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It is undoubtedly an atypical game which, at first glance, may appear rather banal and for children, but, in reality, hides issues and complexities aimed at an adult and, videogame speaking, rather mature audience.

The spoken and filmed part is very accurate, it gives a good atmosphere, however the Tutorial does not dissect all the necessary aspects and leaves the player free to experiment with the different solutions.
This, while it can also be interesting, sometimes forces us to proceed by trial and error and given the intrinsic complexity of some missions, it can be a source of frustration.
In any case, it is certainly an original game that is worth playing and finishing, if only to see all kinds of ghosts and the atrocities of which they are capable.
The cinematic sequences can sometimes be quite impressive and this to the advantage of realism supported by adequate graphics even if in a rather "cartoonish" style.

Also interesting is the possibility of replaying the missions already successfully completed to increase the score obtained.

Before purchasing the full version of the game it is essential to try the Demo which allows you to play the entire tutorial only and gives a precise idea of ​​the title.
Given the particularity of the subject matter and the game structure, it is undoubtedly a title that cannot be used by everyone, nevertheless, to those who take the trouble to play it, it will give an experience worthy of being remembered.

In some missions it is not necessary to make all mortals flee, indeed, in some cases, they are essential to free the restless spirits or to complete the level. In some situations you could even be forced to use your powers to calm them down and prevent them from escaping!

Some missions are quite boring as mortals are the key to freeing the imprisoned spirits, and as there is no way to control them, you may have to wait for their decisions.
It must also be said that, in these cases, it is better not to frighten them too much otherwise they will flee before carrying out the required actions.

In some missions it must be a specific mortal who performs certain actions, while, at times, liberating actions can be performed by any mortal.
The recommended team of infesters is not always the best one, in any case, in the solution of the various levels, it will be indicated, from time to time, which spirits to prefer.
It should be borne in mind, however, that with the recommended team it is always possible to complete the mission by freeing all the spirits (In the level of fatuous flames, the "DARKLING" cannot be released and you must necessarily have the "Earthquake power to teach one spirit of the earth).


Initially it is sufficient to carefully follow the instructions given by the guide voice.
The only difficulty with this kind of initiation is to free the restless spirit "WHEATHEWITCH". To do this it is necessary to send the Gremlin into the radio near the vacuum cleaner and have it use the “total recklessness” power in order to influence the vacuum cleaner and free the witch.
Use the Recommended Squad of Pests so you can take advantage of the Tutorial which, although incomplete, provides an initial guideline.
Once the witch is freed, it is advisable to place her at the exit and have her use the "siren song", the most powerful of her powers, so that she can also use the lower powers as she pleases.
Being a tutorial it is difficult to end up in plasma alarm which, however, will be simulated only once for purely educational purposes. When you have to carry out the simulation (you will be warned by the voice guide), as soon as you hear the alarm sound, call one or more infesters and continue.
Be patient and take it quite easy: learn to use the mouse and, possibly, to combine the action of the keys. Passing the Tutorial will bring up a new location called "Bizarre Spiritual Session", a mission that will be tackled as the first real assignment.


In this case you can also change the team assigned by opting for spirits with easier ties, the only obligation is to keep "AETHER" in order to free a spirit without peace.
The restless spirit in question is “TERROREYES” and is located on the ground floor near a window.
The trick to free it is to place "AETHER" in the adjacent place outside and make it emit the extraordinary song (its maximum power) in order to break the glass and thus free the "poor eyes".
The most important thing about the scheme is that before you let your haters come into action you will have to free "LUCKY" by acting directly on it.
"LUCKY" is on the ground floor on the pinball machine, to free him, click on him, listen to his story and do the following:
Go to orders and select "Use current band power only", assign the "Amulet" power and wait.
By doing so, the restless spirit will make the first mortal who plays pinball particularly lucky, being able to be freed.
It is essential not to send other infesters onto the field first otherwise the humans will be terrified and certainly won't waste time playing pinball! In the same way, "LUCKY" himself will have to use only the "Amulet" power in order not to distract and frighten the player. Once "LUCKY" is released, you can indulge yourself as you think: first of all, free "TERROREYES" and, subsequently, "WENDEL" which is located at top floor in the bedroom.
To free him it is necessary to make the mortal "Weasel Stratton", president of the "Alpha Tau" association escape.
It is good to pay attention to the introductory video which will show, in sequence, all the locations where to find the restless spirits.
Compared to the team recommended by the program it is better to use "BOO" "COGJAMMER" and "CLATTERCLAWS", in addition, of course, to "AETHER", then opting for your favorite infesters.
It should be emphasized that since “TERROREYES” is already powerful enough, there is no reason to use particularly ferocious and wasteful infesters in terms of plasma such as “GHASTLY” and “SHIVERS”, linked, moreover, to particular constraints.


The first truly challenging level.
The key to everything is the so-called "handyman" who will arrive after a good 5 minutes of play if you have the foresight to cause electrical appliance malfunctions.
To do this, use the power of the “STATIC” “Spark Storm” antenna.
Once arrived it will be necessary to lure him to the fireplace on the ground floor after having been careful to make the corpse slide down with a slight shock by placing "STONEWALL" on the plant facing south of the terrace.
When everything gets closer to the chimney, he will fix the chimney and the trapped ghost will be able to get out.
To bring the handyman closer to the fireplace, use the "bitter cold" power of "GHASTLY" to make mortals light the fireplace in the living room.
The same trick must be used to make the "ARCHLIGHT" electrician escape from the basement: place "STONEWALL" near it and cause a slight shock that will knock a brick from the wall creating the crack towards which a mortal will have to be lured in order to free the ghost.
Finally, to free the cosmetic seller on the top floor, it is necessary to make her use her power of intrigue by specifying to use only that power until she has attracted a female mortal to her and can thus free herself.
It should be noted that one must act rather quickly as the police will not be long in discovering the corpses, so it is necessary to free the restless spirits in a short amount of time.
To free "STATIC" there is also another system than that of having the handyman solve the problem: Provoke the slight shock on the terrace to make the corpse fall from the fireplace and use the power of "BOO" "Telekinesis" on the ground floor in the living room where there is the piano to drop the corpse and free the antenna player.
It is advisable to use "CLATTERCLAWS" instead of "WIRLWEIRD" as children will be the first to escape making the ghost useless.


It is the same scheme as “Calamityville Horror”, with the same difficulties. It should be noted that it will be necessary primarily to make all humans escape except the child in order to free the restless spirit.
It is also essential to prevent any human from using the telephone to call the "medium" which could make some ghosts unusable.
The first time you play this level you will have to free only one restless spirit "HARD BOILED", but it is still worth returning to this scheme because on the second attempt you will find the original spirits to free ("Static", "Maxine Factor "and Arclight") thus being able to dispose of a greater range of spirits.
It should be noted that, compared to the recommended infestation team, it is better to use "Ghastly" instead of "Whirlweird" as the latter is linked to the child who will be among the first to escape.
It is essential to delay the intervention of the medium as much as possible: for this purpose it is necessary to frighten the mortals grappling with the telephone as soon as they enter.
A great way is to have them attacked by "Clatterclaws" (spiders always take effect), however it may be that, sometimes, the spirit does not have enough time to recharge its powers.
In this case it would undoubtedly be useful to train him in the ghost room to allow him a greater range of powers.


In reality, with a few tricks, it is a less complicated level than it seems.
First of all it is necessary to free the two restless spirits, one in the “RAINDANCER” external toilet and the other in the “WHISPERWIND” hut. To do this you need to use "STONEWALL" to the left of the toilet (from your point of view just starting the level), with a slight shake in order to drop the honeycomb that prevents mortals from approaching.
When the first mortal goes to relieve himself and draws water, the spirit will be free!
Conversely, to free “WHISPERWIND”, it is necessary to use “AETHER” with the “extraordinary chant”, exactly where the spirit to be released is, using the inner tubes of the bicycle located just next to the restless spirit.
Alternatively, it is possible to place “AETHER” just outside the room where the spirit to be released is found.
Then it is necessary to use "WHEATHERWITCH" near the trap door that leads to the basement where the book is kept, making it use the "Folate" power to free the trap door from the foliage and make it visible to mortals.
It should be noted that the recommended team of infesters is the best as long as you have the foresight to replace the absolutely useless "MAXINE" with "ARCLIGHT" in order to have a greater terrifying effect.
It is essential NOT to scare mortals as they have rather limited powers of tolerance and if these are overcome, the mortal will flee causing the infestation to fail.
It is therefore preferable to act to make the honeycomb fall and emit the "extraordinary song" when mortals are not near so as not to terrorize them.
Automatically mortals will find tools to open the dungeon and free "RAINDANCER", having urgent needs!
Once the mortals have descended into the dungeon it is necessary to show them the last restless spirit "MOONSCREAM" with the power "strange sight" or "sinister apparition; it is therefore necessary to use "BOO" with the power of Telekinesis to move the book and make it accessible to mortals (it is advisable not to do this first because otherwise the game can go into a "loop" making it impossible to continue).
When all three mortals have gathered around the book, the professor will arrive and temporarily lose control of the situation.
The task is now to eliminate the professor by making him escape!
However, the goal must be achieved by taking care not to terrorize other humans.
So wait for the three students to leave and then rage on the professor who will remain, in any case, near the book without doing anything: reduce him to madness and, as soon as he escaped, the students will arrive who will allow you to complete the intended objective.
At the end of the level you will pass to "Act II" and the following 3 new infesters "QUIVER" "HYPNOS" and "BUCK" and two new locations "Those Good Dead" and "The Unusual Suspects" will become available, while the locations already completed that will, however, remain accessible from the gate of time (the scary pumpkin).


This scheme does not involve particular difficulties as it involves making everyone escape from the police station.
It should be noted that the prisoners, once their bar has exceeded the level of terror, will disappear automatically, however it may be necessary to drive them crazy to achieve the purpose, in any case it is possible to free them by acting on the electrical panel at the bottom of the corridors with the power “total recklessness in order to open all the cells. It can be interesting, however, to leave them trapped in their cells in order to be able to act on them more comfortably.
To make the professor escape, locked up in a cell, it is necessary to have it opened by a woman who will arrive after a while, when the professor's mental health will be seriously threatened.
To free the spirit without peace "ELECTROSPASM" it is necessary to make him cause some sparks from his electric chair and cause the flood with "Raindancer", while to free "BLUE MURDER" it is necessary to bring the mortal "Dectetive Norman Franz" to his room, this can easily be accomplished using the "Obsession" or "Secret Daedalus" power. The level is not particularly difficult although long enough because the mortals to scare are really many.


Also this scheme must be played twice as the second time you can recover "Weatherwitch", trapped, as usual, in the vacuum cleaner.
Obviously it must be released in the same way seen in the "Tutorial", ie by causing the vacuum cleaner to malfunction with "Cogjammer" or other suitable spirit.
The first thing to do is to free "FIRETAIL" in the basement: to do this, simply turn off the brazier making it rain with the special power of "Raindancer".
Tricia, upstairs, inside the mirror, needs, in order to free herself from mirroring the mortal "Helen Highwater", it is therefore necessary to lead the mortal in question to this room where she will automatically mirror herself.
Finally, to free "HOGWASH" ​​it is necessary to make "Tricia" produce an "ethereal gift" which, in the hands of any mortal, must be brought into the vicinity of the restless spirit.
It should be noted that it is not absolutely necessary to get rid of all the mortals present but only of the 3 Witches.
It is necessary, however, to first break the circle in the dungeon in order to impress them and pay attention to their summoner exclusion powers. When you hear the alarm sound it is necessary to call the infestor immediately so as not to lose it!


Here it is necessary to make all the doctors escape to win the scenario.
It should be borne in mind that after the first mortal has escaped, 3 "Ghost-Breakers" will arrive to disturb the normal course of the infestation.
In any case, you must be careful not to lose infesters, calling them immediately if they are under attack (icon with yellow exclamation point).
It should be noted that the "Ghost-Breakers" can also exile the restless spirits even before they are freed, in which case it will not be possible to recall the spirit to escape the attack.
Once a “Ghost-Breaker” has started the attack, it cannot be stopped anymore and the only solution is to recall the attacked ghost, as it is not possible to distract the enemy with other ghosts.
The elimination of the 3 "Ghost Breakers" does not provide any bonuses, they are irrelevant for the purpose of completing the level as it simply requires the removal of all doctors, including doctors.
In this level there will be 3 restless spirits to free: "DAYDREAMER", "BRIGIT" "HARRIET"
Surely the simplest and most immediate is "DAYDREAMER", lying on the operating table on the second floor: to free it, it is necessary to use the "cacophony" power, typical of "Moonscream", in a room adjacent to the one where the spirit is located.
At the beginning of the scheme a child, "Kevin Caulkin" will steal the stuffed rabbit from a sick person (if you skip the narrator, you will have time to stop him near the patient room). It is necessary to frighten the thief so that he will give up the stuffed bunny who will soon be found by any other sick person who will bring it back to its rightful owner giving you a way to free "HARRIET". It should be emphasized that it is strongly advisable to frighten the child in one of the main corridors where the sick normally pass, in order to recover the rabbit as soon as possible.
When the mortal has brought the bunny back to the great patient room, he may leave it somewhere not accessible to the baby: the “telekinesis” power must therefore be used to bring the bunny close to the baby.
Finally, to free “BRIGIT” it is necessary to bring her the mortal “DR. SETH GREENWOOD "that if left alone after you have listened to the story of" BRIGIT ", it will not take long to throw himself into the arms of some obliging nurse (nurse), giving rise to an altogether romantic skit.
To bring the Faithful to "BRIGIT" use the "Secret Maze" power.
From here on, the team of haunts can be chosen quite freely, also taking into account any powers taught to the various spirits. However, remember that "cacophony" is required to wake up "DAYDREAMER" (thunder rumbles, slight shocks, etc. will be useless)


The following spirits will be made available to you: "LADY ROSE" "CARTER" and "THE PAINTER" (which, however, will not prove to be really useful).


It is actually an easier scheme than it seems: first of all it is necessary to free “BLAIR WISP”, on the central island. To make it visible it is first necessary to disperse the fog that surrounds the central island! Then use Blairwitch and Aether with the powers "gathering winds" and "gusts", then lure the humans to the center of the islet with "Hypnotic Image" and then make the ghost visible with "Strange Vision".
To free "SPARKLE", you must lure a mortal with the flashlight near the campfire and use "Firetail" with "bonfire". You must then drop the tree to access the house (the one in a straight line with the islet), using the "earthquake" power of "Stonewall" (after teaching him its power in the spooky room).
Then use the "obsession" power of the "Darkling" to get mortals there.
It should be noted that there is no way to free the DARKLING which will be subtracted by the professor.


Again this is a fairly simple scheme.
First you need to team up "Harriet" and Hard Boiled then place "Harriet" near "SCARECROW" (the scarecrow), and produce an ethereal gift, then tie in "Hard Boiled" and use the "dripping blood" power.
Then use the flurry power near the mill to spin it and discover the traitor lurking inside. Once this is done, target the tree in the middle of the pond and use the hailstones power, accompanied by thunder, lightning and gusts of wind! At some point "BLACK CROW" will break free, so use his rain power to summon "STORMTALON".
Then it is necessary to lure the mortals near the mill so that they can see the traitor inside.
Keep an eye on the mortals and make sure they see the cousin inside, then, don't lose sight of them when the voice tells you not to let the "DRAGOON" follow them on their way to Spooky Hollow.
After a short time the "DRAGOON" will also be released.
Once all the Spirits have been freed, all that remains is to make all the mortals flee to brilliantly pass the level!


It is undoubtedly a difficult scheme even if, technically, not very complex. The only difficulty is that in order to deactivate the machine that keeps the ghosts imprisoned it is necessary to create an ethereal gift which must be taken to the lower floor where the machine is in order to be able to bind the appropriate ghosts that cause heat.
There is no specific technique for ghosts here as there are several fit for purpose.
However, we must be careful to take advantage of the opportunity to tie the ghost as close as possible to the room where the machine is located and cause the overload and the heat necessary to deactivate it and free the two captive ghosts.
The second time you play the scheme you will find 3, but it will no longer be possible to free "WINDWALKER" which must therefore be released on the first attempt, while the second time "BANZAI" will always continue to be available together with "Electrospasm" and "Blue. Murder ".
It should be noted that if you were in possession of the "Collectors'Edition", "WINDWALKER" is just the malicious BONUS being, so you could have it available immediately without making a particular effort to succeed completely in the infestation at the first attempt; however, if you free all the imprisoned spirits (including "WINDWALKER" and replay the level the second time), you will receive more gold plasma to spend on empowering your creatures.
To deactivate the primary defense circuits it is necessary to cause a blackout by placing a ghost in the van located in the courtyard, disabling the green department, then finish the work causing an overload in the corner room on the first floor where the appliance is located and deactivate the alarm at the opposite corner so that you can act with greater peace of mind.
Then go downstairs, cause a general blackout and disable the Blue ward causing an overload in the large room next to the cells. Then cause malfunction of the electrical doors of the cells by overloading the relative switch.


This scheme is particularly easy and poses no particular problems: you just need to be careful to produce an "ethereal gift and materialize a bonfire next to the restless spirit" WISAKEJAK "to free it. Other special precautions are not necessary. In this case, a very useful spirit will turn out to be the "Dragoon" who will persecute mortals until they run away or go mad.


It is the final scheme where, finally, the "DARKLING" will be released.
It should be noted that if played a second time it will be necessary to release "Daydreamer" again.
To free the "DARKLING" it is necessary to interrupt the mental flows that keep it imprisoned. To this end it is necessary to provoke "Blackouts" to open the doors of the cells upstairs that keep the insane imprisoned. Once this is done, all the madmen will escape and only the only madman will remain asleep. Since it is not possible to enter the ward due to the non-deactivable defenses, it is necessary to use a sleep demon in order to take possession of any mortal and induce him to sleepwalking. By dint of turning the sleepwalker will penetrate the protected sector: only at this point will it be possible to transfer the demon to the sleeping madman and also cause sleepwalking in him to make him escape in order to free the "DARKLING".
Once the creature is freed it will be very useful to use it for your own purposes by placing it in the dungeons and attracting the remaining mortals to drive them mad. In this regard, it should be noted that it is good to immediately induce the professor to madness by using the “psychotic anger” power at the beginning of the level when the animal is still imprisoned. There are no particular problems and, probably, if you have reached this point, you will no longer have any problems finishing the level.
Unfortunately, once the level is finished, there will be no cutscenes other than thanks and credits!

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