The Dark Souls Walkthrough - Artorias of the Abyss

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so it is possible to find differences in the Spanish version and / or other platforms.

New characters

Elizabeth the Guardian: Elizabeth is a huge mushroom located in the sanctuary of Oolacile, she is a merchant and she will start you on the mission to save Dusk.
Chester the Wonderful: you will meet Chester in the royal forest in front of the arena where you will clash with Artorias, he is a merchant and sells humanity at the cost of 10.000 souls, if killed he will leave his armor.
Gough Hawkeye: you will meet Gough behind the door that opens with the crest key, he is a merchant and sells the "salutation carving", by talking to him you can also unlock the fight with Kalameet.
Dusk of Oolacile: is the character already met in the base version of Dark Souls, and the plot of this expansion revolves around his rescue.
Ciaran: character you will meet in the arena after killing Artorias, he will ask you for her soul in exchange for a couple of weapons, it is recommended to kill her to get her armor in addition to the weapons.

New objects

Silver pendant: obtainable by lighting a wall in the village of Oolacile with the skull lantern, using it you will be practically immune to dark magic.
Salutation carving: object for games with other players, using it in addition to normal gestures you can also say simple phrases with different meanings such as "hello" or "I'm sorry".
Crest key: Obtainable by defeating the trap chest in the village of Oolacile, it is used to access the area where you will meet Gough Occhio Di Falco.
Ring of Calamity: Obtainable by killing Kalameet, doubles the damage suffered by the player.
Elizabeth mushroom: regenerates life points for thirty seconds.
Purple Crystal of the Coward: obtainable by entering the Battle of Stoicism for the first time, it allows you to leave the games player against player.
Soul of the Guardian: obtainable by defeating the shrine guardian, if consumed gives 12.000 souls.

New weapons

Dark Silver Mark: is a very fast knife, requires at least 25 Dexterity to equip, and has an "S" level Dexterity Damage modifier. Obtained by exchanging the soul of Artorias with Ciaran, or by killing this character.
Golden sign: is a very fast knife, requires at least 25 dexterity to equip, has a level "A" dexterity damage modifier and causes 300 bleed points per hit, very useful to use in conjunction with the Dark Silver Sign. Obtained by exchanging the soul of Artorias with Ciaran, or by killing this character.
Oolacil ivory catalyst: is a catalyst that Elizabeth can buy, has a magic adjustment of +180.
Gough's Great Arch: It is the most powerful bow in the game, but it requires 27 strength and 20 dexterity to equip. Can be obtained by talking to Gough once Kalameet is defeated.
Great sword of the abyss: created by the giant blacksmith using the soul of Artorias and a +10 sword, requires 22 strength points and 18 in all other stats to be used, has a "C" level damage modifier in both strength and dexterity, damage also increases based on humanity possessed up to a maximum of 11, one-handed special attack performs a 360 degree slash, two-handed special attack performs a vertical slash that smashes on the ground, can be improved up to five times using the Demon's Titanite.
Manus Catalyst: created by the giant blacksmith using the soul of Manus and any catalyst, increases the damage of dark magic.
Guardian's Tail: is a whip that deals poison damage, obtainable by cutting off the sanctuary guardian's tail, requires 15 strength and 10 dexterity to equip, can be upgraded up to five times, or can be made magical or enchanted.
Great Obsidian Sword: Obtainable by cutting Kalameet's tail, the special attack creates a powerful area effect that deals a lot of damage to surrounding enemies and costs 50 points of durability, the base damage is very high, and requires 20 in strength and 16 in dexterity to be able to be equipped, it can be upgraded up to five times using Dragon Scale.
Large stone ax: rare weapon dropped by stone guardians, one-handed special attack performs a horizontal slash, two-handed special attack hits the ground and creates a small area attack that hits surrounding enemies, can be upgraded up to five times using sparkling titanite.
Rake: rare weapon left by scarecrows in the royal forest, the special attack deals a huge amount of damage, but drops the character if it doesn't hit enemies, can be upgraded as a normal weapon up to fifteen times.

New armor

Smoked helmet: Rare helmet dropped by the "smoky warrior" has good poison resistance but very low stats. Smoked Sorcerer's Helm: Rare helmet left by the "Smoked Sorcerer", has good resistance to magic and poison but very low stats.
Armor of Artorias: can be purchased from the merchant Zena for 20.000 souls per piece, once Artorias is defeated, it is one of the best medium armor in the game, each piece increases balance for a total of 36, offers high physical resistance and good magic resistance, the total weight is 24.8, and each piece can be upgraded up to five times using sparkling titanite.
Guardian's armor: you will find every single piece of this set scattered in the royal forest, it is very heavy armor, but offers a total balance of 98, excellent values ​​at each resistance and 100 points of resistance to bleeding.
Chester's armor: Obtainable by killing the merchant Chester, light armor with good poison resistance and excellent bleeding resistance, each piece can be upgraded up to five times using glittering titanite.
Armor of the lord of blades: Obtainable by killing Ciaran, light armor with good bleeding resistance and excellent poison resistance, each piece can be upgraded up to five times using Sparkling Titanite.
Armatura in Gough: obtainable by killing Gough, excellent armor with good values ​​for both physical and elemental resistances, can be improved up to five times using the sparkling titanite.
Purifier Shield: obtainable by saving the young Sif, it has high values ​​in each of the resistances and being a large shield it offers a stability of 77 points.

New spells

Black flame: is a pyromancy obtainable from a corpse in the chasm of the abyss, very similar to improved combustion as a close combat attack but which unlike it causes physical damage instead of fire, occupies a magic slot and can be used eight times.
dark globe: is a dark sorcery obtainable in the village of Oolacile, it creates a dark globe that is thrown at the target, occupies a spell slot and can be used twelve times, as all dark spells get greater damage based on the strength of the character.
Dark sphere: is a dark sorcery obtainable on a corpse in the chasm of the abyss, it creates six small orbs that are hurled at great speed towards the closest target, occupies a spell slot and can be used 6 times, as all dark spells gain greater damage in based on the strength of the character.
Dark fog: is a dark sorcery obtainable on a corpse in the village of Oolacile, creates a thick fog that deals poison damage to enemies within it, occupies a spell space and can be used twice.
Trackers: is a dark sorcery that can be obtained by exchanging the soul of Manus with the raven Snuggly in the refuge of the undead, creates five small orbs that chase the target even if this has dodged them a first time, occupies two spell spaces and can be used three times, like all dark spells it gets more damage based on the character's strength.

Premise of the solution

To access the new game content, you must have finished the main quest in the current game. Save Dusk of Oolacile (you will find how to do it in the Dark Souls solution) and go to the Duke's archives, shortly after the first elevator you will face a crystal golem who will leave you the broken pendant.

The garden of the sanctuary

Go to the area where you faced the Hydra inside the Dark Root garden, enter the cave where you faced the crystal golem from which you freed Dusk, if inside your inventory there is also the broken pendant, a portal will appear. dark, examine it to enter the sanctuary garden. Rest at the bonfire and continue in the cave until you reach the portal of fog, enter to face the boss.

Boss: The shrine guardian

Try not to have too heavy equipment, it is vital to be able to make quick dodges in order to be victorious in this clash, and it will also make you very comfortable to use a shield with strong resistance to the lightning element. The normal melee attacks of the boss are not difficult to dodge, the best time to attack him is immediately after the attack where he creates a wave of water and when he glides towards you in flight, in fact after these two attacks the boss will remain stop for a few seconds. Avoid his tail or you will be poisoned instantly. When the boss takes off, parry the lightning with the shield. If you manage to cut off its tail (by hitting it) you will get the "guardian's tail". Once you have killed the boss (and received his soul) go to the opposite side of the lake to enter another cave and after it the Sanctuary of Oolacile.

Sanctuary of Oolacile

Go down to the garden and talk to Elizabeth (a huge mushroom), answer "yes" to her request to save Dusk again, after the dialogue Elizabeth will also be available as a merchant, now go to the central part of the garden and activate the bonfire. Exploring the area further you will find a double humanity on a corpse, now pass the stone arch and cross the bridge to continue towards the Royal forest.

Royal Forest

As soon as you cross the bridge, you will be attacked by some scarecrows, take them out and continue up the uphill road to your right, this area is identical to the normal "Dark Root Forest" entering from the area of ​​the encounter with the Wolf Sif. Exploring the forest you will come across an enhanced version of the stone guardian, dodge the blows of these enemies, as they will break your shield parry, try to hit them with magic or pyromancy. Reach the center of the forest and in a small pond you will find a chest containing a blue titanite slab, continue towards a small ruined tower to find the "guardian's gloves". Now reach the western part of the forest (where in the Dark Root forest you face the two giant cats), kill the enemies while paying attention to the scarecrows that will throw themselves on you from above. Just before the bridge on the left you will find a corpse with the "guardian's pants", cross the bridge and the Black Dragon Kalameet will make its first appearance. Take the path that goes up to the right, pay attention to the shining lizard at the exit from the small wooden entrance hall, eliminate the umpteenth guardian and continue remaining alongside the small rocky wall, jump over the chasm on the left, continue towards the hill, jump there umpteenth chasm (be careful not to see it) and reach the corpse with "the guardian's helmet", continue to explore the area and look for a corpse at the edge of a ravine to recover "the guardian's armor". Now go to the huge arena-style ruin, and on the right you will find a small tower, use the elevator to go downstairs, on your right you will meet the character Chester the Wonderful, if you answer "yes" to his question he will become a merchant, behind him there is an elevator that will take you to the beginning of the royal forest, a useful shortcut that will allow you to reach the bonfire of the sanctuary of Oolacile. Now go through the mist portal at the base of the arena to face off with Artorias of the abyss himself.

Boss: Artorias of the abyss

Artorias is immune to practically every magic and pyromancy in the game, so it will be attacked exclusively with physical attacks, it does not have ranged attacks but its movement speed will fill this flaw, its hits will inflict huge damage even on heavy armor; luckily for you every attack is preceded by a small animation, so study his moves carefully before engaging him in close combat, when he lowers he is about to execute his attack with a long jump, easily dodged once you get the right timing, his other main attack is the jump with the final blow of the sword on the ground, be very careful, because he can perform this attack even three times in a row, try to hit him once the jump is finished. Whenever his life drops by a quarter, he will move away to start casting an enhancement spell with an explosion, at this point if you have a strong enough weapon you can run towards him and hit him to interrupt the magic, otherwise you will just keep your distance. Keep attacking him with the right timing and soon you will be right at this boss, who will reward you with his soul. Go through the stone archway and continue straight up to the bonfire.

Village of Oolacile

Go back to the arena where you just defeated Artorias to meet a new character named Ciaran, he will ask you for the soul of the boss in exchange for two weapons, I recommend that you answer "no" and kill her to get the weapons and her armor, in fact this character is not a merchant and you will never see her again. Go back to the bonfire and take the path that goes down to the left, continue your descent following the only path available (don't worry about the elevator) and beware of the numerous enemies, especially the wizards who will attack you from a distance when you are on the wooden walkways , once you reach the lowest floor of the ruined building, eliminate the numerous enemies trying to lure them a few at a time towards you, go back to the stairs you came from and take the arched door on the right, go up the stairs to start the 'climb on a wooden scaffolding to the left of which you will notice a room with a lit fireplace, continue to a room where you will find an orange writing on the ground that reads "let there be light" use the skull lantern to illuminate the wall, and collect the silver pendant in the secret room (equip it in the quick selection of objects) it will serve to protect you from dark magic; go back and throw yourself into the room with the fireplace on, eliminate the trap chest to receive the crest key. Now go back to the area where you faced the monsters in a group, and exit to the left of the extinguished fireplace, continue until you find the elevator and use it to return to the beginning of the area, go back to the area where you faced Artorias, and take the path to the left that leads to some stairs at the end of which you will find a door that can be opened with the crest key, go up the stairs to meet the character Gough Hawkeye, talk to him until he always gives you the same answer, now leave the conversation and interact with him again, answer "yes" to both of his questions and Gough will shoot an arrow at the black dragon Kalameet. Go back to the last elevator you activated to go down again to the lower floor of the village, make your way up to a huge room surrounded by statues and eliminate the chained abomination and continue until you find a button to activate another elevator on which you awaits a monster. Enter the prisons and activate the bonfire that is in front of you, and continue to enter a new area.

Chasm of the abyss

The guide lights in this area will change color each time you enter it, so pay close attention to which lights you follow to find the right path. As soon as you leave the prison, take the path to the left, reach an area with several enemies, eliminate them and collect the "black sphere" spell; go back until you find a descent with a small guiding light on your left, cross the rocky bridge and turn left to fall through an illusory floor, follow the ghost of Alvina (the white cat) and do not let yourself be touched by the giant humanity, on the on your left you will find an arched passage for an elevator that will take you back to the royal forest. Go back to the abyss and hit the rock wall in front of the passage you just came out of, pass the illusory wall and continue until you meet a young version of Sif, defeat the giant humanity around him and get closer, he will disappear leaving you a shield. Go back to the elevator and go down the path marked by the guiding light, continue until you reach a collapsed column and use it to access the lower floor, continue your descent to the portal of fog, make sure you are in human form (if not you're back to one of the bonfires) and enter the portal.

Boss: Manus, father of the abyss

To better deal with this boss, try to remember the strategy to beat the wandering Demon, the two clashes have many similarities, also the remote pyromancy will be very useful. Immediately go to the center of the battle zone, to summon Sif through her signal; Manus' first attacks will be powerful blows with his giant limb, before executing them he will raise his arm, this will help you to have the right timing to avoid them, try to stay close to the boss and parry his blows with a good shield up to that it will not stand still for a few seconds it takes to hit him, when you have dealt enough damage to bring the boss to half the life bar, he will also start using three attacks of dark magic, the first is a wave of dark spheres, the second is a rain of dark magic and the third will summon dark spheres that will surround the whole room and then hurl themselves at you, use the silver pendant to take less damage from these spells. Kill the boss to receive his soul and free Dusk. Light the bonfire and teleport to the Oolacile Shrine, talk to Alizabeth to finish the mission.

Boss: The black dragon Kalameet

In order to face this boss you must first have spoken to Gaugh Hawkeye and answered "yes" to both of his questions, otherwise if you try to descend into the Kalameet valley you will be killed instantly by his breath of fire. I highly recommend the use of equipment with high protection against magic, due to the magical nature of the boss's attacks, in fact his breath does not inflict fire damage but rather magic. Go to the arena where you defeated Artorias, go out into the royal forest and take the opposite slope to the exit you came from, defeat the three dogs and go through the fog portal, go down the ladder and wait about ten seconds to start the fight. . Dodge the boss's first glide, avoid the tail strike and inflict as many blows as possible, avoid his leaps and move further away so as not to remain within range of his puffs, look for the right timing to engage him in close combat, at which point you will just avoid the first of his warheads with two dodges to the left and then hit him a few times in the legs, you can also try in this way to cut his tail to get the obsidian sword, simply aiming at the tail instead of the legs; Always keep a safe distance and look for the right time to approach or wait to avoid his leaps and find yourself close enough to the boss so that he performs the attack with his head. He has different types of magical attacks and will use them according to your position, in front of him he will use a direct breath, if you are in front of his feet he will stand up in a bipedal position and blow, avoid the breath and slash his body, in this case, however, could also use a magic attack that will light up the area in front of it red, so try to immediately exit the affected area and hit it. Using target lock when you are close to Kalameet is not recommended as the camera will disorient you and make it more difficult for you to get away. If you stay under his feet for too long, he will start treading on the ground, so try to stay under him as little as possible, the same goes for if you stay too long near his tail. The attack you have to pay more attention to will be carried out by the boss when he takes off, being inside the breath of him will take you one step away from death, so as soon as the dragon leaves the ground, escape very quickly. As you may have guessed, the best strategy is the "hit and run" strategy, but if you have a long-range spell (such as a spear of light) you can hit it even while staying away from it. Once the boss is killed, return to Hawkeye Gaugh to receive the reward.

The Battle of Stoicism

The Battle of Stoicism is Dark Souls' new player versus player mode introduced with this new expansion. To access this mode you must have defeated Artorias and take the exit to the right of the arena to reach a room called "Gazebo" with six blue bonfires, each bonfire represents a particular type of match, one on one, two on two, and four players all against all, the three on the right will take you to an empty battle arena with no hiding places and places to escape, the three on the left instead in a more complex arena where you can escape and use cover. At the bottom of the "gazebo" is the plaque of the legends, where you can see all the rankings concerning the player versus player mode. However, there are different rules from the normal invasion of the normal game:
- The difference in levels between players is a maximum of 49
- You cannot use healing items, only healing miracles
- Matches last three minutes and the player with the most kills wins, an hour crown on the player's head indicates that he has the most kills.
- After being killed, you will be placed inside a cage with life and magic restored, you will be thrown back into the arena with a short period of invincibility, to avoid other players waiting for you as soon as you are reborn to kill you again.


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