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Marie-Ange Demory
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First Part

Below, the levels included in the first part of the game.

The Trouble Begins

After the opening scene, proceed to the right, going up the ramp. You will fall down, but don't worry: the umbrella will hold you automatically (hold down the A button to make sure it doesn't close). Collect all the pieces of cake, then forward to the new area.

Rooftop Mysteries

You will find yourself on a tube, held by two chains. Move to the right quickly, as soon everything will fall. At the ravine, jump over it, reaching a new pipe. Continue to the right, repeating the same procedure. When you get to the tower, complete the level by positioning yourself on the shadow of the cake.

Oddly Placed Trash

Use the X key to destroy the furniture; you will find all the cakes you need. Very short level.

Pastry Last

Retrieve the cake in the upper right (the ones on the left, for now, cannot be reached in any way). Jump to the platform on the right, where the gears are visible. You will automatically activate a switch that will move gears, causing the cake to move in your direction. Jump to the round platform in the center of the play area; you will be catapulted into the air, forcibly coming into contact with the cake.

A New Beginning

Right, locate your target - which, as usual, will be nothing more than a pie. Jump in his direction, then watch the skit. Continue to proceed to the right. When you reach the edge of a ravine, jump to the right (where the cake is) and hold down the A key, thus managing to float (to the left). Then jump to run after the moving cake. Follow the path up the stairs to a portal. You can finally get your hands on the cake, but you will be sucked into the dimensional tunnel.

A Recent Recollection

This is the second level, although this time you will proceed along a different path. You are held by a robotic claw; ignore the switch on the right for now. Instead, preferably run to the left, passing the first switch, pressing the second in the series instead. You will then be automatically released from the grip of the claw. Go back, to the right, jump on the button with the weight attached. The tube will move, allowing you to proceed smoothly. Right, wait for your alter ego to take the cake and press the button next to you. This way, he will be caught in the grip of the claw that was holding you before. You will then be able to take his cake by completing the level.

Switch Troubles

You will be given a new power here, the ability to register and create a duplicate to assist you in your search for sweets. If you've played the latest Ratchet & Clank, the mechanics will be similar in many ways. You will have to hold to record, releasing when you think is enough. When the clone has completed the path imprinted in the recording, he will start over. In the event that something has been moved and therefore he is forced to stop, it will stop. Pressing RT will bring up a static clone, over which you can jump. Pressing RT and X will bring up a clone that will kick as hard as possible; you can use it to flip a switch (but be careful, if you are in front of him, he will hit you!). To solve this level, press RT to place the clone on the switch. You will then be able to take the cake by completing the level.

The Power of the Stack

There will be another addition here: the number on the top left will indicate how many clones you can have at any given time. Warning: clones already present at the beginning of the level are not counted. Run to the right, stand on the platform, press RT. Jump on the clone to get higher. Create another clone, again with RT; jump on it, then hold RT to start recording. Then jump up, drop down, release RT. Now the clone will start jumping; jump on top of him to get to the cake!

The Power of a Smack

We will now introduce yet another new ability: hitting a clone will temporarily stop its process in a loop (but it will also disappear immediately afterwards). You can also "throw" them towards the cake, so that they can take it on your behalf. Run to the right, create a stationary clone, then hit it and throw it into the hole where the cake is. Very easy level, you will take the cake immediately following this elementary procedure.

A Friend in Need

You are here again at the clock tower, your new skills will allow you to take a certain amount of cakes, previously not accessible. Immediately hit the switch, the fountain on the left will be activated by it, causing everyone who is above it to be shot upwards. Start recording, press the switch, then run to the right, positioning yourself on the central platform. Stay there for a few seconds, then stop recording. Run to the left, jump on the fountain; your clone will activate it and you will fly upwards, thus being able to reach the platform containing the cakes. So immediately press the switch in the area, so that your clone can go and get the "lonely" cake.

New Talents

Place a clone on each of the two trampolines, you will need them later. So locate the swing. Place a clone on the left side of the swing and jump onto the right side. The clone will be able to get his hands on the two cakes on the left and throw yourself in the air (after his fall) to fetch the sweets on the right. At the same time try to move slightly to the right, thus reaching a platform. Place a clone on the edge and hit it to throw it over the ravine, taking all the cakes along the way. Then press the switch to the right, the first two clones will take all the cakes above the fountains. Left, retrieve the other sweets on the ground. Create a kicking clone that will hit the switch so you can be thrown into the air and go get all the cakes visible. Then try to land on the right, where there will be another swing. Create a stationary clone to its left, then move to the right. Let yourself be thrown into the air, taking the cake, trying to twist you to the right, thus reaching a platform. Run to the right again, several cakes on the ground, make them yours. Stand between the two cake arches, then hit the clone to get both halves. You will be teleported to the next level.

Video - Presentation Trailer

Second Part

Below, the levels included in the second part of the game.

Baked to the Future

You are inside the clock tower that you have already learned about during the first levels of the game. You have caused problems: the clock (obviously) no longer keeps the exact time. Beyond the narrative background, you will begin the scheme placed on the right; take one of the two cakes, then start recording; run to the next cake, then stop recording. Hit the switch, get the cakes from the other side; your clone will have to take care of the other two. You will then notice an elevator on the right. Enter there to complete the level.

Buffet Runner

Start recording, starting with the "lonely" cake on the right. Then run to the left, passing the platform, then landing next to it. Stop recording and let the clone finish its first loop. Wait for it to perform the first jump, then jump on the switch yourself, waiting for the left side to point to the left. Wait for the clone's next jump, then hit it to make it go and hit the cake arch.

Busted Cretin

Jump on the weighted switch in the center of the room. Create a stationary clone, then hit it, directing it to the left. Repeat the procedure, but this time directing the clone to the right. You will complete the level, having recovered both cakes on the side.

A Sprinkle in Time

Start with the cake on the right, registering the clone. Run and jump on the swing, right side (even if it is raised, the important thing is that the clone records the animation). Then jump on the switch, stop recording. Climb on the left side of the swing, wait for the clone to press the switch, make him restart the loop (thus taking the cake), he will throw you in the air, allowing you to get to the last piece of the level.

The Pie and the Pendulum

Create a clone, stationed on the right side of the bottom swing. Use it to get to the elevated swing. So create another clone, on the left. Jump down, create a third clone (be careful, the first one will be deleted automatically, but you don't need it anymore), placing it on the left side of the lower swing. Jump on the switch, run to the right, jump to the right side of the swing, causing the clone to jump. Run to the right, take the two cakes below, while the clone will take care of the ones in the air.

Me Myself and Pie

Start recording a clone, positioning yourself on the right side of the lower swing. From here, walk to the left, jump to the right side of the swing, then onto the switch. Then position yourself on the left side of the swing, making the clone send you up, where there is a platform. Create a static clone. Wait for the clone below to activate the switch, hit the static clone, making it travel to the right, where the cake is (in mid-air). Instead, you will have to go down, putting your hands on the cake under the platform.

Numerican Pie

Another complication will be introduced here: a number is assigned to each cake, starting with 1. You will have to forcibly retrieve them following the order superimposed. Hit the first switch with weight, activating the first cake. Both the switch and the cakes are associated with a timer; failing to take the cake fast enough all switches will turn off and you will have to start over. Start by creating a kicking clone near the first cake, facing right. Launch yourself to the platform on the right. Create a static clone on the edge of the platform itself, jump to the left side of the first clone. Hit the switch, run right. The first two cakes will be automatically taken from the two clones. You will then be launched into the air by the first clone; hit the second one, on the left, to retrieve the last two cakes.

Catcher in the Pies

Climb to the platform on the left, where you can locate the switch with weight. Create a kicking clone, facing right; then let yourself be launched towards the opposite side of the ravine. Create a second kicking clone, this one facing left, thus making you return to the starting point. Float past the first clone (without getting hit, of course). Jump on the switch, then run to the first clone, get thrown back across the ravine. Take the cakes along the way; the second will knock you back and you can repeat the process with the second and third switches.

Citizen Clone

The levels start to get slightly complicated here. You will notice two numbers 3; the first corresponds to the cake, therefore nothing new under the sun. The other corresponds to a strange rectangular object. This is a wall that will be activated when you pick up the third cake. Start recording a clone, starting from underneath the first cake. Jump to the cake, then down to the fourth cake and run to the third. Stop here. You yourself will now have to jump down again, press the switch and then position yourself next to number 2, taking it immediately after the clone has taken the first one. Then run forward to the fifth cake. In this way, the clone will take the cakes in the right order (thanks to the wall that will make it bounce) and you can conclude by putting your hands on the fifth.

The Final Countdown

Locate the platform on the left that slides vertically. At its peak, it leads to a platform, connected to an arch of cakes. The first three pies are found in this area, while the other four are in mid-air; the last three make up a second section of the arch, on the right. Unfortunately, the platform will disappear as soon as the switch is pressed, therefore it cannot be considered reliable. Activate the switch, stand in front of it. As soon as the first cake starts flashing, start recording. Jump high, straight. So drop onto the switch, run forward, jump to the next platform. Stand up, grab the cakes, jump forward to the right side of the platform. Wait a few seconds, then stop recording. The clone will activate the switch, run to the platform tracks, climbing up to get the cakes. When the clone is on the edge of the platform, hit him to get the cake bow. Jump down, run to the start of the third cake arch. Create a static clone. Hit him, throwing him towards the cakes, thus completing the level.

Third Level

Below, the levels included in the third part of the game.

Smoke on the Horizon

Another variation: only clones can take cakes. Create a static clone above the cake line, on the right. Go back, flip the switch, he'll get the cakes and fall into the fire. Create a second clone on top of the cake, next to the switch. Climb along the crates, materialize a second clone. Hit him, throwing him towards the cake in midair, thus completing the level.

Out of the Baking Tin...

Use the fountain on the left to bounce across the platforms. So create a static clone by jumping down and running to the right, where the switch is. Jump on it, the clone will pass under the first wall (wait until it is fully passed).

Then run to the switch on the left, then the one in the center. When the clone has passed the wall on the right, run to the switch on the right, hit it to temporarily stop the flames, so that he can manage to retrieve the last cake.

Delicious Conundrum

Here you will have three "spikers" above you that change according to the position of the switch below. Create a static clone near the fountain, then run to press the first switch, then again forward, towards the switch with weight. Try to do everything with the right timing, making sure that the hitter doesn't hit your clone. He will be able to take the cake. A "normal" cake will then appear on top of the blue one. You have to take it. Create a clone to hit the switch on the right, run and jump on the switch with weight. Stay on it for 2 seconds, go back down, climb up again for another 2 seconds. So, run to the fountain, waiting for its activation. Dodge the spikers as the clone transports you to the blue cake.

A Clone in the Dark

Start by placing a clone on the weighted switch on the left. In this way, the fire will be temporarily extinguished. Therefore, you will have to create another clone to be able to get to the cakes. But how to keep the first clone? Remember that when you start a recording, the first one will not disappear until you release the record button. So start recording, jumping on the source, pressing the switch, trying to take in all the cakes. Once on the ground, run to the weighted switch, stopping the recording here.

Counting Blue Cobblers

Register a clone, taking the first two cakes on the left, then the ones on the right. Go back to where the third cake was; wait a second before stopping recording. Wait for the clone to take the first four cakes, pause for a moment (next to the third), then kick him hard towards the fifth.


Although the structure of the level seems complicated, there is a simple and safe method to complete it quickly and without taking risks: create static clones in quantity and kick them left and right, making them come to take the cakes to the side, trying to pay attention to the right timing, thus avoiding that the clones are involved in the flames.

Furnace Envy

Create a hopping clone to the left, slightly below the central part of the upper platform, so that it doesn't immediately fall into the fire. So jump up, placing yourself on the weighted switch, and then create another clone, this time static. Jump down to where the first clone was, start recording. Stand still for a second, then move towards the first cake, go down the row of cakes, reaching the end of the tenth (keep recording). Go back to where you jumped from. The clone will appear, jump on his hat. As soon as he jumps, you can get to the platform with the switch. Press it to stop the fire while your clone takes all the cakes.

Digested Development

Jump over the fire, thus arriving at the first cake. Register from here, take possession of the second cake, then jump back across the ravine. Wait around the platform that you cannot reach for now. Stop the recording, then use your clone to jump to the third cake. Start recording again, running down two steps (right where you were pulled up by the clone), positioning yourself on the edge of the platform. Wait for the clone to take the first two cakes, stop recording; the second clone will take the cake, then running towards you; kick it to the fourth to complete the level.

Flame on, Sweet Prince

Begin to register by jumping to the left side of the swing. Wait a second, then run to the right side; kick nothing. Stop recording. Immediately start another one, staying to the right of the swing; line up with the pipes. You will be launched towards the fourth cake. Stop recording as soon as you touch it. Your clone should fly through the air and catch the other three, then shoot towards the fourth. You go to the fifth piece, register, and then jump to the sixth and seventh; keep recording until the clone has reached the fourth piece. You should thus recover all the recoverable.

Douse It Good

You will start the level in a rather awkward position: a weighted switch that prevents the fire below you from burning you. Create a stationary clone. Move right, register as you jump and grab the cakes; float down to retrieve the other three cakes, you should have reached the eighth piece by now. Stop the cutscene, run towards the fire. Wait for the clone to pass the dark materials on the ground, then move to the left side of the platform. As soon as the clone takes the eighth piece, create a static clone, throwing it towards the ninth pie; it will also hit a wall, thus taking both the tenth and the eleventh piece. Float down, collecting all the cakes that will be made available to you, thus completing the level.

Fourth part

Below, the levels included in the fourth part of the game.

Pie-rates of Winterpants

A new feature is added here, the presence of portals from which it is possible to record (to start recording, press the LB key; a timer will appear, when it reaches zero, you will be returned to the portal). Start recording, run right, hit the switch. Stop recording, then start over. This time, position yourself on the moving platform that activates the switch; the water below you will drop and you can reach the cake.


Begin the recording by jumping to the center of the body of water on your right. Create a platform. Press and hold for a few seconds before stopping recording. So, start a second recording, but wait for the first to overtake the second by a few moments; use it to get to the next platform, then jump to the second half of the next pool of water. Create a third clone, jump to the second, give yourself a moment to the future, then quickly jump up. Now create a fourth clone, grab the penultimate hat yourself and then jump to the platform above. Run to the right, floating towards the wall; try to land in the water, between the wall and the light. Wait for your futures selves to be well positioned, then create another stone-winterbottom. Restart the registration, take possession of the last cakes to complete the level.

Flooded Sweets

We will add yet another variant here: you can delete a recording by pressing the Y key, it will not even be necessary to complete it - you can also do it during the process. Start with the first clone, placing yourself on the left side of the portal, facing the first arch of cakes. Start recording, hit nowhere, then run to the right edge. Stay there for a second. Go back to the switch in the center, hit it with all your might, then run away to the left. Place yourself on the weighted switch, waiting for the time to run out. Create the second clone, starting with the portal in the center. You will be launched towards the cakes. Jump to the first clone's hat, then up the stairs, then left. Go through the door, opened by the first clone with the switch. Proceed to take all the cakes, then go down along the hole to the left, completing the level.

Video - The Final Level

Sittin' on the Clock in the Bay

Create the first clone so that it faces right and kicked in the air. Nothing else. Second clone: 鈥嬧媔t will be enough for you to stand next to the first one, in this way it will be kicked directly towards the cakes. Then run back, hit the first clone on the left, it should end up on a platform, while also recovering a fair amount of cakes. Go back to the switch on the right, hit it again, the first clone will drop down and make all the remaining cakes his own.

The Winterbottom Tango

With the first clone, run under the platform; stop for a second, then jump straight up. So run to the first fountain, under the pipes. Create the second clone, jump on the head of the first and climb the platform using his jump. When you reach the last step, turn to the left, kick the nothing. Get the cakes, hit the switch. Third clone; jump on the head of the first, then up towards the stairs, stand on the edge of the last step, let yourself be hit by the previous clone to be launched towards the switch on the left. Stand on it for a few seconds. Jump out. Fourth clone, run right along the barrier. When the switch is pressed, jump to the fountain in the center, waiting to be thrown up, taking over the cakes along the way. Stop recording. Fifth clone, identical situation to the one seen with the fourth, this time, however, run to the last fountain and wait, taking the last cakes.

Evil Red

The game starts to get tough; just touching one of your clones will cause your death. Paradoxically, an exception is made: you can jump on it without dying, but not touch other parts of their body. Also, the recording will stop every time you get your hands on a cake, while the portal will move to another area, from which you will start the following recording. The first clone will start from the left. Run to the moving platform on the right, stay there for a moment, then continue forward, up to the cake. The second clone will start from the right; run straight, up to the switch, then press it when your clone stops on the platform, so that he is frozen and you can take the cake.

Pie Own Worst Enemy

The first clone will start from the lower left corner. Run to the right, reaching the first cake. The second clone starts in the lower right corner. Run to the left, jump to the clone and grab the cake. The third clone comes from the upper left corner. Run to the right, jump off the edge of the platform, reaching the head of the second clone. Then continue towards the cake at the top right. The fourth clone starts from the top platform in the center. As soon as you start recording, the barriers on the sides will disappear. Let yourself fall, trying to modulate the flight so that you can get your hands on the cake in the center.

Drop Dead Red

For the first clone, run to the right, then jump to the platform with the switch. Press it, take the cake. Second Clone: 鈥嬧婻un to the left, jumping over the first clone, landing on the moving platform. Press LB after the switch. This way, the gate blocking the second cake will stay down. Using the first clone, jump to the right side of the swing. Wait a few seconds, then take the cake at the bottom right. Third clone, proceed to the left side of the swing, wait for the second clone to hit you, then float and take the last piece of cake.

The Quick and the Red

From the starting point, run to the right, jump over the first ravine, catching the cake in midair. So, slide along the incline to the right. Quickly grab the next two cakes on the ground, then jump up, trying to get all the sweets in that area as well. When the time is up, the portal will move to the upper left corner. Take the other three cakes, in the raised platform in the center, then associate the first clone and take all you can of the cakes on the left. You will be transported to the lower right corner. Using the steps, go up the platforms until you reach the center. Take the cakes here too, then go down and take whatever you can. The following portal is placed two platforms under the first portal. Stock up on all the sweets that have not yet been recovered to complete the level without the need for additional clones.

The Great Escape

Start recording, the door in front of you will open. Run to the platform on the right, jumping on its left side. Stay there for a moment, for a few seconds. Then stop recording. Jump on the head of the next clone, thus transporting you to the platform above the portal. Wait a second, then jump. Stop recording. Third clone; use the first two to get to the platform at the top right. Go down to the platform in the center of the water hole. You will notice that it will start shaking, so it will definitely be about to fall down. So run to take the run up and then jump to the right, another platform. Stay still, you will become an ice cube. Stop recording. Then position yourself on the head of the last clone to reach the highest platform of all. Jump to the lake, trying to get the clone to land on the ice cube (this step could be complicated). Now you will be grappling with a race against falling platforms. The best way to mitigate the problem is probably to float when possible, as only by standing there for a few seconds will the platforms actually fall down. Press the switches next to the fountains; then forward, up to the third. A robot hand will drop down, grab you and deposit you at the end of the level.

Fifth part

Below, the levels included in the fifth part of the game.

Trip with a Spoon

A new variant is introduced here: you can only take the cakes when you are illuminated by the light; you will usually have to flip a switch to make the light shine in your direction. It will appear inside the circle, present in each level. Start by creating a clone between the cake next to the circle where the light will be placed and the next one, above the weighted switch. Then hit the switch, waiting for your clone to "pass" the light, so that you can go and get the next two cakes.

Stage Lights

Create a clone, starting with the pie inside the circle of light. Jump to the first step, then to the platform on the right. Hit the switch as soon as your clone is about to start one of its usual loops. Run down to meet him, then hit him with a mighty kick to get to the last piece of cake.

Stage of Enlightenment

Create a clone, kick on the left, next to the illuminated point, let's say more precisely on the edge of the illuminated point, so that he can touch it with his kick. So, jump to the right side of the switch and run to the clone; in this way, you will automatically be kicked towards the first cake. After landing, create another clone and kick it yourself towards the last cake.

Spotlit Sweets

Create a clone and record so that it jumps on the switch, then runs to the left, arriving on the right section of the swing. Then run to the right, get the three cakes on the floor. Position yourself on the left side of the swing, but not at the extreme, slightly towards the center. In this way, you will be sure that the clone will be able to enlighten you directly, kicking you to be able to take the four cakes in the air.

Aromatic Acrobatics

Create a kicking clone at the switch on the left. So use the source on the right, to get up and get to the platform, always on the right. Here, give shape to another clone, this time however static. Activate the light, jump to the source on the left, grab the light and cake, then land on the source on the right. When you reach the edge of the platform, hit your clone to make him travel to the left, while taking all the cakes positioned in midair, also trying not to forget the piece near the small platform on the left.

Pies and Prejudice

Create three static clones, one on top of the other, in correspondence with the three cakes placed vertically. Press the switch, letting the light pass through you; jump, hit the clone in the middle, thus replacing him inside the vertical tower of clones. Now turn around and take the cake on the left.

Curtain Call

Hit the switch and start recording - at the same time. Drop into the next hole, then run to the right and retrieve the cake.

Create a second clone, on the top right platform. You wait on the first platform, a clone will come around and "give" you light, you can jump to the second replica, giving it the light and throwing it with a nice kick towards the cake on the right.

Clone Home

Rather complex level, as is also natural, given that we are now in the last stages of the game. You will notice the addition of some blue lights that only "illuminate" the clones. In addition, there will also be clones residing in the level from before your arrival, to which you can pass the illumination, without them losing it in any way (conceptually, they can be thought of as equivalent to new light sources). Start by creating a static clone, then throwing it towards the fire. Record a clone running to the right, jumping over the fire as you retrieve all the cakes, then dropping to the right side of the swing. The light will automatically go to the three clones behind the wall; you can make one of the clones shoot up and take the cakes around you. You will then start again near the platform, above the three clones. Create another static clone, waiting for the fire to subside. Hit the clone, so he goes to reach the cakes. Jump towards him, hit him again, to take possession of the last cakes on the left, then jump to the platform. In this way, the lighting will be donated to the clone that is hitting the switch. You can start over from the platform immediately above.
Register a new clone, jump to the right, then onto the platform, finally arriving at the treadmill. Stop recording, while the clone follows the path you will have to take care of the cakes on the treadmill. So repeat the procedure, but this time throw the clone upwards, so that it goes to get the cakes. This will unlock a new path, allowing you to enter a new area, full of clones. To be able to enter it, create a clone and jump on it. Immediately upon entering, you will be struck by a light, immediately pass it to the clones next to you. They will kick you as a group, making you join the cakes immediately above. A new door will open, on top of the roof; let yourself be launched beyond it. In this new area, the clones will try to "kick you away" from your target. Try to use them to get yourself kicked up across the platforms. When you get to the last one, create a clone facing left, thus making you definitely kick towards the end of the level.

Just Desserts

Turn left, create a clone that goes to hit both you and the switch, then launch yourself towards the platform above. He will automatically be trapped in the room with the switch. Run to the arena in the center, create a clone. It will hit you and automatically drop to the switch. Press the button at the bottom right, it will allow you to get to the central platform. Use the head of the first clone to proceed left. Create a new yourself, this time facing to the right, by hitting and trapping it. Another clone will continue the process, taking you to the top right platform. Now, try to position yourself in such a way that you can land on the switch with a single jump. Perform the leap, press it; a platform will extend in front of the third clone. Jump, both you and the fourth clone will reach the switch, while the third will leave and land on the platform you activated yourself. Then perform a second jump, crossing the ravine, you will land all together on the buttons causing the explosion of the Big Cake.

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