Japanese PSN Account Creation Guide

Raise your hand if you have never wanted to have a Japanese PSN account!

Obviously few will respond to the requirement, and the reason is inherent in the very nature of the Japanese digital store. A dreamlike videogame place, in which to find the most disparate reveries ranging from unreleased games (past, present and future) in the West to free content exclusively reserved for Eastern users, including themes and trial versions of upcoming titles.

Having a Japanese PSN account has therefore almost become mandatory practice for all those who really don't want to lose anything of what concerns the world of PlayStation 4, and the evolution of the means available has made everything much simpler than it was in the past. So off the console interfaces, with the Playstation Store website offering itself as the perfect ground for creating your own Japanese profile.

Here we will reveal for you every single step of the procedure necessary to open a Japanese PSN account, and with the help of the visual aid we will eliminate any possible misunderstanding dictated by the ubiquitous kanji.

The first necessary step is obviously to go to the Sony Entertainment Network website, and enter all the necessary data in the boxes. In the image we indicate the correspondence for each single field.

Once the complete form has been sent in all its fields, you will receive the confirmation email, in which it will be necessary to click on the blue button in the center of the screen.

Would you like to hear that that's it, right? But no, there is still something to suffer! Once you have confirmed your Japanese PSN account it will be time to choose your PSN ID, the nickname: nothing too complicated anyway: just go to the Playstation Store website, log in and follow the directions below.

If a similar message appears, do not worry: simply the selected nickname is already in use and you need a different one or a simple variant of the same.

Later they will go also enter all personal details linked to the Japanese PSN account in the appropriate fields, such as the identity of the owner, address and security question in case of need to recover the access credentials. As for the address to be entered, the ideal would be to rely on that of one of the numerous hotels in the capital, Tokyo, referring to all the data on the respective site regarding the necessary strings on the Playstation Network.

If every single procedure is successful, you will finally be able to have your very own Japanese PSN Account!

Obviously, to the request for a Japanese credit card association, as shown in the photo, politely refuse.

The next step will obviously be to create a new user on your PS4. When the console is started, simply request the insertion of a new user and enter, as shown in the photos below, all the necessary data.

Obviously the whole procedure gives access to the library of free demos and products on the Playstation Store, although this may not be enough for the most experienced jappophiles, who with their Japanese PSN account aim to replenish their collection with pearls that have not yet arrived in the West or will never arrive, and here you will need hard cash!

In this case it is necessary to have a Japanese credit card or, much more practical, credits to be redeemed in the Playstation Store itself. One of the portals from which it is possible to obtain cards with pre-loaded credit is Play-Asia.com. The redemption procedure is as follows.

In short, there are no more secrets for you: therefore there is nothing left to do but open your Japanese PSN account immediately!

At the same time, thanks Dualshockers.com for the original images of the visual support.

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