with Chris. Collect the ammo near the fire, then head back down the ladder. Walk right, following the path, enter the door on the right and keep going to locate Parker. Go down the stairs to the water, follow the path beyond the door. Go back, press the button on the left, behind the fire barrel, extinguishing it. Get rid of the enemies, go through the door.
Talk to Chris, kill the Ooze and make your way into the next room. Let Chris take care of the explosion, go through the door and go through the water area. Go up the stairs, reaching a door, then take the walkway. You will now be given 4 minutes and 30 seconds to exit the ship. Go up the stairs, go through the door, open the chest on the right. Jump down and get rid of the enemy, then run to the alcove on the left. Turn the red wheel, moving the analog stick in such a way as to stop the flow of steam. Proceed forward, retrieve the ammo and climb the ladder. Proceed beyond the mud and climb the ladder. Keep going straight, jump into the nearest hole, climb the ladder, save your game and go through the door. Grab the grass from the crate, go through the door outside, run to the left to avoid the falling barrel. Run to the right to pass the ship, then continue forward until the second boat has fallen to the ground.
Then run along the bridge and to the next door. It will now be necessary to get rid of the slime; if you don't have enough time (at least in the early stages), focus on dodging attacks. Quickly jump into the hole to avoid the bullets, then run left and turn the red wheel to stop the steam. Avoid the knight's attacks, run along the next play area. Break the crate to get some ammo, climb the ladder and go up the raised walkway. Keep going up, ignoring the bullets that will be thrown at you. Drop into the hole, break the crate and start climbing again.
Retrieve the grass from the crate, go through the door on the right, then go straight as the ship sinks. Try to stay to the left of the rails to avoid the barrel, eventually reaching the ship you have to dodge. Continue to the second, dodge that too, so do a quick "strafe" to the left to avoid the falling barrels. Run to the door at the end of the path to complete the episode.

Episodio 11: Revelations

BOSS: Tentacle Ooze 1
This is a battle that is not excessively complex; initially, we recommend proceeding along the level, waiting for the helicopter to release the crates. Inside are rocket launchers, perfect for hitting the boss's tentacles. You will have to remove four of them, try to aim for the head so as to pulverize them on the first shot.

BOSS: Tentacle Ooze 2
Easier battle than the first. First, shoot the tentacles along the right side of the boss. Their number will increase rapidly, they will become three and / or four in a short time. The helicopter will move after the fourth emerges. So shoot the "heads" of the tentacles, using grenades if / when possible. At the final stage, you will be given a rocket launcher; aim at the enemy's tongue while his mouth is open. Finish the battle by pressing Y, then return to Parker. Right, go up the stairs, turn left. Get on the elevator, then exit and go straight. Press Y to help Raymond up, then go straight past the sign on the right, entering the door on the left, then through the door on the opposite side.
Eliminate the Hunter that will come out of the corner, then turn the corner to find another one, take him out immediately. Go through the door, make your way to the end of the corridor and enter the conference room on the right. Then right again, go past the sign, enter right, go through the conference room and deviate along the two corners, go through the door at the end. Follow the path, turn right. Go up the stairs, get rid of the Hunter, then turn around and go back through the double doors. Open the locker on the left, then exit the office and go down the stairs. Get rid of the Hunter, proceed to the third floor. Killed the two Hunters, go past the sign and turn right. Go through the next door, kill the Hunter and go through the conference room. When the Hunters are dead, talk to Raymond. Beyond the door where Raymond was leaning, go straight and then turn left.
Follow the path to the next area. Call the elevator, exit and go down the stairs. Go down the corridor and walkway, go down the stairs. Collect the machine gun and all ammo, then use the stairs on the left to reach the control room. Fend off the Hunters, go up the central stairs, then go through the double doors on the right and fend off the Hunters to complete the mission.

Episodio 12: The Queen is Dead

Rotate the analog stick to open the door. Swim to the lower right area, then approach the door. Follow the line on the touchscreen to open it. Go through another door and a corridor. Avoid the carcass and head through the north door to get some ammo. Then go back to the previous room, entering to the right. Straight, then forward along the corridor, left. Grab the ammo, go straight and turn right into the corridor.
Enter the room, examine the electrical box, swim to the door on the left. Swim into the next room, avoiding the debris, then through the window on the right. Go through the window above, then examine the ground for an impulse grenade. Exit and approach the ground. Right in the opening, walk around the room and grab the grenade, then project yourself to the next grate.
Go past it and go around the corner to the left. Right, beyond the debris. Hit the switch. Swim to the outside of the grate, then right and forward. Go through the two play areas and wait for the carcass to pass you. Swim up, through the grate to the right, then swim left to return to Chris. Proceed to the hole with the ladder. Take the tape recorder from the corpse, go through the door on the right, go down the corridor and turn left. Go through the door, retrieve the ammo and examine the body. Proceed to the door on the opposite side, look at the scene and grab the ammo around you. Continue past the wheel-shaped door.
Go down the stairs and open the wheel-shaped door. Try talking to Norman; examine the footprint on the pillar next to Norman, then retrieve his PDA; go back to the revolving door to leave. Norman will stop you.

BOSS: Infected Norman
First of all, it is necessary to know that it is not possible to try to run to avoid Norman; you will therefore have to take advantage of a combination of dodging and counterattacks. Initially, it will use a distortion field that will prevent you from seeing clearly; wait for the distortion to be reset, then change the direction of the stick to dodge the attack and hit it when it is no longer active.
The second phase will become more complex; Norman will split into three entities, which will attack you simultaneously. It is not possible to dodge this attack, you will have to stop it by shooting the "real" Norman - which will be characterized by the emission of a purple smoke from his head. You will then be able to restart your standard cycle. After taking enough damage, Norman will kneel and run towards you to hit you - beware of the distortion, reload your weapon as soon as the screen becomes less clear, so as to negate its effects. After a while, the parasite on Norman's back will pulsate - hit him to end the fight and enjoy the ending!

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